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Hi, great theme! Is it possible to somehow create a social network on it?


Hi, thanks for your kind message,

once we make it compatible with buddypress you’ll be able to use it as a social network,

We will make tests during March to make it compatible with buddypress


UOU Apps

Great theme! Is it possible to instal woocommerce ?

Hi, thanks for your message,

we will have woo-commerce for the Products & Services tab once it’s published it will look like this:

http://uouapps.com/glo/company-tabs.html#company-tabs-products but of course integrated within the Metro tabs: http://uouapps.com/wp/metrodir/company/industrie-llc/#company-tabs-portfolio-1

cheers uou

Great! Thanks a lot.


People will like this as it is a useful theme for creating a directory based website. Well done.

thanks mate :)

Hi, can I see the front end? Thanks.

I can always ask questions / buy the theme from another account. This situation isn’t helping neither of us. Your defense behavior might put-off potential customers, by reading your comments. Let’s forget the past and focus on the future. No need to reply right away. Think about it, and reply the next day. Take care.

we will reply to you via mail to explain to you the situation

hmmm great work I have few questions: 1) I need search location by capacity for example capacity 500 people, capacity 1.000 people and also add some other parameters bto every location like ..with garden without garden etc .. is that possible to add to every location more custom parametres which can be searchable and used in filter ?

Hi again, you can basically create custom fields & custom search using types, please refer to our video tutorials at www.vimeo.com/uouapps

(you can check the ones from glocal it’s basically similar to the ones from the metrodir back-end)

Cheers UOU

hmm thanks for info – your theme after you add all goodies including woocommercesupport will be really good – hope not too many bugs :-) Will there be possible for people buy FEATURED position throught frontend ?

yes it’s important for us to move with a bug-free approach so we will prioritize testing before accelerating enhancements

yes the featured companies should be on the front-end user page and registration options Cheers UOU

Really nice design, have been monitoring this for a while…Is there anyway to give login details to test user front-end ? Best of luck with sales

thanks mate, I just added it in the item description I asked my colleague to create a banner out of it tomorrow, in any case it’s



thank you very much for your message Cheers UOU


another question: Now paid registration work way that users who register and pay can add entry to directory. I need opposite – admin will add entires but people need pay if they want use map, filter and access directory entries – is this possible ?

Hi, thanks for your interest, you basically need to create a visitors payment gateway with possibility to customize what info is public, private, and what goes into advanced search, we are about to create this for metrodir and glocal, so it’s coming soon Cheers UOU

great thansk for info


another question: is rating form somehow spam protected ? AT least numeric captcha will be handy. Is nthere some review approval ? LIke admin approval ? Is there some ip check so person can give out only one review ? Last question: We book locations ourselves so we need some REQUEST LOCATION form/button with every directory item so if user like location he can straight away demand more information from admins by clicking button or filling short form.. is there something like that ?

Hi, i think you’re pointing out interesting topics, i’ll ask the dev tomorrow what did he do to prevent spamming, but if you’re interested I can send you an invite to join our idea box on basecamp I’ll try to revert to you tomorrow, can you open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com so that the support team can look at it already if you want an invite then you can send a pm with the email

if you know any special plugins for preventing spams on rating system then feel free to share it

Cheers UOU

okay send me invitation to ideabox … I can put my ideas there :-) will send u pm. Yes I think theer is necessary add soem kind of spam protection to all forms including rating one and also some ip check prevent users place multiple reviews from one computer or use well known proxies to write fake positive or fake negative reviews. Also there should be option make review form available only for registered members

on a temporary basis why don’t you simply restrict the rating system to registered users

the problem with ip check becomes the usual problems e.g. you use the account frmo a pc in an internet café,

just look at the hustle Themeforest is going through with the rating system so i thing that within our scope of responsibility we can guarantee the basics but then when it comes to deep diving into technical transparency of the rating system then it’s better if it’s done by an expert in the field or by using a third party plugin that is specialized in advanced rating systems

personally I think a transparent and reliable rating system can guarantee a competitive advantage for a business, it’s just that from a commercial perspective I need to have my team focusing on the priorities based on what buyers need, right now the demand is more oriented into flexibility in terms of customization, custom fields per categories, SEO optimization…

I’ll send you the invite, thank you again for sharing your thoughts, I’m more than convinced that it’s a great approach

Cheers UOU

On the registration page, can the people use social profiles to register?

Hi, it’s in the todo list to add social network connects (e.g. FB connect,...)

bug: after map is hide by button and then showed again using button map is cut in half…

thanks for reporting the bug, can I please ask you to report it via http://uou.ticksy.com + can you mention to support which browser you’re using (ideally a screenshot would help) thanks Cheers UOU

Do you have functionality to import lots of businesses at once?

Hi, we have a Bulk Upoad option in Glocal theme


we will transfer it to Metrodir , I’m waiting from the devs to do it

Cheers UOU

whatb is actually difference between metro and glocal – seems those two themes are very similar..

Hi, they are both powered by the same engine, so they have similar back-ends, so the main difference is basically the design

The user front still needs some work done as I feel that a user would not find the information upload process easy, particularly the uploading of images etc … Do you have plans to spend time on re designing this to make it more user friendly ? The guys at astoundify have a really nice front end that looks nothing like WordPress maybe you could have a chat with them for suggestions ? ... I think you need to put in a search by location filter on the search results page after you click on a metro tile category … I know this is only version 1so I look forward to the developments … Best wishes

Hey, thanks for your message, the guys from astoundify work with the guys from EDD and have more resources in terms of devs so they maybe spent more time on that, in any case once we’re done with the priorities we’ll refocus on the front-end user page design, we’re also creating video tutorials at www.vimeo.com/uouapps so this will temporary guide people but don’t worry I’m also looking forward to have a more user-friendly back-end, I asked the dev last day to check how the others did it so we’ll rework on it when the time is right Cheers & thanks again

This looks incredible. Is there a way to disable the map on the homepage? I have a directory that has products and services that aren’t location-based. For example, an iPad doesn’t need a map.

Also, the user’s screen where they add a post cuts off the text in the ‘Title’ field. This is in the popup that appears for users. It’d be awesome to not have to rely on the popup for users and instead let them add posts right from a page and not a popup.

Finally, does this have schema / rich snippet support for ratings?

Ignore the first question! Saw the back-end screenshots. Amazing!

Any chance we could add in a ‘sort by rating’ filter to the results on each listings page? Like on WooCommerce or Yelp, for example?”

Hi thank you very much for your interest,

as for the popup you’re talking about the front-end user page correct? when I saw it on thursday last week it didn’t have a popup so I’ll double check with the dev why he did it with a popup

as for schema.org it’s definitely on the todo list, we have so much to do I need to recruit a wp dev

i’ll ask the dev to add the sort by rating, do you want to join the idea box on basecamp, it will be easier for us not to lose track of the features to add

Cheers UOU

for the company directory – I need all meta info easily removed – except maybe the groups. I don’t want the map or individual ratings in the sidebar, and I need to change the translation of the ‘contact details’ and remove the opening hours portion of the sidebar in these individual posts. Also, what are the icons to choose from seen in the large company group squares – I hope there’s a long list as I have a varied need for them. And the map is not something I’ll use at all. Does this seem doable?

Hi, can you open a ticket and report your questions there and provide screenshots or more precise information about what you need to do exactely

you can open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com cheers UOU

Any plans for Schema.org for reviews and businesses?

Hi, yes schema.org has been on the todo list for a while so i think it’s time to implement it, we’ll do it during the analytics task Cheers UOU

Awesome work how many theme updates we can get after purchase?

thank you for your kind message, you can get as many as you want :) Salamat

wao means life time updates? are these updates will be free or will be charged.

if you want to pay for them, I can charge you if you want :) all updates are free don’t worry :) Salamat