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Hello again, good to see this back up!

I have a couple of questions:

Regarding account plans – can these be very customised such as how many events one user can have, have many companies, featured company/event, specific fields or categories etc.

Can company pages, events and blogs created by registered users embed videos into their listings?

Idea – Instead of creating jobs as a listing it would be a lot better if there was tab for ‘Careers’ or ‘Vacancies’ setup similar to blogs?

Similar to a previous question – will we be able to search by dates for events? Then if the above question was done, search by job/vacancies?

Can the square navigation by filled in with an image?

hi James sorry for the delay , we’ll try to add your question to faq today, would you mind sending them via pm so that we can reply via mail

Nice to see you back!

I have seen that all majors bugs i have noticed so far are now fixed.

Keep on the good work and be sure about the positive comments in here!

After the theme upgrade i lost the top main menu (header menu – the one with the squares). Any thoughts about this?

Best Regards

Hey, thanks for informing me about the status, themeforest were unfair on that action, and we got proper back-up from other members: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/envato-your-softdisable-action-is-unprofessional/129427

look when it comes to techncal issues it’s always better to report them directly via PM because there isn’t much I can do from my end when it comes to technical stuff

cheers UOU

I found out what happened in case anyone else faces same eproblem.

Updating the theme uncheckes the Theme locations—> Primary Menu which is located at the Menu Structure.

So please ignore my pm.

thanks, can you please ask the support to ignore the PM cheers UOU

Good afternoon, I installed the theme, but seems to lack something. The theme, COMES WITH THE menus and original images? Sincerely.


you can translate it with WPML: http://uouapps.com/desk/?faq=1208

or you can do it with the -PO / .MO files:



we will try to create a tutorial for the .po / .mo when we have time Ate mais


Boa tarde, já tentei no backoffice, mas o site não devia ficar igual ao que está na apresentação? Não aparece o menu do diretório com os icons?

you need to create them, if oyu have issues finding it en please send a message via PM (in english otherwise the support will not understand) and share your credentials + ask them exactely what you need to do Cheers UOU

Hi there, Is there a way to translate the theme without purchasing WPML? Thanks

sorry , you’re talking about the .po , please ask the support via PM

awaiting a reply

they’ll probably get back to you tomorrow it’s later over here, Ciao UOU

Help! Ticket page does not work http://uou.ticksy.com/


Gentlemen, we informed everyone and several time + even wrote it on support tab that we are providing support via PM no longer via ticksy so please everyone forget ticksy thanks UOU

Ah ok, please give me the link. Thanks for everything, great theme and great support. Too bad you have so many ungrateful customers. Patience!! :)

Hi Daniel sorry we re out for the w.e and currentlyy travelling back today, just send us a pm from uou.ch and will help u out on Monday . Dnjoy ur w.e and ghx gor ur msg.

hi, new version of theme have problem in home page at my site. my site name is mardom.info mardom.info is rtl what is problem?

there is no problem,i solve that,

thank you for the notification

Could you please update the demo theme along with every update?

On my case, when I updated to 1.2, all my companymarkers where gone, and the map was satellite, with no ways to change that. After 1.2.1 update, all my companymarkers are blue, no matter what category are they in, and also a different shape than the one in the demo


Also, I need a way to access the events page, as I tried many options tweaking, with no result

Recommendation: this plugin is 100$ in the extended version, and I think it would be great in your theme. I will buy it anyway, but I recommend you do also :)http://codecanyon.net/item/essential-grid-wordpress-plugin/7563340

Please stop sending us to PM everytime we find a bug or have a question. Most users search for answers in the product comment, it will take much of work from your backs. Also, it’s easier for you, the “entertainer” to talk to the devs, you have better way to copy-paste bugs and all, than us, the people :D

On the help page, please make a difference betwen answered FAQs and unanswered ones

Finally, good to have you back, keep up the good work! :)

BUG/QUESTION: I don’t have/see blog pagination. (older stories / newer stories)

hey you seem to be a better entertainer than i am :)

are you sure you deleted the cache after doing the update (you’re the only one who complained about this issue so far so i don’t know if it’s coming from your end ours) so as far as it’s something technical then you need to report it via PM because there’s not much i can do

we’re building this KB it’s just that if buyers and prospects would slow down with custom requests and questions we’d be able to finalize this faq for once and for all because to be honnest i’m also tired of giving all the time the same answers, so it’s on the way + our internal support system should be ready soon, it will be great because it will seperate automatically bugs, questions and ideas (would you mind sending a sepereate pm with suggestion title and share the link of the plugin ?)

but when it comes ti bugs they need to be reported via PM because we want to have a bug free platform, so please send them a pm for the bugs and a pm for the plugin please

thanks for your supportive message :) cheers uou


How can I enable ratings for companies? As I installed the theme and under company page I don’t have possibility to rate a company or see the rating company already has..

Thanks, O

Hi, there’s an option for enabling rating if you can’t find it please watch the video of glocal called rating www.vimeo.com/uouapps (it’s similar to metrodir) + if you still have issues send a PM please thanks UOU


I am looking at this template and Glocal and am wondering if I purchased both, do these themes work interchangeably with the companies content? We’re not sure which one would be better suited to the nature of our site.


Hi, thanks for your interest, we’re actually trying our best to harmonize the shortnames in the import feature so that people can easily import export exactely the same data from a glocal to metrodir and vice-versa i think once we implement our internal custom fields & custom search plugin we’ll be able to easily harmonize the data

so maybe it’s better you purchase one, and once they the data excercize is easily transferable then you can purchase the other,

glocal’s new features always come first then they are transferred to metrodir, while metrodir is stronger on esthetics

but at the end both themes are great especially for this price.

hope this helps Cheers UOU

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ve gone and purchased MetroDir just now as we’ll start out with that.

And yes Metrodirs aesthetics are great. Looks very modern with the flat design.

Looking forward to the update anyway if we do decide to switch to Glocal.

Thank you!

thank you very much for your purchase, tomorrow we should have an update with some fixes, then next week some new features, we regularly update & enhance the theme so don’t worry and stay tuned,

if you need anything feel free to pm the support if you have any issues + remember that the glocal video tutorials are similar to metrodir so you can actually view them here www.vimeo.com/uouapps + we’re working in parallel on faq at www.uouapps.com/desk hopefully by next week it should be eniched with proper documentation

thanks again Cheers UOU

Profile Description in front end is completely empty for me. I keep writing in the dashboard but it does not show up.

It did not work in 1.2.1 and I now tried on 1.2.2. and still nothing.

Dont tell me I miss the visual composer because there is no documentation about visual composer anywhere and there is no plugin called visual composer on the theme files.

Hi Guys, i don’t understand why you keep writing over here please refer your issue via PM they support is better suited than I am to help + for visual composer you can actually watch the video tutorial of glocal it’s the same as for metrodir: www.vimeo.com/uouapps

it’s later we’ll be back tomorrow, Cheers


read my question again: there is no visual composer file on the download file and there is nothing mentioning the visual composer on the documentation of metrodir… What is the visual composer? What are you talking about?!

I write here because I wrote first on tricksy when you were still using it and after by PM and no answer so you will have to keep reading me here until your team starts PMing back.

guys you are really becoming unpleasant in your way of communicating, with us + you’re becoming more and more demanding, you sent us a PM 25 min ago, so please wait like anyone else 24 to 48 hours during working days

as for the visual composer in version 1.2.2 the visualcomposer plugin is inclduded in the package, you need to install it,

in version 1.2.3 we will include it as recommended plugins in wp to be downloaded

have a nice day UOU

hi pre-purchase question : I need to have a simple directory in public page and the same directory in private page with more détails : is it possible ? Thank you

Hi once we implement the restriction fields option you will be able to have this option available, we don’t know yet when it will be ready cheers UOU

hi uouapps, I have seen that no body is answering my previous submitted tickets and messages, even that I have sent reminders. I am in urgency for my recent message, which I have sent before 2 days. Please have a look personally on this. Thanks

Hi, they are taking into consideration all the issues reported and will perform an update today or tomorrow so not receiving an answer doens’t mean it’s not being processed, + one of the supoprt members is on w.e today so he’ll get back to you personally tomorrow in case you still have issues with the new update cheers UOU

hi uouapps, they have replied and solved the main issue. Overall is good now. thanks for a great support

thank you for your kind notification, I’m glad that they managed to help you :)

Hello again,

I do need some help urgently, how can I assign a company to a user without them claiming the listing?

I understand you have a lot of buyers etc but it is the constant back and forth between you and the developer which is such a nightmare. Not one of my issues has been resolved and I have to send messages to three different places to get a response.

It really is a great theme but there are many problems within the theme.

i don’t want to be rude but you’re asking too many requests, so please let them focus on solving the first issues you mentionned without adding a pile of questions because things are crazy now in the after sale and the guys need to focus

and it doesn’t make sense to keep writing everywhere + as explained to you earlier if paypal made updates then you also need to give us time to adjust to their update so what you consider as a problem is simply an update/transition requirement

so please let them focus on the bugs you mentioned we’ll publish an update today or tomorrow

thanks for your understanding



I am in the fence of buying Glocal Or metrodir.. Can you enhance the biggest difference between them?

one thing I strugle when I get a theme is that I need detailed videos. do you provide it ?



Hi Maria well get back to all of you after the w.e in the meantime u can go to vimeo.com/uouspps

well thank you. However I already discovered. yesterday been reading all the comments and understood the aesthetic is the major difference and you plan Metrodir be on the Glocal more advanced level. so i decided to buy Metrodir as i love the look and feel of it. One thing I really like in Glocal Is the Adds banners on the front page. do we have the options of different headers like Glocal?

hope that is possible. however going to buy this them. Love it..

thanks for your efforts

Hi, we will be creating new headers soon, and will be optimizing the space for ads, so just stay tuned :)

P.S: Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Hello. Tons of respect to you guys, for such a great idea and really creative approach.
Your theme looks really great, with a lot of potentiality.

My question before jumping in is : On Company with TAB – i saw the tab portfolio. It has two options : zoom the picture and character for possible info. After Clicking on zoom button – lightbox shows zoomed picture. This is great. But after clicking on the button with possible info links – all we can see is picture buy itself, linked to this button.
My question is : is it possible to add a link to the info button to move visitor to the page with description of the project from portfolio ?

I am going by this link http://uouapps.com/wp/metrodir/company/industrie-llc/#company-tabs-portfolio

and then after clicking on the button i have been moved here : http://uouapps.com/wp/metrodir/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/005.jpg

You must to admit it – this situation is totally useless.

Thanks in advance.

Hi thank you so much for your kind words, we really appreciate it , thanks you very much :)

so the magnifier opens a lightbox that’s correct now regarding the link icon we basically just created a link for a demo purpose, but you are free to redirect that link to an internal page or an external one it’s up to you (you don’t need to link it to the picture)

but the thing is as a user (not admin) you can only create content in metrodir based on the limitations in your user profile

Good night Cheers UOU

hi when you release 1.2.3 update for download?

it was approved this morning:

P.S: Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Is anyone else having issues with the latest MetroDir and Event Manager? Any time I install the plugin, the admin/backend fails – blank screen. No idea what’s going on (submitted support request)

Yes, I have disabled and deleted all plugins except those required for theme.

Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Hi in the file companymarkers.php are can add the phone number and the e-mail of the company for it to be visible before read more

Hi, someone else asked for this feature and the developer is aware of it and will implement it when he has time, so it’s better you wait Cheers UOU

P.S: we updated our Support Policy: http://uouapps.com/desk/support-policy/

Hi! I am very interested in this theme! Just a couple of questions: 1. Is the home page fully customizable or I can use JUST the default blocks (categories, featured, etc.)? 2. Are there any kind of shortcodes and typography options?

Thank you very much.

Hi thanks for your interest, for the moment the page is quite limited in terms of customization flexibility unless if you can play with visual composer (we will gradually be offering more flexiblity), you can watch the visual composer video of glocal here http://vimeo.com/91524932 it’s similar to metrodir + there are shortcodes I asked the dev to add them to the demo version cheers UOU

P.S: Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Hi! Thank you for your kind answer. I think I did not understand at all: is the visual composer available for MetroDir and already included in the purchase? I can play this kind of composer quite good, so this would be essential for me. Thank you.

Hello, you’re welcome, yes VC is available in metrodir’s package and you can do exactely what is shown on the video tutorial of glocal VC cheers UOU