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I agree with the ones who are having problem with the last version of the theme. I updated Metrodir following the instructions, and my website completely crashed. I opened a BUG ticket, but nothing answer mi since two days. If anyone has some good news, please let me know… Thank you Davide

Ciao Davide, your ticket was bouncing between the support and the dev, they’re making a fix for everyone now sorry about the inconvenince, next time a bug lasts more than 24 hours just drop me a line over here because I informed the team that bugs should be immediately repaired with no delay Cheers UOU

Hi, I updated Metrodir following the instructions, and my website completely crashed. It’s a big loss for our company. Thank you for providing a patch.

Hi, the devs are looking into it, please make sure you send a PM with your credentials http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support

look in the future I recommend that you have a test enviornment next to your main site so that you first update on the test enviornment then once you’re sure there are no issues then you update the official site,

we’re trying our best to perform QA but sometimes there are some collateral effects that we don’t see and creates issues during the updates from a version to another

sorry about the inconvenience we’ll follow-up asap Cheers UOU

hi, mi site http://coachingfinanciero.com.mx/ crashed with the new version of metrodir, please fix this bug or tell how to fixit. thanks

Hi the dev is looking into it as many people reported this issue, please make sure you sent a PM following the support format procedure

http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support Cheers UOU

i have same problem, where is the author of files ??? Why nobody reply here and PM’s.. very interesting..

Hi, you received an answer 1 hour ago from the support informing you that your problem is going to be fixed in the next update which should happen today + as it says in the support message we prioritize bugs but you guys need to give us time to understand where the problem comes from cheers UOU

i still didn’t get the any update YET !

did you update to the latest version of metrodir ?

Hi, I’ve created new custom post type – deals and I want to add this field in my account page for silver user. please let me know how can I do that thing.

Here is the explanation in screenshot.


Hi, look the problem is that the devs are working under pressure with the debugging process and urgently need to move on with enhancements so you can send this question to support but please allow them some time to get back to you if they can because this is more a custom question thanks Cheers UOU P.S: please follow the support format procedure: http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support

Dear UOUapps, maybe it is an idea for next features, but I would like to do it by myself. I want to costumize the infowindows of companys on the map. Could you please tell me where I can find the files to edit the infowindows? Not about the design, but the functions.

Thank you in advance! Jesper

Hi Jesper, thank you for kindly sharing your thoughts, you can always send a PM to support by following the support format procedure http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support and say that you have an idea

as for the bubble of the marker, we’ll try to add some more info in it or make it more customizeable in the meantime you can ask the support if they can help you or guide you on how to do it Cheers UOU

Okay, thank you!

welcome :)

hello i have website with Directory Portal WordPress Theme and i want to use this theme can i use it whithout losing my information and items on website ?

is this theme support arabic ? does members can add items ? thanks

Marhaba, it really depends on the type of information you have in your DB, we do have a bulk upload option that allows you to import your DB via a CSV file but you might have some limitations with certain fields

it’s rtl compatible yes and members can create their own pages from the front-end user page Cheers UOU

A great job! congratulates it! thanks for help and solve our problem! I am translating the language of all the staff, how could contribute it?


Gracias querido, no entendi tu pregunta “how could contribute it ?” Saludos UOU

jeje genial, en español, mucho mejor; lo que intentaba decir es que estoy traduciendo al español la plantilla y quería saber si puedo enviarles el archivo para contribuir. Gracias, excelente plantilla

Hola, mira tienes lo files .po & .mo si los abres con poedit ahi puedes traducirlos en espanol

gracias a ti :) Saludos UOU

Is it possible for users to submit their own listings? On the submit listings page I only get the prices with no form on there for users to submit their own companies


this is “directory theme” not “metrodir theme” you’re contact the wrong author… :)

Hello, can you please add support for shortcodes under the ‘Metrodir CP>Homepage Settings>Custom Tab>Custom Tab Body’ section? I’m trying to add a picture gallery and isn’t working! Thanks!!!

Hi can you please forward this to support they are in charge of this, if you could please follow the support format procedure that would be great: http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support

afkhalisto :) Cheers UOU

????????? ??? ??? ?????????? :)

unfortunately greek characters don’t work here :)

metrodir when I looked at the theme to portfolio extension.How do I apply on my own listings on this page.

Hi, Just change Style option in Metrodir CP -> Homepage Settings -> Categories Block Style

thank you

you’re welcome :)

I wonder if is to leave the company highlighted on the map auto activated

one company from each segment activated on map

example http://s30.postimg.org/fiiuce6td/comp.jpg

wanted to put an ad featured in each category

advert highlighted on the map on the main page

please add this as an idea and share it with the support via PM by following this format:

then they will add it to the todo list http://themeforest.net/item/metrodir-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/6897791/support Cheers UOU

bugfixes for the long category names:

div.category-item-title{ max-width: 160px; height: auto; }

Hi, thanks for your notice, would oyu mind sharing it via PM and mention what this is about exactely so that the dev could take it into consideation for the next update CHeers UOU

Sorry to say it, but the entire “Products” section is broken. Here’s a few things that don’t work:

1. On the “shipping” tab, you cannot enter dimensions. – remains blank

2. Shipping Class has 1 option: “No shipping Class”

3. On the tab “Upsells, Cross sells, and Grouping – Grouping does nothing.

4. Users cannot create or even select product categories

5. The “Product Tags” section is blank and uneditable

6. Clicking on the “Publish” button gives an error – “The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page.” But after clicking Leave anyways, the page has been saved.

I think an easy fix for most of these issues is to just limit the visibility of some of these items. If users cannot create product tags, hide it. If they cannot create shipping classes, hide that too.

I think you should make a section in the Admin MetroDir CP that lets you choose what is displayed on the Company CP. If the products tab is too difficult to get working right, I’d rather just not offer that to the companies (hide the products/services tab). The Revolution Slider section is an Admin only option as well, so why is it displayed on the Company CP? Hide that too.

Even if the products section did work, how exactly would the companies get paid for the products offered? The Woocommerce plugin is setup and operated by the Admins of the website. If a product was purchased on one of the companies listings, the payment would go to the site Administrators and not the company. This recent update allows users to add their own products, but not receive payments for them. So again… why would a company want to sell products on this directory?

I love this theme, but the ability for users to sell products directly from their listing page seems a bit unnecessary. And a “screen options” for the company cp would make this even better (so we can hide sections of the Company CP).

Hi thank you for your notifications based on what the dev informed me yesterday he did the related fix to have it all done on the front end user page so i will discuss it tomorrow morning and will reply to all your comments. In any case don’t worry we’ll get it to work in concordance with the flow you mentioned that’s how it should be cheers uou

Got 2 pre-sales queries:

1) Can I use the theme for free listings without any packages and without setting up/configuring any paypal or other payment method?

2) I want to use this theme for individuals and not companies, can I easily do this or customize it for this purpose?

Hi thanks for your interest,

1- yes

2- you’ll need to make some minor modifs to the names of the fields but it’s doable, otherwise you can have a look at OMEGA http://themeforest.net/item/omega-wordpress-job-portal-candidate-database/6910756?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT.z_author=uouapps

cheers & have a nice w.e UOU

Bonjou, Pourriez-vous m’indiquer quand vont être disponibles les champs “Zip Code” et “Ville”, cette ajout devait être fait la semaine dernière et toujours rien, c’est très urgent pour notre site. Merci

sur la liste des priorité c’est placé en tant que fonctions #1 et niveau de complexité (5/10), et c’est prevu pour lundi (donc disons mercredi) cheers UOU

Je vais faire brûler une bougie :-)

lol, si seuleument tu pouvais imaginer la liste des fonctions que j’attends depuis le debut de lancement de nos directories, j’aurais un masagin de bougies :) il m’a dit: on monday we’ll publish: - custom style for single company - featured companies on top - zip code - all post from blog

bon w.e UOU


Je souhaiterais rajouter des zones de saisies (interval) pour les jours d’ouverture, qui sont au nombre de 4. Pourriez-vous m’indiquer la possibilité et la façon de faire.

Merci de votre aide

Salut est-ce que tu peux envoyer un PM en demandant au support en anglais comment le faire, stp suit le format suivant: http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452/support merci UOU


I have only just sent a PM but I was wondering if you could mark it as important. I am showcasing the website tomorrow and I updated the theme and it now has several problems!

Please check experiencejavea.com

Hi, i marked it to the dev i don’t know if he’ll be able to look at it during the w.e but i left him a note Cheers uou

Thank you, I have had to reinstall a back up of the files in the /css/ folder.

hi, just tow presale question, can i display subcategory under main category instead of latest company in home page? can i get the phone no. or website out in search results under the title instead of company description ?


Hi, we are constantly working to expand possibilities of the page designer, and a different view of information. You can always use child-themes so to personalize some functions, our technical support team ready to assist you in this. /* Best regards. Andrey */

Hello UOU,

a couple of days ago i sent a Pm to the dev notifying the issue with the Global Search. Until today no answers. Or better i received a reply but the problem has not been solved.

Please i need that you fix the issue asap, because i cannot go on with the development of my website.

Thank you.

I’m sorry, thanks for your patience.
Please tell me, your issue resolved?
All tickets are closed, I hope your message is not lost (((.

/* Best regards. Andrey */