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Hey guys, I’m pretty interested on buying your Wordpress template, but I have some questions before buying and I need with urgency, can you guys help me?

1) Can I create a free ad option without uploading pictures (photos)? So if it’s free the customers/users don’t have access to upload any pics. But if the choose a payable package the upload area appear on the screen. This is very importante, my client need this urgent.

2. Is it possible to create a list with all free ads. Like a column sorting just ads with no photo. I couldn’t find any layout or view with this option.

3. I’ll need to export the entire database, time to time with the Free ADS created by ordinary users. I’ll need to generate a CSV or EXCEL with title and text (infos) about the AD. How your structure works? Is it possible to export a file with this database (Excel?)


Hello, is there an option to add premium paid listing to the homepage?

you People don’t provide support for this theme now? I’m interested in buying it.

Hello Team, Presale Question:-

Can I create a website similar to www.startupstash.com ? As I need a minimal design. If yes, Is there any coding involve? I am asking bcz I am not a coder. I can just make little tweaks if you guide me & I cannot afford a developer as well.


Hello i have installed your theme, and i see you have paid member ship kind. BUT i do not want to use paid member , BUT i want to give free for my all user to create company and add company , post , blog etc ..

can you guide me – how we can do that?


vpanos Purchased

Hi, can anybody help me?
1. How i change height map?
2. If selected “category” the search not working (Go home page)
3. In sigle product page if header is map drop-down menu not working


I have a presale question:

I see that an user can register and sign in to publish a listing. Can an user with it’s listing publish a post and manage comments?

Obviously, I suppose there is the possibility to insert posts on the home page.

Is it possible to have the home page with a wide map on header or at the beginning of the page content?


Hi, I just purchased your theme and I am trying to edit the homepage with VisualEditor and I cannot edit anything…there are no options to delete anything and when I try to add something it does not add…can you please help with this as it is very important that I get this feature working. I have 6 weeks to build and upload content to this site. Thank you. David

Hi, I purchased this theme from you yesterday and the Visual Composer Editor is not working on the homepage. Can you please tell me how to fix this…also can you tell me how to add the search bar to RevSlider and please tell me where I edit the responsive css. If you cannot help me with this, I would like a refund of the theme please. Thank you. David.

I activated this theme and got ” mobilemenu only works with ul/ol ” error. How I fix it?



Je suis toujours très intéressé par votre modèle.

Question 1 : partager mes articles sur mon facebook et Twiter automatiquement .

Comment intégrer le partage [Annonce] sur facebook et twitter automatiquement sur mes pages facebook et twitter.pour éviter d’aller sur Facebook et Twiter pages. et placer de nouveaux sites manuellement. Moi sur mon site je l’URL pour partager mes articles sur mon facebook et Twiter pages et par défaut, il partage l’URL de la page en cours. Sur votre démonstration, je ne vois pas l’URL par défaut qui partage l’URL de la page en cours. Comment intégrer le partage automatique.

Question 2 : Votre plugin,est bien un template pour creer un annuaire web.annuaire géographique

Créer un annuaire avec votre template possible? et faire défiler les nouveaux sites en carrousel. exemple: http://www.top-lien-dur.eu/ Quelle sont les plugins qui son pre-installer? recommander

Question 3 : Thème enfant WordPress Comment créer un thème enfant pour votre template.

Question 4 : systeme de paiement en ligne avez vous intégrer une solution de paiement Le paiement par carte bancaire Le paiement par chèque Le paiement par PayPal Le paiement par vivement

Question 4 : integré plusieurs langues » dont le francais.?

Question 5 : Il sera possible également de gagner de l’argent en rendant la publication payante.

Par exemple, les utilisateurs soumettant une fiche peuvent intégrer en plus des images, des vidéos, des fichiers audio ou encore des docs.

Formulaire de soumission avec ou sans création de compte. Soumission gratuite ou payante des fiches d’inscription avec tableau de prix. Carte géographique avec des curseurs et des filtres de recherches avancés. Arborescence évoluée en catégories et sous catégories. Annonce en vedette avec la possibilité de faire payer cette mise en avant. Fonctionnalités avancées géographiques avec Google Map. Envoi de courriers électroniques notamment pour des rappels de paiement, si vous indiquez une limite de validité. Filtres évolués de recherches. Fiches détaillées de présentation avec adresse, carte, coordonnées téléphoniques, visuels, possibilité de contacter par email le professionnel… Moteur de recherche avec des filtres de recherches géographiques par exemple. Fonctionnalités sociales classiques avec Facebook et Twitter. Possibilité de voter et d’évaluer les services présentés par les visiteurs (système de note avec des étoiles et commentaires).

Je vous remercie


I’m always very interested in your model.

Question 1: share my articles on my Facebook and Twiter automatically.

How to integrate sharing [post] on facebook and twitter pages automatically on my facebook and twitter.pour avoid going on Facebook and Twiter pages. and place new sites manually. Me on my website I URL to share my articles on my Facebook and Twiter pages and by default it shares the URL of the current page. On your demo, I do not see the default URL that shares the URL of the current page. How to integrate automatic sharing.

Question 2: Your plugin is a template to create a geographical directory web.annuaire

Create a directory with your template as possible? and scroll the carousel new sites. example: http://www.top-lien-dur.eu/ What are the plugins that its pre-install? recommend

Question 3: Children WordPress Theme How to create a child theme for your template.

Question 4: online payment system have you integrate a payment solution Payment by credit card Payment by check Payment by PayPal Payment by briskly   Question 4: integrated multiple languages ??”whose french.?

Question 5: It will be possible to earn money by making the paid publication.

For example, users submitting a listing can integrate more images, videos, audio files or docs.

submission form with or without account creation free or paid submission of registration forms with price table Map with sliders and advanced search filters advanced tree categories and subcategories Featured ad with the opportunity to pay this to the fore. Geographic advanced features with Google Map. Sending emails in particular for payment reminders, if you specify a limit of validity. advanced search filters. detailed presentation of records with address, map, phone numbers, visual, can contact by email professional … search engine with filters of geographical research, for example. Conventional social features with Facebook and Twitter. Opportunity to vote and to evaluate the services provided by visitors (note system with stars and comments).

Ps: I am newbie wordpress Thank you


little summary: I would like to do with your online directory plugin.

to easily set up an online data set of product directory portal classified in any type – companies, shops, websites and so on.


Claiming a list Geotag media Frontend registration for guests Customers can manage their own payments lists Paypal integration Paypal recurring payments Support Interactive Ajax Search Ability to get pointer on the map Address Administrator can define packages and set the price of advertising space Custom built Rating system Contact form on the detail page list List by location or category featured items list sorting


New section offers special items section Comments Social icons on the details page of the article

the theme of the child: is it integrated to the template

Thank you

This theme has great potential…there are a few issues but even though the seller doesn’t provide support there is one place to get it. This guy helped me fix all issues with the site and even helped to add a few extra features…he can talk you through how to do it…or do it for you…join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/498157273688446/ and post a question…ask for Paul…even if you have to pay he is very reasonable and a fantastic person to work with. If you need help with the search, visual composer, revolution slider, company page, search page, homepage…anything at all, this is where you need to go as the is NO SUPPORT for this theme with the seller. Good luck people and I hope you find all the help you need…again it is a great theme, just needs some help and tweaking…and Paul can help with that like he has done with me…and according to the Facebook page, so many others.

Hey guys, good work but I need to customize this and been trying to get hold of you….can you please contact me? Thanks

Great Theme . Quick question , why is visual composer not working ? elements are not loading . how can i fix this ? thank you

Thanks for the purchase.

Home page, Listing page and listing detail page will not work by VC. We will add this option in the future.


Hi please can you help? I’m using this theme for a client that purchased the theme. On the home page I am using the category blocks. However I only have 4 different categories and the blocks are being displayed in 5 columns. Therefore the 4 blocks that I am using do not fit the full width of the page because there is an empty white space for the 5th column.

Please can you let me know how I can change this so that the blocks can be displayed in 4 columns so that they fit the page?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, I also have a problem with the Accent colours not changing. When I change the Accent colours in the themes ‘General settings’ and click save, the changes do not work. The original theme colours are still there. Please can you let me know how this can be fixed?


Has anybody come across the “mobilemenu only works with ul/ol ” error? . How can I fix it?. I am struggling to fix it as what I can find in internet doesnt look to apply in this case.

Any lights will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


JDMP Purchased

This Theme is A Scam that has been running too long…Enavto has allowed this author to sell 1000 copies of a product that obviously does not work. I have purchased alot of products in my 4 years as a customer and had my run in with a few rouge developers. but this one takes the cake!!..

It is one of the most poorly developed theme i have ran into..


mobileMenu only works with