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Can you please help me with a minor change in user front end. Where can I change the structure of user front end “Add new company” page. As the page is quite hard to understand for user I would like to remove and re-order some of the elements.

On this page.


Hi Oskark can I kindly ask you to send this question via PM so that I can discuss it with the dev, we’re aware that there’s room for improvement for the front-end user page we created some PSDs but still need to convert them, this week we’re busy with the debuggin process and FAQ session, but if we can find a quick way to make it more user-friendly we’ll try to help

please send the PM under this format http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support thanks Cheers UOU


what about other Tabs in company page like in Glocal like in Glocal ?

Any ETA?

Thanlk you

Hi, as soon as we’re dong with the debugging process + FAQ session (end of this week we will get back to enhancements) and the products / services tab is an important one so we have it on top of the priorities Cheers UOU

How can I change the pricing options? I want to add a free option, if possible.

Hi, yes it’s possible you just keep it blank or add 0 i’ll be out today so if you need anything please refer to the support via PM and please remember to mail them by following the format http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support thanks uou


How can i slide for company portfolio, it was there that the individual images opens up, it isn’t suitable … one picture opened than left and right arrow to switch between images.

Merhaba, sorry I didn’t really understand what you need + I will be out for today can you please report your question to the support via PM and provide them with your request following this format: http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support thanks UOU


There is a BUG in your Glocal” + “WP”

None of the pages are showing text. There are text in the page but they are blank.

http://flylifemedia.net/truealasertestsite/about-us/ http://flylifemedia.net/truealasertestsite/laser-spa-application/

I have looked at on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Mac Snow Leopard.

Chrome – Version 34.0.1847.131 Mozilla – Version 28.0 Safari – Version 5.1.10


thank for reporting the issue, this might be coming from your server’s end, there’s an update for glocal tonight or tomorrow morning so can you wait for the update and see if there are any changes, if not then please report this issue above via PM and provide the support with your link and wp credentials for them to check it

we’ll be back tomorrow morning Cheers UOU

Hello! I am wondering if it’s possible to search cyrillic names companies with Metrodir.

Thanks in advance.

Just out of the box? No need to do any magic with database encoding? I mean, if I am going put this theme on GoDaddy managed hosting – should I have to tweak something?

the demo version you’re seeing right now is on godaddy

there’s absolutely no tweaking to be done, just install it, import the dummy content and get it a replica of the demo within minutes you can watch the video tutorials of glocal it’s the same process: www.vimeo.com/uouapps

this week-end we will try to create the video tutorials for metrodir

Cheers UOU

Okay, thanks for your reply. But please, may I ask you to put a couple of those cyrillic listings back on the demo? Just to be sure that it’s gonna work fine. Please :)

Hi, What about other payment methods ? like bank transfer, western union…etc


Hi we intend to add stripe as the next payment gateway but offline payments we haven’t studied them yet we’re out for the week end and back on Monday enjoy your w.e Cheers UOU

how can i change language ?

you can watch this video tutorials it’s similar to metrodir http://vimeo.com/91434364 we’re out for the week-end and back on Monday Cheers UOU

i dont want options for select language. i want to use one language. can i change include en.po file for string value?

hi yes the .po / .mo files are included if you need guidance please send your inquiry via PM, we will respond from Monday on Have a nice w.e UOU

This is my first time I’m going to be working with a directory theme. I like the setting to have tabs on the listing/business. I do have a few questions though before purchasing.

1 – Are all tabs specific for that business? Can each listing have a running blog feed and it’s own events to list?

2 – On the home page instead of showing the results on the map could it be changed to show by list instead?

Thanks! Very impressed with the design.

Hi thanks for your interest,

1- yes every company tab content corresponds to the company so if it’s a blog its the company’s blog if it’s portfolio it belongsto company’s portfolio…

2- you would need to set results page as default page or set default homepage but remove the map from control panel

Thank you for your kind words Cheers Uou

What is the difference between this Theme and GLOCAL – Directory & Listings Wordpress Theme ?

Hi thanksfor yourinterest, the msin difference is on the design level As boththemes are powered by a similar engine And we try to converge the features from glocal to metrodir Cheers Uou

J’ai acheté MetroDir mais j’ai un gros problème concernant la localisation des entreprises. Je suis en France et nous utilisons uniquement les champs : adresse, code postal et ville. Avez-vous un correctif pour la France, merci pour votre réponse, nous sommes impatient de pouvoir utiliser votre thème.

Salut, on va essayer d’ajouter le champs code pstal cette semaine comme ca tout le monde pourra l’utiliser Et concernant la France je pense que mettre region ile de france ou paris donnerais le meme resultat tant que le code postal est le bon Cheers Uou

How do I choose which companies show up in the featured slider on the home page? I have already created support tickets for this and sent repeated reminders. This is pending from 24th April . Have a happy weekend

Thanks uouapps, I have received answer from support.

Hi, I am very interested in this theme, and I have a few questions. 1. can I display the company page with both street view / maps and tabs? 2. can I add some custom tabs with custom content (e.g. product)? 3. can I disable the members’ list submitting at beginning ? I plan add lists from back-end at the beginning.

Im looking forward to your reply! Thanks Alan

Hi Alan, tha ks for your interest, i will reply to you this afternoon, can you please send a PM and follow the support format procedure we will either reply to you directly or add your questions directly to faq

Thanks Cheers Uou



Looks REALLY good – may replace my current theme with this. Few Qs:

1. In an individual listing, is it possible to have the listing’s headline image not link to anything?

2. Is a completely mapless search page possible?

Many thanks,


Ah, I see no map is possible! Is there a live demo of a mapless homepage anywhere?

2. As well as FontAwesome, does it support any other icon libraries? Out of the box I mean.

Hi Robert thanks for your kind interest,

Can you explain better point 1 if you could add a screenshot that would be great

2. You can dsactivate the map from control panel

You can create your own custom icons there’sa video tutorial for it at vimeo.com/uouapps (in glocal theme its similar to metrodir)

Cheers Uou

Do you offer free installation pls

Hi we replied to you via pm

Hi, I have a problem with the function portfolio no gallery will appear. I use Metrodir v 1.2.3 and Wordpress v 3.9 Thank you for your help

I downloaded MetroDir v 1.2.4 and the problem is solved

Thanks for your notification

Hi, please include on the next update the last version of Visual Composer. Thanks!!

Ok thx for the reminder

Hi, I’ve just downloaded and installed the theme. The problem is that, as I install the wp bakery visual composer plugin, the wp dashboard crashes. I uninstalled the plugin via FTP a couple and re-try to install it: nothing, wp-admin crashes. What can I do? Thank you

Hi! I have two questions. 1) I want to change the main search area with “range of services” search. How can I do that? 2) How to rename ”/ company /” in the address of the page on its own?

Hi I’m currently on mobile can you please contact support via pm following the support format procedure http://themeforest.net/item/xxl-multipurpose-wordpress-vcard/7564509/support

cheers uou

+please include your purchase code because it doesn’t say that you purchased it

Hi, Tracy here.

Can I ask that able to change the search bar instead of search ‘company name’ then I want to change it to ‘search’ to search overall my website page?

I just need a very simple search bar which can search throught all my website instead to set it to set particular name only.

Beside that, I able to set only the register button on header top there instead of display on home page?

Hi I’m currently on mobile can you please contact support via pm following the support format procedure http://themeforest.net/item/xxl-multipurpose-wordpress-vcard/7564509/support

cheers uou