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Hi, I have installed template style 4 the theme looks fine except for my logo (where metro lite) is written and the entire navigation area are not appearing. Instead it displays an error “[an error occurred while processing this directive]”. The theme is working fine locally but on web server the navigation bar isn’t displaying at all. Please help.

Thank you.

Hi! Please check the HTML comments in the code there may be <!--##, add a space between <!-- ##

Kind Regards

Thank you. That worked! :)

Your welcome :)

hi how much to charge for custom change

much to charge for custom change

just did!

Hi! We have replied your mail.

do you know why chrome keep display error 404 page no published

Please verify your URL and the default page as index.html uploaded to your hosting.

Kindly ask your queries directly to our support team here :)

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ok thanks

Do you plan providing us some more features, or an update to the theme? Any ETA for this?

Hi! If you have any specific requirements for this theme then please send your request to our support mail, we will add it to the theme. :)

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How do I add target=”_blank” in the webconfig.xml ?

Hi! If you are using index1.html then it is otherwise it is for index2 and so on.

Yes you can replace the vimeo icon image of same dimension with linkedin image but will still have to use the vimeo-page node to specify the linkedin URL.

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Makes sense! So, its better I only upload to the server instead of all!


Yes right! Your welcome.

Okay, the subscription form works, but when people submit their email address, I get notified to the email address I provide. Now, where do I include the email address? Is there is any php file where I supply my email?

Ok, I think I got it. On the webconfig.xml!

Subscription form works only with MailChimp, you can try setting up the notifications in your mail chimp account.

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I’ve just created a mailchimp account. Any idea how do I do it? Also created a newsletter list.

Please check the quick guide provided with this template, for any issues drop us an email here.

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Great template – thanks. I’ve implemented it at :

I’d really like the linked pages when clicked to open in a new tab / window (ie Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) is there a code change that would force that?



Hi Tim

Thanks for your wonderful feedback!

For social links to open in new window you can replace the following code statements in assets/js/ file:

location.href = link;



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Hi! Having a hard time getting this theme uploaded. Looks great, by the way. FTP is giving me a hard time for some reason, so I’d like to be able to just upload this using the WP Theme uploader. Getting an error that it can’t find Style.CSS. Anything you can provide guidance on?

Hi! we have sent you a reply from support mail.

Kind Regards

Hi all, how can I change the background image number and features (i.e.stop sliding)?