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hi man.. fantastic job! :) i really don´t wanna bother you, but no matter what i do… upload to my server ( PHP 5.3) or i try that with XAMPP … i cannot add modules via drag & drop … page still will be empty ;-/ thank you very much for reply Lars

Hi, sorry for reply late, today i maintain my server on linode, just completed. the problem appears may due to the [ html ] folder, please host both [ digith_template_builder ] and [ html ] folders into your webserver, then the builder will ok, please try, if still has problem, letter me to digith@outlook.com, i will help you. good luck! 8-)

Hi, we encouter problems with the template in Oulook 2007. The background image is gone and the different blocks transform in 1 block with 1 colour. How can we solve this? Best, Sander

Hi, sandermallie, yes, outlook2007/2010/2013 will lost the bg texture, you know , we can use vml to render the banner bg image for the email, but, this is not a good method for the entire page, may cause other problem, but outlook2007/2010/2013 can display bg color, so bg color is nessary for outlook, regarding your block prolbem, please sen d the screenshot and your code to me, my email is digith@outlook.com, good luck! 8-)

Thanks for the fast and accurate help by e-mail, really excellent!

Hi, have sent you an email, plz check you inbox. good luck! 8-)


Great Theme. When i save a template this works fine however when i go to loads templates nothing happens. It doesn’t load anything.

Is this a known issue?


Hi, do not worry about that, it is due the php.ini setting, please see the FAQ in the documentation, then you will find the method to fix it, please try, if still has problem, please letter me to digith@outlook.com, good luck! 8-)

problems have lost the header banner GL in outlook, I need to know why

I cannot get it to become responsive in the correct way in mailchimp. layout is all messed up. Unfortunately the developer is missing in action and does not respond to tickets and direct emails. Beware!

I think the developer abandoned this contribution. I would suggest to avoid. I myself will try to get a refund as the code is not behaving properly.

Project upload is still not working after trying both methods in your documentation.

Hi, the documentation says upload to server, but if I do that then anybody that goes to my domain can see the builder. the just need to go to www.mydomain.com//newsletter/digith_template_builder/ is there anyway to stop this? if I put a password protect on then the images won’t show.

Wheneven i send campaigns to yahoo mails accounts with this theme, they are always positioned to the left, i searched google for it and they say its because yahoo has an outdated mailing system however there is a fix to it, a certain html code. can please help me out on this one?

Hi , I am not able to download the html version. And the other versions as well after I prepeare the mail in the online builder. Please help thanks.

Hi, i upload both [ digith_template_builder ] and [ html ] folder but builder still not working well. For example drag drop function is not working so icant sellect Layout. Please can you help about this?