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How does the claim a business work? Does admin put on all the businesses? Then what happens?

Awaiting replies and confirmations on previous 2 postings


just replied

ERROR: User registration is disabled.

how do I enable company

enabling registration ?

Hi are you using the latest version ? please check on uouapps.com/desk


send us a pm

p.s:I’m on mobile cant help here

@uouapps Can you explain where customers can receive faq guides and/or support in reference to the theme.

It has become confusing: ticksy, pm (private message) & uouapps.com/desk…I just don’t understand why you haven’t elected a community support forum.

It would emphasize collaboration among others & elevate the team with bottleneck of similar issues/responses.

Hi Julian

hope you’re doing well we informed 2 weeks ago that we stopped using ticksy and that support is provided via PM following the procedure of our support policy (www.uouapps.com/desk/support-policy)

we’re updating & enriching our KB&FAQ together with video tutorials www.uouapps.com/desk and vimeo.com/uouapps (metrodir videos should be uploaded anytime)

as for the support forum, right now it’s not a good idea because people will start exchanging custom codes between each other and every time we will update there could be collateral effects and everyone will start asking for custom requests based on custom code and its already a nigh.are for us like this, but once we reach MVP for metro we will lay ch the forum

i still don’t understand why no one is joining our github repo that’s how buyers can help us optimize the code in a harmonized manner

in any case as you can see we’re focusing 100% on the debugging process so we want to make sure there are no bugs in parallel we try to add the FAQs and try to focus on enhancements so its really an intensive period i wish it could be over soon

enjoy ur w.e uou

Hello UOU,

these theme is rally promising and you are doing a great job. The integration with Woocommerce is really a plus!

One question: i have followed the instructions to update to V 1.3, After updating what i see under Metrodir Cp – UOU Update is what follow:

Available Version: 1.3
Current Version: 1.2.3

ALso there’s a mistake in how_to_update_1_3.txt, on this line:



Ciao thank you for underlining the mistake we’ll rectify it for the next update, Buon w.e Saluti uou

Hi, what options are there for payments? Top of category listing? Bold Listing? Are listings based on monthly recurring and can they revert back to free if not paid? Does a free listing stay for unlimited time?

When is stripe likely to be added?

Hi, thanks for your interest, we’re currently using the paypal recurring payment system, as for the features companies they appear on the homepage and once we’re done with the priority features we’ll create more VAS for featured companies so that htey appear with special formats or ranking on the results page,

as for what happens if someone doesn’t pay I would need to ask the dev, would you mind sharing this question via PM by following the support format procedure http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support

we’ll either give you a direct reply via mail or add it to FAQ on our KB

a free listing stays forever yes

I shared with the dev the list of priority features and stripe is among them so he’ll be deciding himself which features to do first, buddypress is on the way then he will be juggling between stripe and custom fields per package so i think it’s coming soon if not this week maybe the one after but it also depends on how things move with customer support, this period is quite intensive we wish we could breath a bit more and focus on enhancements

cheers UOU

Hi, I am very happy with your theme!

Is it possible to evaluate (rating) only if registered user? and … is possible to register facebook user?


Hi Daniel, thank you for your kind words, great to know that you’re enjoying working with Metrodir,

here you go; http://uouapps.com/desk/?s=rating+system

we’ll try to add the FB connect once we have time it’s in our todo list

thanks again Cheers UOU

thank you very much for your response! :)

you’re welcome :)

Can you please update you demo site with updated to latest version of the theme and enable all feature to view for other. Like here you have added Global Search Bar in Header. it is coming very ugly when enabled it. Do not know whether it is the same way how theme provides or I have done some mistake in merging.

Thanks, B

Hi, thanks for your notice, I asked the dev to update the demo with the latest version, would you mind sharing your screenshot over here or via PM so that we can compare and see where the problem comes from, if you send a PM please remember to follow the support format procedure: http://themeforest.net/item/xxl-multipurpose-wordpress-vcard/7564509/support

CHeers UOU

Hello UOU,

trying to figure out how General Search works.

It seems it’s possible to search only by Company name. No sub categories. E.g. try to search cars and no results are displayed.

AM i right?

Also is it possible to display HOme Page like Glocal (Feature Companies in columns and Browse by category in boxes)?

Thank you


I wasn’t even aware that the dev implemented the general search for metrodir, can you please check how it’s working with glocal and let me know the difference please so that I can tell him to replicate it exactely as it is for glocal

normally you should be able to filter the kind of query and general search would work based on the keyword included within all posts

could you please share your feedback via PM so that I can easily forward it to the dev

as for the homepage like on glocal, we’ll soon implement some facelifting and new options for the homepage I just would like the devs to finish with the priority tasks and then we move on to facelifting

Cheers UOU

Hi Presale questions: 1.Have you implemented Woocommerce as a payment gateaway? In my country I would need to use Mercadopago, that works together with Woocomemrce for being able to get payed. 2. I understand the theme integrates Buddypress for administratin the “company page”, and allows the companies to run their own blog. Is it possible to configure a general blog bringing together all the different authors posts? Thank you Miriam

Hi Miriam,

1- woo-commerce is integrated for the products & services tab for companies but still not as a payment gateway for the users to subscribe, we intend to include stripe soon then we will probably add woo-commerce and you can try to integrate Mercadopago

2- buddypress is not yet integrated should be there soon

regarding the events you would need to ask via support if they have a shortcode to show the events and place them in the homepage

Cheers UOU

Thank you for your quick reply. Do you have any time to tell me about the woocommerce integration? This would be fundamental to make my decision….

Hi Miriam, it’s hard to say you know it depends of how the intensity is with customer service sometimes we get invaded with questions and bug reports other days it’s calmer but stripe will come first then will come the woo-commerce payment gateway i would say at least 1 month cheers UOU


still waiting for an answer to the question asked by Eternalist 5 days ago.

Any news?

Ciao, tutto bene, we made the correction in the last update, it’s now possible for companies to add their products & services directly from their front-end user page

I’m waiting from the dev to upload the metrodir video tutorials and include it so that it’s clear how to use it

Cheers UOU

For what regards the issue in General Search, for which i have requested support, i have found out where’s the problem.

The General Search box can filter only “words” in lower case letters. For example if you search for Glocal (reported repeatedly in the description of the items listed in your demo content, and where the G is in capital) No results are displayed.

Try to filter any other word in lower case and you get the result (i have tried with the word responsive and many other)

So it’ s just a question of fixing this small bug in your code .

Hope it helps.


Ciao, thanks for your notification, i’ve shared it with the dev he’s looking into it whenever you have any remarks feel free to share them via PM so that the dev could see it instantly Saluti uou


Can the pricing plans be customisable…can they be determined by …content upload like number of images and shop facility enabled? and also per how many days the subscription is for?

do we get recurring paypal reminders? so we don’t need to check all the time?

is an invoice generated ?

and does that have a added tax facility?


Hi, the video tutorial shows how to do it on the bacl-end but it’s also doable on the front-end

regarding the packages for the moment they are based on the number of listings, number of blog posts, and number of events, we’re working in parallel to create custom fields per package + we’ll try to add the number of images into the options

it’s based on a recurring paypal payment system where you can set it on a monthly basis or yearly basis

about the reminder i don’t know how it works, can you forward it to support so that they can add it to FAQ (please remember to follow the support format procedure so that you can get an answer)


all what is related to invoicing and taxation this goes beyond the commercial viability of this theme, we’re happy to understand what the payment gateway can offer but we cannot deep dive into adding taxation options, that’s more custom work

Cheers UOU

thanks for response. The packages need to be based on time (how long the listed business is on the site )and where the business is listed..(homepage,featured,standard) for us…are you saying this is not possible right now?

you’re welcome it’s up to you (admin) to decide about the timing if you set a free listing package then the listing is forever, if you set it based on a recurring payment system then the duration is based on the regularity of the payment done by the member, there are shortcodes that enable you to show the latest features, latest companies then it’s up to you to play with it but the main listings are in the search, for example type a category then click on search the results will appear

I feel like you’re buying a house not a theme :)

I cannot install this theme. I am getting the wordpress failure notice

Hi if you’ve forwaded it then they will look into it and will help Cheers UOU

The latest version seems to have fixed it, thanks

great thanks for the notification

another pre purchase question

can the user add an event from the front end? and can the user be charged for this? thanks

just replied to you above…

same here cant install the newest version just get a blank site. already reported. waiting now.

Hi,I just sent a notice to the dev cheers UOU

Good afternoon, I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work they have done with this topic, I encounter a problem like that quote “stevencaller” and I have to believe that the solution is to provide us with the upgrade to version 1.3 to 1.3.1, and I’m working on 1.2.4 and running, but I can not upgrade to the next and so get to the last. } I appreciate your attention and cooperation

Hello, thank you very much for your kind words :) we really appreciate it,

if you haven’t done any custom changes to the code then why don’t you simply replace all the main php files with the newest version

if you still have any issues then please send a PM folowing the support format procedure: http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support

I had quick chat with the developer yesterday to understand the source of these kind of issues and it mainly happens for people who upgrade, while new purchases don’t usually have this kind of issues so it’s always hard to understand where the problem comes from

anyway just contact the support and let me know how it goes Thanks again

Cheers UOU

No, sorry; I have done everything possible, both local and payment on my server, but I can not install the theme; and I can not even enter the desktop wordpress; that could be? estou doing a clean install, from 0 to the file you download from here. Please help! :(

Hi just report your issue to support via PM and follow please the support format procedure: http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support thanks UOU

I’m having the same issue.

I installed a complete fresh copy of Wordpress 3.9.1 and the latest version of Metrodir. Once I activate the theme I receive a white screen on every page.

After turning on Wordpress Debugging, I can see the following error:-

Fatal error: Call to undefined function uouLoadDefOptions() (in functions.php line 51)

It could be an issue with the theme not being completely compatible with the latest version of Wordpress (that was recently updated)?


Hi, really sorry guys we’re performing an update in a couple of hours just make sure that you added your issue via PM with the support format procedure: http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support cheers UOU

Hey sorry, i haven’t decided if i should buy Metrodir or Glocal because i have some pre purchase questions:

1.- Can i set an expiration date for the listing. For example, if a business stops paying for their membership, then its listing expires and disappears after a certain period of days.

2.- Is it possible to set a package for featured listing for certain price, so if someone pays for it, then the proper listing appears as featured business.

Thanks UOU!

Hi sorry for the delay woudl you mind sending your questions via PM so that we don’t lose track of them, please following this procedure:


thanks UOU

People, any of you have this issue with version 1.3? please provide me? or the development team? need that version to see if I can use it by simply updating thanks

Hola, the current version is 1.3.1 + in a couple of hours we’re releasing a new update so please wait for the new update Saludos UOU

presale question:

Category icon how many you can input? what if you go over 15 icon category like on the demo? speaking of icon how many does this theme came with?

I might have more but still playing around with the demo..thanks.

Hi can you please report your question via PM so that i don’t lose track of it because i need to understand if the dev rectified the 15 icons limitations + you can add the list of your questions by following the uspport format procedure: P.S: http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support thanks UOU