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thanks a lot :)

Thanks for your valuable feedback :)

Nice work & Welcome to forest :)

Thanks a lot friend…

Not Found

The requested URL /ContactFormHandler.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

when submitting the form ?

Hello Mediamaksuk, Please ensure that you have placed the ContactFormHandler.php at the same place where you have placed the index.html page of the template.

For further support kindly drop us a mail at our contact. Kind Regards

AWESOME template dude ! Wish deeply to see it working on wordpress a day, that would be brilliant ! Have some good sales :)

Thanks for the feedback. Yes working on it and will launch soon.

Hi, i just purchased this and love it… exactly what I need! I’m kinda new to FTP and such, but know a little bit. Can anybody tell me what folder exactly would I upload via FTP to transfer please?

You just need to upload the contents of v1.0 folder.

NVM, (on my last question) I’ve figured it out. My new question is about the “Subscribe to Newsletter” Field. When entering in an email the error comes up:

” Error 404 – Not Found The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance. “

...and I do have the contact php in the same place as the index. Is there a resolution for this?

Kindly send the url of your website to our support.

VERY Cool (and for only $5?! unfortunately html not my strenght, WP how I roll) GRT on mobile too!

Thanks for the feedback. Yes WordPress version is in the pipeline. :)

Lovely theme, good work!

Thanks for the purchase and wonderful feedback :)

Is it possible to show tweets on the homepage ?

Yes you can create twitter widget in your twitter account settings and embed it on your homepage but you will have to do some workout for setting up the height or width of the twitter widget according to the dimensions of tiles.



please go to and click on “Registered Users” to see my problem. I get a “ContactFormHandler.php” is not found on this server error message. Also, how to replace Vimeo with Linkedin please.



Hello Allan, Please upload all the items of v1.0 folder, it has that ContactFormHandler.php page also. Try it and then drop us a mail at our support.


I checked on the server file manager and the contactFormHandler.php is indeed in the v1.0 folder (Note the lowercase “c” is that perhaps the reason for the error? Where is this php file called from?

Allan Thomas

Ok then rename the file with letter “c” with uppercase. I hope it would resolve this case-sensitive issue on your Linux/apache server. Regards

Oh dear! It is indeed the case! Works now…since most websites use php hosted on Apache server it might be good to warn your users.

Sure man! Thanks. :)


First of all i want to congratulate for such a nice theme, very small and modern :).

I’m facing some random issues with the popups, i cant replicate the issue, but sometimes when i click to open a popup instead of opening it normally there appears some kind of box of aprox 30 px width, and the texts goes to the bottom.

Do you have any fix for that ?


Thanks g_emanuel, There may be some browser version issue for popups, coz its a bootstrap modal popup and we have not found such an issue. Kindly send your error details to our support. Regards

Great minimal and elegant theme, good job. I have some questions. 1) How can I remove pointer/cursor change (onHover event) on Tiles that have popups like the Our Team. 2) Which file is responsible for the bg slider? I removed 2 images from it and it shows a loading/buffering popup, I want to be able to add and remove the bg slider items. Thanks!

Hello duaneadam, Thanks for your valuable feedback. 1. You can find and remove the “cursor: pointer” css code statement from the styles.css file.

2. For slider there are 5 images in the slider directory you can replace the old images with new images having same name e.g. you can replace 3.jpg with new 3.jpg.

Hope you can customize it now. For any further queries you can simply drop us a mail at our support.


For those who are wondering you can remove or add the sliders items in the jquery.easing.min.js

I want to remove the cursor onHover event just for the Our Team, do help.

Edit: Oh yes, I can remove individual items based on their ID/class on the cursor: pointer.


Yes right!

hello, I have replaced the background images in the folder assets/slider to shade of white backgrounds. The issue is when the page loads first time it has some black background till the slider images kick in. How do i have a white background color on load instead of black?

Thanks, M

Hello M, you can set the “background” shade to white for “body” in styles.css file. For further help kindly drop us a mail at our support. Regards

Made professionally, good work !

Thanks for your valuable feedback :)

Hello, just got the theme and I have the same …..

Not Found

The requested URL /ContactFormHandler.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

when submitting the form ?

Yes changing the filename’s first letter from “c” to “C” would work.

It’s the small letter “c” I changed to “C” ok now…..

Ok great! We will update the patch soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by it. Regards

Another question, on the social link is is possible to make them open on a blank page? Just so you guys can see this Author work…...


Yes you can achieve it by changing the code in jQuery script. Please drop us a mail at support to get the code help. Regards

where should the .XML file located? No data fetch from the XML :(

Have you purchased it?

yes my friend did and currently I’m working on it

Kindly send your purchase order id to our support for getting help. Regards.

Nice theme. Just have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1. The slider image for team members shows 4 images. Can that count be increased to say 8?

2. Can the color of individual tiles be changed? If yes, how?

3. Can the fonts of the text on the tiles be changed? If yes, how?

4. The background image seems to dark. Can that be lightened?

I am ready to make a purchase as soon as I hear back from you. Thanks!

Hi! You can achieve it with few jQuery/HTML and CSS tweaks in the code. Regards