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I have disabled most of the options on the theme control panel, but they don’t seem to action the changes on the site. Also not able to remove the default sidebar categories even when installing the “custom sidebars” plugin.

On the events listings page, the thumbnails don’t show, even though the option was not activated to hide the thumbnail.

Also the background image option does not work, seems like most of the options on the theme control panel do not action the actual changes to the site.

Hi I’m currently on mobile can you please contact support via pm following the support format procedure http://themeforest.net/item/xxl-multipurpose-wordpress-vcard/7564509/support

cheers uou

Hi! I’ve justed installed the theme and I was wondering about managing (editing, deleting or allow them just for some user accounts) the fields in the single Company. Is this possible via Types? How can I do this? Thank you very much. Davide

Hi I asked the dev to look into your issues, we’re prioritizing bugs first so it’s on the way Cheers UOU

Ok thank you very much

you’re welcome

Hi I’ll buy tomorrow the theme. 1-I wonder if I can make changes in the membership form for example: One category Cars, shops and services. 2-Each separate form for each category page and the ad also customized for each category. As I have put United Cities and Neighborhoods by examples. 3 – Its available to the advertiser advertise products and offers? Had not, you customize with these options and what would be the value.

Ola, you basically want to create custom fields per category, this is an option that is in our todo list, we will try to implement it soon, + this includes custom fields per package we’re basically moving in the direction of what you want to achieve, we’re just a bit slower this period becauser we’re making sure the platform is bug-free and we’re releasing the new enhancements based on buyers’ request so just stay tuned :) ate mais UOU

ok! I already bought, I’ll get to using the update. Thank you.

obrigado :)

Theme looks great!! 2 questions: 1 – Can users/members add listings from the front-end? 2 – Any plans on adding a Bank Transfer payment module (similar to a check module)? That is something that many developers don’t see the need to add for some reason, everybody adds Paypal support/modules but not for a simple bank transfer module that just displays the site’s bank account details after checkout (or/and in orders). Not all clients are comfortable with Paypal services but most are with bank transfers.

Hi, thanks for your interest, 1- yes 2- we’ve received the request and we will try to add offline payments but right now we’re focusing on priority tasks based on buyers’ requests at the same time we intend to implement stripe payment gateway + woo-commerce payment gateway so stay tuned :)

awesome, thank you

You’re welcome

None of the geolocation options are working. They have been broken since v1.2.4. I put in a ticket (PM) shortly after the update and I received no reply. The problem is still there with this new update. Any suggestions?

Hi, I can’t see any PM from you only comments from themeforest, can you send a test PM to make sure we’re receiving your PMs

we got a report from Envato of the rejected PMs last week so there are sometimes problems,

Thanks UOU

ok. I will resend

I contacted Envato they said that all notifications were sent none of them was rejected during the last 3 days

companys can’t create posts or events. i get always the same error. “maximum amount of items”. im waiting now till 2 weeks. come on guys, lets do this. i installed, deinstalled wordpress a couple times. i set the amount to 5, 10, 459, 23 doesnt work. i reported and they said, that it will get fixed in this update, but still doesnt work. i like your theme and your effort. but please understand, that im a little bit frustrated. is this just a problem of mine or is there a issue? regards ali.

Hi thanks for your purchase, can you confirm that you have updated to the latest version ?

if yes then please report your issue to support via PM following the support format procedure: http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support

cheers UOU

I am confused about how the products/services tab is supposed to work.

Companies that register are allowed to log in, create a company, add all of their company info, and choose whether or not to display products/services. But, the products / services available are only products or services created by the administrators of the website and all payments go to the website as well.

Why is this option available for a company? Why would they be interested in selling products or services that are not their own?

Your video shows the exact problem that I am describing. In the video, it is a site administrator, using the Wordpress back end, to install the woocommerce plugin, then add products. If a company signs into their front end “company control panel”, they can’t add products.

These companies that register for listings on this directory have their own control panel. They do not have access to the Wordpress back end of the website. How would they add their own products or services from their front end control panel?

Hi let me check it with the dev because that’s not possible, normally users should be able to insert their products & services directly from their front-end user page not the wp admin panel (on glocal it’s done on the front-end so it should be the same with metrodir) let me revert to you later, can you send a PM so that I can reply to you directly via mail otherwise i’ll loose track here cheers uou

Hi Eternalist,

I spoke to the dev, he told me:

“Woocommerce supports one store with one payment gateway, Woocommerce does not allow creating a lot of shops, this problem is not our fault or error, it’s is the use of third-party plug-in. the Payment gateway work only via Administrator, at the moment I would not call it a shop, better say catalog instead of Services and products. If we did your personal shop, then we would have done to sell to each user…

so we’re trying to figure out a solution for enabling multiple shops with different accounts, there’s a possibility with EDD (easy digital downloads) but the problem is that it’s limited to digital goods, we need something more flexible and adapted to physical goods as well

if any one of you guys have an alternative solution/plugin please feel free to recommend it we’ll be checking for it in parallel

in any case thanks for bringing it up, cheers UOU


a pre-purchase question. I am interested in developing a website for freelance workers. 1. Each freelancer will have an option to login and create a free account. Say rename the company to freelancers or anything like that. 2. They should be able to create their profile and upload pictures, contact details 3. there should be another login for job providers who will contact them for work

I have a feeling that the theme should be able to handle this, but would like to ask you if this can be done using the theme.

most importantly is it possible to rename companies on the home page to something else

thank you

btw gr8 theme

Hi thanks for your interest,

1- you’re talking about the slug ? it’s doable you need to ask the dev and he’ll add it to FAQ 2- we intend to add stripe soon for the moment it’s just paypal 3- mark the ad is not clear can you reexplain, but if it’s about placing an add from back-end yes it’s done via control panel

Cheers UOU

Is is possible to change a regular ad to featured from backend?

Thank you

Hi for the moment no, we’ll try to add the option soon Cheers UOU

Hi Pre purchase questions

Love the theme. Can the Latest Companies slider work as a premium featured listing? or is set automatic latest company.

we would like to add premium areas for advertising on the homepage…how could this be done?


Hi yes it’s called featured companies, i’ll reconfirm to you tomorrow i don’t know why the dev replaced them with latest companies Cheers & goodnight UOU

please confirm

the dev told me to wait until tomorrow, he’s going to make a fix for the featured listings in metrodir something was missing


would like to know if there’s an answer to Eternalist question.


can you please remind me what the Eternalist is about(was it about splitting payments between admin and members ?

i would like to know answer to eternalise question too. Thank you

thanks for the reminder, i’ll try to revert tomorrow after I discuss this with the dev to see the status thanks Cheers UOU

Please update…

same thing as above, the dev told me that there was an option missing that he will add to the next update, he did it for glocal now he’s doing it for metrodir

we’ll revert tomorrow Have a nice w.e UOU


Some PreSales questions: do you either have the functionality built in or know of a compatible plugin that allows user submissions of the directory listings? Also, is there a way to allow only logged in users to vote/review?

Hi there’s a front-end registration & user page but i’m not sure what you mean by user submiisions of the directory? you mean a submission form ? if yes we will add the submission form we’re working on it

yes you can set the options of voting only to registered users Cheers UOU


Can I hide Login & Register menu?

Hi, yes its possible, will add the answer to faq tomorrow at uouapps.com/desk Cheers Uou

I wonder if it would be possible to send the theme

installed with the the settings shown in the demo

I can not help equal

Hi, you need to import the dummy content please follow the instruction sin the documentation or watch the video tutorial of glocal its similar to metrodir www.vimeo.com/uouapps

cheers UOU

HI, guys.
I havent been around for a while and this is 1.3 out already.
Question, how can we use support system of Visual Composer if we didn’t buy it directly?
I would like to get access to some of there support forum – but looks like this is for owners only.
Also, i would like to be able to add some Visual Composer extensions – but how to do that if we are owners and at the same time not owners of Visual Composer.

Hi welcome back :) ther’es a video tutorial at www.vimeo.com/uouapps for VC (glocal is similar to metrodir) and today we should normally publish the videos for metrodir

VC plugin is included in the purchase folder

if you need to jump on VC’s support you’ll need to purchase a normal license i guess because imagine almost all authors use VC so if all the buyers would be entitled to join the forum then it would be hard for VC guys to follow, so i think you have to buy a normal license at least to join

cheers UOU

Hi I want to buy Metrodir – Directory & Listings WordPress possible to modify and add the paste function ip cameras. or for a fee. translator

just replied…


Could you show me the page where the user is sending your ad? (Front Page User)


Hi we will be publishing the front-end user page next week on our item description Cheers UOU

Hi, its me again with same question:) Can you at least roughly estimate when will you make it compatible with buddypress? I know that you are busy, but its been couple of months now..


Hi, the dev said he needs 1 week of work for it, so i’m really eager to move on but we have more important features to implement now and with all the requests we’re getting in customer service it’s really blocking the enhancement process, so i really want this buddypress to be integrated asap let’s wait another week and I’ll inform everyone about what will comes next, thanks Cheers UOU

How does the claim a business work? Does admin put on all the businesses? Then what happens?

Awaiting replies and confirmations on previous 2 postings


Hi sorry for the delay it’s been a hectic week, the claim business option works like this: http://vimeo.com/groups/glocalwp/videos/89900207

it’s similar with metrodir