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Hi, is it possible to get a version of currency.tpl that has the currency symbols beside the text before you roll over it with the cursor?

If you want it you can custom it. It’s easy. If you need we can help you do it.
best regards,

yes, could you help with a custom version please?

you can purchase this theme then contact us. We will help you

hello, i want to buy this theme. do you offer theme installation service? if yes how much? you can send email to: kasen667(a)hotmail(dot)com thank you.

You can check your email. We just responded you through email.

Payed to you already. Please reply my emails.

Hi. Do you offer regular support for this theme?

We will support email, contact form, skype . If you have any question or problem you can contact us. We will help you. You don’t worry.

Hello, can you tell me how to edit the word “Search…” inside the search box in homepage?

you can edit in file app/design/frontend/default/ma_metrofas/template/ catalogsearch/

thanks a lot.

Would like to know how to customize the content inside the Mega Menu. Thank you!

You can contact us and provide more details. We will help you custom.
Kind regards,

HTML is not present in the archive layout, how can I get it?

The HTML + CSS include in magento. We haven’t HTML + CSS version.

Great theme guys!

Emailed you for support related to the “add to cart” popup. I emailed Is that correct?


Yes, you can contact us or make ticket

Hello, I’ve wrote to you on but no answer.

Thank you for metrofas theme that you offer. I already purcheased this theme and I have 2 problems implementing this.

I instaled your quick start theme which use magento 1.8.0. Now I am playing with a copy of my site on this subdomain: After a clean instalation I put my sql database copy with all clients and info.

All is ok except Prozoom extension. I can’t make this work. No zoom and no lightbox efect. Another problem is with New Product Vertical Scroller. His height is long, and arrows not showing, probably the .js file not working or is in conflict with another js file.

Can you help me?

Our email not but no answer. You can make a ticket we will check and fix it for you

My problem has been solved by plaza themes suport. I made a ticket and they answered me quickly. Thank you

Hi there, We purchased the theme but had a trouble. I added a product to cart and clicked the checkout, then next page was “your cart is emty.” Although i add the products to cart, the checkout progress is empty everytime. I’m confused, please help…

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you fix it. You don’t worry

I just bought this theme from you, but I’m having problems within two configs in admin. It’s not possible to access Theme Configuration and Super Ajax Cart configs. The other extensions works correctly.

Can you, please help me?

You can contact through . We will check and help you solve it


We have got most of this theme up and running. Having a couple of issues though.

The main one is that whilst featured products show on the home page they are not the ones selected (with the relevant attribute set to ‘yes’). I seem to be having the same problem as this guy…


Hi, I am having a problem with the Featured Products section. I have set it so that only 8 featured products are displayed, so I have only selected ‘Featured: Yes’ on 8 of my products.

When I need to change what products are featured it still displays the previous featured products even though the ‘no’ has been selected on the ‘Featured’ option.

I then went into CONFIGURATION > MAGENTOTHEM > FEATURED PRODUCT and set the quantity of products to 100 and it now only shows the 8 products I have selected, it shows all the previous featured products I had selected.

I always refresh the cache but it makes no difference. Please help, Thanks. Lorne


Hello, 1. You can download file and replace file on your hosting app\code\local\Magentothem\Featuredproduct\Block\Featuredproduct.php 2. After you replace file you need clear all cache ( admin > system > cache management > disable all cache)

After doing that it seems to have made no difference though

Could you please let me know what the deal is with this. Thanks

You can make a ticket . We will check it again for you

Hi is it compatible with Magento EE?

Hello, This theme doesn’t compatible with Magento EE

I am having trouble with feature products on mainpage.

the feature products aren’t seen but particular products checked “featured”.

I created a ticked on

Please help immediately:(

you can check your email and follow your ticket. We will check and help you

Thank you for consideration.

Hi, I have some problems with the Ajax Cart on the homepage. Can you help me with it please?

Hi, You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and help you fix it

Has a demo files ?



is it support 1.9 ?

Hi, This theme is compatible with magento 1.9. You can use it for your website.

hello i bought the theme install most do not know, could you help me?

Hi, You can contact us. We will help you

Hello Dear Is it support Magento 1.9 ?

waiting your reply

This theme is compatible with Magento 1.9. You can use it for your website

Hello Dear Is it support Magento 1.9 ? and do you have RTL

waiting your reply

This theme is compatible with Magento 1.9. The RTL function doesn’t available. You can do it.


Is this template language support that is written right to left? (Right To Left (RTL) language )

Thank you

Thank for your interested. The RTL function doesn’t available in this theme. You can custom it.