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salam i have problems with this theme version 1.2.3. pls help me. 1-pls see my site: www.mardom.info pls see http://upload7.ir/imgs/2014-04/94258310197394939625.jpg 2-when a silver or other members want send post or event ,this message appear:You have maximum items for your account type. Upgrade your account to insert more items!

Salam Mahdi it says in the support policy that the waiting response can go from 24 to 48 hours and you need to send PMs not emails

excuse me,bu i can’t find contact form in your profile,from where i send pm? :confusedsad:

Hi it’s the contact for on our profile page (uou.ch ) Salam Uou

Hello again,

The support staff have fixed some of my problems. I would like to update the theme to the newest version however will this wipe the changes they made for me?

Secondly in this update has the PayPal recurring feature been fixed?

Regards, Wesley

Hi Wesley the dev who was interacting with you was away today they had a Religious national day, so please follow-up tomorrow then once your issues are solved let’s proceed with the new support policy procedure thanks Cheers UOU

Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Ok great, so…...in the update have you fixed the PayPal issue?

Hi pleaasefollowup withsupport i am travelling and cant followup now, maybe the did it already in todays update

I would like to know a couple of things:

1. Is theme location aware? Meaning that it would only show relevant locations based on where one would be either through the IP address or through the GPS?

2. Custom Fields – a) Is there a limitation on the number of custom fields one can add? b) Can you different custom fields for different types of customers? For example, a restaurant may have an option for “take-out window” while spa won’t have such a field because it doesn’t make sense. c) Is it possible to group custom fields together under a specific category?

3. Is it possible to have people who review login via social media such as FB or Gmail etc.?

4. Can the reviews be approved before showing? Or at least replied to?

5. Does this theme support child themes?

Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Hi…I’ve sent you 5 questions separately as per your request.

Hi guys,
I was away for a while and now 1.2.3. version is alive.
Sweet !!!!

By the way – what is going to happend with support?
Are you going to complete “delivery” for the forum?
And Knowledge base is appearing, but with only one question-answer :-)
Common !!!!!- we all love your product and ready to support you guys, but please give as more support, like forum and completed knowledge base :-)

Many handshaking….

Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support. We are doing our best to help our customers. Thank you for understanding.

After you edit the file en.po and throwing it on the FTP translation don’t changes. What can I do with this?

PS. Sorry for my bad language.

Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support. We are doing our best to help our customers. Thank you for understanding.

hi uouapps,

thanks for your message for ” all buyers”. I am looking option of First Question – mentioned in your site at FAQ’s – http://uouapps.com/desk/full-width/metrodir/

Regards Subhash

Hi Subhash, the only request we have from you is closed your last words were:

hanks very much. Just seen that theme is updated on themeforest today.

I’ll update this soon on today as method told by you.

Regards Subhash for Qikmo

can you resend a PM with your issue

hi uouapps, I have sent my message again thanks

got it :)

Hello, I would love integrate it with buddypress, works correctly? You tried it with buddypress?

Hi thanks for your interest we still didnt integrateit with bbpress we’re aware ofthenecessity and will trytodoit as soon as we are done withthe debugging proocess, pease read our updates support policy at www.uouapps.com/desk

bbpress not, “buddypress”



I want to know:

1. Can I change all search fields? (advanced search fields and fixed search fields) 2. Can I change all item fields?

My intention is buy this theme for listing a lot of points in map about events sport. Is for this than i want to change all fields to detailed event.

Sorry for my english.

Thank you

Hi suanix thank you for your interest can you refer your questions followingthe procedure and existing documentatio of our support policy www.uouapps.com/desk Tha ks Cheers Uou

Hi, in this url I see questions but inside don’t see answers… why?

Please read the support policy page on how and where to ask questios Wewill revert from Moday as we don’t work during he w.e Uou


Wonderful theme!

Have a few questions:

1. Can you browse a specific city? For example: New York City or Paris

2. Do you allow featured listings that go above normal listings?

Thanks, AC

Hi AC, thanks for your kind message & interest

so for 1- you actually can search based on the the cities in the DB (these cities/regions/countries are based on the locations of the existing listings) so if there’s no listing in Kenya you can’t search in Kenya but if there are listings in different cities in Italy then you can search by typing Italy

2- it’s in our todo list we’re trying to finalize the debugging process then we get back to enhancements, UOU


We all urgently need a knowledge base!!!! Come on guys.

That’s so important.

I’m on your side but please Hurry up!! ;)

Hi, I know my friend I know :) as a temporary solution we created the video tutorials (www.vimeo.com/uouapps ) which covered the basic needs and the plan is that this week the first days we focus on finalizing the debug process and in parallel we work on FAQ & KB (www.uouapps.com/desk ) i just cannot interrupt the work of the dev while working on the debugging process because we really need to make sure that all items are bug-free then we can move on Enjoy your sunday and don’t worry :) Cheers UOU

No problems. Enjoy your sunday too!! Ciao from Italy

Ciao Luca, sono appena rientrato da Roma… :) i think the support is already interacting with you Saluti UOU

I’m not sure if support is open at the weekend but I’m awaiting a PM reply so I’ll throw this question to anybody that thinks they know the answer.

Does anybody know how to turn on archiving for the company post type? I can’t seem to find it anywhere here. Looking to get it set up so I can browse to www.domain.com/company/


I have actually found that the company post type is created in /lib/panel/company.php so I’ve enabled it there

Hello Will, thank you for your purchase, the support team will be back to work tomorrow, in the meantime we replied to your PM and we’re awaiting your confirmation whether to forward it to the main dev or not Thanks in advance Cheers UOU

Has it been tested with WP 3.9?

Shall we upgrade WP?

Thank you!

Hi, we’re about to release an update once you see the new update then you can upgrade to 3.9 (there was issues with shortcodes and paypal due to 3.9) now it’s been fixed the dev is performing final QA and then will update it Cheers UOU

thx… upgrading wordpress is a critical security measure. You should have this as the top priority.

I will wait for theme upgrade.

Thx again!

you can upgrade anytime, it’s just that the issues that were reported as bugs just got fixed, so if you would have upgraded you would have had some bugs that’s all, in any case the update is on the way… thanks for the tips Cheers UOU

Can I use the search not only by categories site but also any place Google maps. For example I enter any address – and he told me to show me where it is. When selecting the initial letters he had to continue by himself.

Hi, the locations from the search appear with auto-complete based on the list of existing locations from the listings, so if you start typing Nigeria you will get no results while if you type Italy or a Region in Italy where there are listings you will be able to get the suggestions (because the auto-complete form communicates with the DB based on the existing locations)

Hellow, Why I purchase this theme but I fail to edit the page? May b is me new to it. So able let me know how to do? edit the page by back end or front end.

Another issue is I do not need those banner or social network in theme option n when I delete it. it appear out again after save and refresh the theme option page.

Hi Tracy,

thank you for your purchase, are you trying to edit the page as an admin or are you trying to edit a page as a user ? (from the front-end user apge)

what I suggest is that you go through the video tutorials www.vimeo.com/uouapps of glocal the back-end is quite similar to the one of metrodir try to follow the instructions and if you still have issues you can send a PM to the support following the instructions here:


cheers UOU

I can’t get PayPal to work even after 1.2.3 upgrade. Even if I turn of paypal, when users are created, they get this “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” when they try to create post or company.

Hi, we’re about to publish an update with the corresponding fixes for paypal and shortcodes so hang on please :)


Please look into Portfolio issue. I am still not able to add portfolio images. Neither form front end nor from back end. I have raised the issue last week. Support even has my site details.

Thanks, B

I have only reported Bugs… there is no extra feature requested.

ok thank you we will take care of it

Ok thanks for the update.

Hello, good morning. I wonder if there is a section where you can place ads, which is not in the sidebar?

de nada :)

Perdona, hablas español?

si, pero si envias preguntas al support team no te van a entender…

Wordpress is not populating new .htaccess file properly it is just creating blank 0 byte file each time i update links from settings. Apart from recommended plugin i have nothing else installed on my WP install. Is it just me or any one else is also facing the issue?

Thanks, B


Can you please tell me the exact size for the company logo…


So you have Global & Metrodir. Two “directory” themes created by your company. So what’s the difference and why create two themes that are similar in terms on functionality?


Hi Moi06, thanks for your interest, as you’ve mentionned above both themes are powered by the same engine/back-end so the main difference is on an esthetical level

some people care more about the features others about the design so by offering a variety of choices we can reach a larger audience

Cheers UOU

Excellent! Thank you

your’ welcome :)