Metrodir - Directory & Listings WordPress Theme

Metrodir - Directory & Listings WordPress Theme

MetroDir – Directory & Listings Wordpress Theme is a content driven portal that is ideal for listing any kind of entity or activity on a Global or Local basis.
Who could have ever imagined that within less than 5 minutes you can install & start running your own Directory for only $ 58 ! Well this is no longer a promise, it’s a fact; So jump on board and become part of the Metrodir Community

v.1.4.2 (21 November, 2014):
New: Option "Slug for Company Taxonomy URL" in Metrodir CP -> General Settings;
New: Option "Show Subcategories on Search and Categories Pages" in Metrodir CP -> Search Settings;
Fix: Bug with Footer in Boxed Version;
Fix: Url's for Categories;
Fix: Some Responsive Bugs;
Fix: Some Other Bugs.

v.1.4.1 (06 September, 2014):
New: Option "Show Sidebar on Companies Search Pages";
New: One Style (Thumb) for Search Results and Category Pages (Option "Search Results Style");
New: One Style for Search Pages with Fixed Map (Option "Search with Fixed Map");
New: Two Options for Language Widget: "Flag and Code" , "Flag and Name";
Fix: Bug with Displaying Company Fields on Company Page;
Fix: Some Bug with Map Search;
Fix: Style for Category Page;
Fix: Some Other Bugs.

v.1.4 (08 Aug, 2014):
New: Option "Show/Hide Subcategories" in Block on Home Page;
New: Option "Change Slug Company";
New: Zip Code Field for Companies;
New: Manage Restriction Fields;
New: Restrictions for Package "Submit for Review Before Publish" 
New: Pagination for Default Search Results and Company Category Pages;
Fix: PayPal Single Payments;
Fix: Some Bug With Search By Location;
Fix: Some Bugs in Shortcodes;
Fix: Some Other Bugs.

- Add Restriction for Ratings System;
- Add Boost Speed for Map;
- Fix Some Problem with HTTPS;
- Fix Some Problem with WPML;
- Fix Global Search by Description;
- Fix Some Other Bugs.

v.1.3.5 (10 June, 2014):
- Update VC Plugin Version;
- Update FontAwesome Version;
- Add Show All Author Posts Option in Blog Tab for Companies;
- Add Show Subcategories in Under Map Filter Option;
- Fix Some Bugs with Users CP;
- Fix Some Other Bugs.

v.1.3.4 (30 May, 2014):
- Scripts Refactoring;
- Add Featured Mark on Markers;
- Fix Big with Blog Page;
- Fix Some Bugs with Global Search;
- Fix Bug With Default Search Filters;
- Fix Some Other Bugs.

v.1.3.4 - Has not been published.

v.1.3.2 (21 May, 2014):
- Add New Styles for Category Block on Home Page;
- Fix Crashing;
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.3.1 (19, May, 2014):
- Update Versions for Included Plugins;
- Now Users can Add Products;
- Change style for Global Search;
- Add Featured Mark for Companies;
- Add Featured Block in Sidebar;
- Add Featured Carousel at Home Page;
- Add Border Color Options;
- Fix bug with accounts items;
- Fix bug with WPML;
- Fix bug with search by category;
- Fix bug with map centration;
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.3  (13, May, 2014):
- Update VC plugin version;
- Add Sidebar Widgets Area (for Single and Search Pages);
- Add Product Tab for Comapny Page (Woocommerce Support);
- Add Custom Tab for Company Page;
- Add New Shortcode (Price Table);
- Add Global Search in Header;
- Fix Bug with improving Tariff Plan and PayPal (Now "My Plan" user link opened not in Popup always);
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.2.4 (06, May, 2014):
- Add option "Markers Information" - What Show on Markers;
- Add option "Map Clusters Icons URL";
- Fix Logic in UOU Update Center;
- Fix Bug with Shortcodes;
- Fix Bug with Portfolio Images;
- Fix Bug with PayPal Payment Period;
- Fix some other bugs.

v.1.2.3 (28, April, 2014):
- Now do not need to create a page for Advanced Search and Blog Search;
- Update version for included Plugins;
- Add Blocking for Accounts Items;
- Add Custom Block for Sidebar;
- Add Clusters Icons;
- Add Markers Icons for Default Categories;
- Add Companies Custom Fields;
- Fix Logic for "Pricing Plans" Block;
- Fix Logic for Users CP;
- Fix some bugs.

V.1.2.1(April 14th, 2014):
- Add Grid and Min Size Cluster Options;
- Add Enable/Disable Blog Search Option;
- Add Top Bar;
- Add Tabs on Home Page;
- Fix Bug with Map Type;
- Fix some others bugs.

V1.2(April 7th, 2014):
- Add enable/disable Search Option;
- Add "Revolution slider and Map below" and "Map and Revolution slider below" Home View Options;
- Add Claim Listing;
- Add Child Theme;
- Add Visual Composer on Home Page;
- Add Subcategories for Company;
- Add Custom Icon Support for Category;
- Add Image Markers Support;
- Add Cluster on map for image markers (beta);
- Fix logo size;
- Fix many responsive bugs;
- Fix some others bugs.

V1.1.3(April 5th, 2014):
- Childthemes added
- Fixed some minor bugs

V1.1.2(February 28th, 2014):
- Add Map Boost;
- Fix bug with 'x' on map;
- Fix bug for iOS crush;
- Fix some other visual bugs.

- Change Map load Functions;
- Add Map Zoom Options;
- Fix Demo Witget;
- Fix some bugs associated with the map;
- Fix some other bugs.

V1.1 (10.03.2013)
- Add Demo version widget;
- Add Bulk upload companies plugin;
- Add Shortcodes;
- Add Auto Update Button;
- Fix some bugs.