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Hi, beautiful theme! I’m interested in purchasing but just want to check about the flexibility in colour choice. Is a colour picker available for the headings, menu bars and other page highlights? thanks j

You can try the theme for yourself before buying it. Just test it and customise it any way you’d like by using our TestLabs feature (

Here you can create an account and then install any theme to a temporary server of ours and play with it just like you would have bought it. This can be done for a period of 14 days, after this the temporary install gets automatically deleted.


Really nice work, but the Page Speed is very very bad ->

Therefore, I do not buy it. Please fix it and I will buy it

Well it depends on what speed are we talking about here, the actual loading speed of the website in your browser or a number google computes based on some criteria. I’m sure there is always room for optimization, but I would not make my web purchasing decisions based on a number, but rather if the website loads fast and is usable. Or you always want even the last js that loads in the background to be loaded before you start reading the content of the page.

What I would advise you to increase the speed of your WP based website (no matter if you use our themes or not) is to install one of the two, free and very popular plugins called WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

Thanks for your answer and your tipp. However, I find your themes really great, but for me, its too slow. sorry. I wish you a wonderful week.

On ur contact page, the tick boxes on the bottom are just half shown.

(MacBook 15” – Safari)


Support is offered exclusively on our Dedicated Support Forum not here in the comments section. You will need to give us your ThemeForest Username and item purchase code from your license certificate in order to receive support.

Thanks for your understanding.

Support in your Forum is rlly slowly

Please give me the link to your post. You understand that if you post something you need to wait for an answer right? We have people working around the clock but you need to be patient. This is not a live chat where people answer instantly, some questions involve investigation, new installs, this takes time.

Installing the theme after purchase is hell, getting support from the creators forum is even harder. Wouldn’t recommend it to you even if I hated you. I feel like I just wasted 60 quid.

Hi, sorry to hear that you had trouble installing the theme. Did you ever installed a WordPress theme before? is the same here with this one: upload over FTP and then activate. I saw that you have posted on our support forum. Don’t know how you are used to get support but you have to be more patient and wait for an response. Our guys are working around the clock and will get to your post.

If you think that by trashing our work you will get support faster you are mistaking. I’d like you to be more respectful, our guys will help you like we help all our clients in a timely manner.

Here is a screen for everyone to see:

I install a wordpress theme every other week, none like this one. I am not trashing your work, but when people pay for a service the support should atleast attempt to help. For example, you have evidently seen my post but for some reason 32 minutes later I haven’t gotten a single reply on it. If the theme were purchased free of charge that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Sorry LayGiri I don’t personally reply support questions and there are users in line. We’ll get you no worries. Thanks for your patience ;)

Dude, I thinked you will see in next update but just want to remind you. At portfolio page the posts are look like a stone, no any effect or shows for item’s name, only old title=”asd” style for see what they are. You can use the homepage portfolio’s hover effect to portfolio page for item title, would be awesome. Also “Load more stories” button has same destiny, its like block, replace it like “Get in Touch” button effect.

And, I don’t see a video post on demo, put a video post instead featured image place.

Good luck

Hi kulpsuzfincan,

We understand what do you mean, but we cannot change those things, those are the design specifications. Also the template was bought by a lot of costumers already that accepted the current design. You can apply those changes on your template, you are not limited in this.

Cheers George

George you can update your theme what you wish and upload in themeforest, nobody blame you for that. All designers updating own products as minor and major changes. That’s not meaning onetime publish and lock anymore :)


This cannot be done, because the theme supports a special updating system like WordPress has, so we can update the template in time for all users, that means there cannot be 2 different forms on the theme. All changes we apply in the theme are reflected in our updating system, we do not re-update the template on ThemeForest, you just download it one, and in time you’ll auto updates.
This is one of the reasons why we insist to use the child theme, because if you make some changes in parent theme code, after update they will be erased.

Also you can ask questions and find solutions on your support forum:


The first image of theme looks really nice, but the preview doesn’t work I cannot view the site to see if it is what I need.

Hi, Sorry we have some problems right now. Our site will be available again soon. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Thank you too @KristenDyak

Can the homepage grid be arranged to only display 4 items without code modifications.

Here’s what I mean > screenshot >

thanks adrian

Hi Adrian, Nope it is needed some custom work in order to creare a 4 box slider.

Cheers George

Hi; In services i can`t manage feature image since i have updated to wordpress 3.8.1… how can i fix it? Thanks!

Hi splink, Sory but i need more details in order to help you. Can you add Site URL, Admin panel details, FTP details on our forum:


HI, can be changed wp-admin to another? how?


Sorry for late response.

You can use a plugin for this, such as HC Custom WP-admin URL

For more support questions and faster response, contact us on our forum:


shortcode [information] bug IE 8,9,10,11-> how to repair? No picture, but still tries to show

P.S. I speak English poorly

Please be so kind and sent this on In this way we’ll have your email and we can pick it up from there. Please include in the email your Item Purchase Code from Envato so we can verify your purchase.

I want to purchase this theme but have a question.. On the live preview homepage when you hover over an image it says “More” .. Is there any way to make it say something else for each image?

I want to show my services there (on hover) and have it link to my other websites.


Sure it can be done, had over to our support guys by sending an email on and they’ll help in no time. (Please include your Item Purchase Code in order to enable them to verify your purchase. Thanks.)


nice theme! Anyway i have a requirement, can you take a look at this web?

please see at the left and there’s a moving image picture that describe each of their product, and once we click one of the image, it will go directly into the product page clicked before.

Can we do that on this theme?

I’m trying to make a home page which can show all my product withhout even have to scrolldown, and one of the way is moving and looping image as the button link.

Please advice Many thanks!


You could do something like that, but it will not be animated by default. You can create a sidebar that will have different images and product names that will link to product description pages but it will not be animated.

To animate it you’ll need some custom development. Hope this helps.

Do not purchase this theme or anything from this author. This is worst support I ever seen. I regret that I purchased the theme. If there is any way to cancel my transaction then I would be delightful to do that.

1. Theme do not have options as it is in there documentation. 2. You have to wait for eternity to get reply from this author.

Here is my issue I raised which is not answered from one whole day :

Worst support ever.

Dear ThemeFuse,

I am not insulting any one here. It is just a mere facts stated. I bought your theme because it was nice which failed at the installation itself. It is poorly documented. Most importantly for every small query I have to wait exactly 24 hours for the reply!!. That’s insane.

For every small question or even a follow up question do you expect your customers to wait for 24 hours !!!??

I went through some of the questions asked by your other customers which were similar to mine but you been login to there website and solve it. Instead of doing that if you been writing the solution then I would have found the solution myself.

As a customer I have rights to write +ve or +ve feedback. I purchased it and I deserve to have a proper support.

Do you have any idea how much buggy product you are selling. its last updated in 2013 and if you click on on line documentation it will go to 404 error. Still I don’t see import demo content button in my theme.

I like your theme but not your support. If you are doing good I will write good things about you. If I am not happy with your service I will write how bad is your service. It fair for every one.

PS: Customer feedbacks are stepping stone to success.

I agree, proper feedback is the stepping stone to success. Someone might argue that “you suck” is not feedback, but that’s my personal opinion.

I’m sorry this relationship between us went the wrong way. it’s clearly that you are not happy about our product and unfortunately I can’t offer you a refund because we can’t control refunds here on ThemeForest. What we can do is try to help you solve your issue.

My colleague Max replied to your post 9 hours ago. Check it out here. If this still doesn’t work you can let us take a deeper look into it by giving your FTP details and let us install the theme for you. It might be a server issue, not necessarily a theme one. You can input the sensitive info in the confidential data fields when you post on the forum. These fields are only visible by us and no one else.

The other option is to contact Envato and ask for a refund. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Author fixed the problem.. But I wanted do it myself so I reset the whole thing and tried again. This time everything went smoothly..

Its a nice theme.. Other than the delay in support I didn’t find any issues now.

I hope your support will be more fast in future. All the best to the Author.

Beautiful theme, but not very user friendly.

Tricky shortcodes that can’t be copy pasted (only if you input demo data). HTML inside wordpress is needed.

Also / postname / permalinks for portfolio are not working. The url stays: ?post_type=portfolio&posts=all.

Still nice theme, thanks! :grin:

Bug: shortcodes -> members.php missing: $output .=’’; at end of while loop.

between the ’’ closing div


Tricky shortcodes that can’t be copy pasted (only if you input demo data). HTML inside wordpress is needed.

When you create/edit a page or post, there is an Add Shortcode button, just click on it and you’ll get the list with all shortcodes and be able to add them into your page quickly.

Also / postname / permalinks for portfolio are not working. The url stays: ?post_type=portfolio&posts=all.

Go to Works -> Categories and from there create a category, then add all your works in that category and after this add it in your menu from Appearance -> Menus, this will give you pretty permalinks.

Why can’t I delete my comments _ Shortcodes are no problem, but still in some cases HTML is needed

Not sure what you mean here, please provide more details.

About the bug in members.php, you have the latest version of the theme?



Is this theme still supported?



yes, the theme is still supported and is updated to work with latest wordpress versions.


great good to hear will be purchasing thanks


Very interested in purchasing this. Was going through your demo as well.

Is it possible to change the text on hover of those tile sliders? I see all the sliders show ‘MORE’ on hover of all the tiles. How can I change that?

Is there any plugin for that? Or does the code has to be changed?


yes, the text can be changed to anything else but by default is the same text on all slides. If you’re fine with that then we can help. If you have any other questions please submit them from our website, there you will receive answers much quicker.



I purchased this theme a few months ago and then made some design adaptations. Everything worked fine but now I realized, that I have some issues with the comments section: it only displays the message field but not the name and email-fields (which are only visible on mobile phone size) (see here: This problem occured a few weeks ago out of nothing (I didn’t make any further changes in css or php files). Can you please help?

Thanks in advance!


Marcelinaa Author Team


please submit a ticket on this matter from our website and add in your message your wordpress installation link, username and password from your wordpress dashboard and we will help. Here on themeforest we provide limited support because is quite hard to do it in comments. Just submit a ticket and we will be able to help with your requirements.

All the best,