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5-star theme, 5-star support :bigsmile:

Thank you basilpao13! We really appreciate your comment and glad that you’re enjoying Metrolium. =)

This is a real professional looking Theme and designed with the highest standards. The Support is best in class, I had some questions and EugedLab went out of their way to assist until all my queries were resolved. :-)

Glad we could help. Thanks for your comment. :)

Hey I have just updated the theme to v1.1.1 .. I am not able to save customized page.

Hi Monik321,

If you could please register on our support forum and post your issue there, someone will help you out shortly, thanks.

I just bought this template and the slider is not centered. I am unable to see the slider margins on the bottom of the slider and on the right hand sire. Really annoying. And I would like to know how to have a full width slider just as is visible on your template

Thank you for your answer. I did check the documentation and was able to fix some issues.I joined the forum, but it seems that it takes days until someone answers a question. My biggest challenge now is that I can’t add sidebars to pages. I was able to set up different sidebars which I would like to individually add to specifica pages, but I can’t find the option where I would be able to actually choose the page setting – even the blog page is without sidebar, which is really odd.

I would appreciate your help. Thanks

I noticed on the forum that this should be done on the meta box under the editor ..however I don’t have the meta box option.

Hi IntactMarketing,

Sorry to hear that you’re still having trouble. I have just looked back at the forum and notice that you posted in one of our posts rather than creating new ones and that’s why we missed your questions.

You’ll notice that we’ve split your posts out to their own thread, explained where to create new posts and answered your questions.

My apologies once again for you having an unusually long wait for a reply. We’re taking steps to improve the usability of our forum so that it’s clearer where to start new topics for others based on your feedback.


Hello – I just wanted to say your theme is fantastic! I’ve never seen anything as flexible as this before. Just about everything is customisable from within WordPress appearance customiser.

The only question I have is is it possible to use “Helvetica Neue” as the global font family?

If it is possible how is it done?

Many thanks!


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your comment, glad that you’re enjoying Metrolium. =)

The WP Customizer currently only supports Google Fonts as you’ve noticed but if you’d like to override that, simply go to your admin panel (Appearance > Theme Options), click the ‘Global’ tab and enter the following custom CSS:

body { font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; }

A couple of fall back fonts for Windows users. =)

If you have any other questions, you’re welcome to join us on the support forums. Thanks for your purchase!

Thanks for your help with this, unfortunately it it didn’t work. I’ll contact you on the support forum to see what can be done.

When I use the Blockquote shortcode:

[blockquote author=”Mark Twain” role=”Author”] Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. [/blockquote]

both quotation marks ”” are together at the end of the quote?

See here: http://enoughimpact.com/about/

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks Steve

Hi Steve,

That looks OK to me and I certainly haven’t seen that before, perhaps there’s something strange happening caused by the WP editor or a plugin perhaps. If you could join us on the support forum, post this as a new issue and we’ll continue conversation there.

I’ve added the same question to the support forum.


rvw Purchased

Hi EugedLab,

I need some help. I signed up for the support forum but havent received my login credentials.

Thanks in advance,


Have you checked your spam/junk folder? If you still can’t find them, you can use the forgot password page to resend them: http://www.euged.com/members/forgot-password/


rvw Purchased

It says im not even registered.

Please contact us with your item purchase code and we’ll take a look.


rvw Purchased

thank you, email sent.

Found you in the system. Seems you made a typo in your email when registering, you used @ma. (missing c). I’ve corrected your email and used forgot password for you. You should now find your login details in your inbox. :)

Hi there is a way to add a button in editor with shortcode generator, that create your shortcode without cut & paste? thx

Hi cellone,

We don’t have support for this right now but will add it in a future version. :)

Like the sticky header (new since I last looked at your template! However, I think having the top-bar (with contact details and social media icons) should not be part of the small sticky header. Is this optional, or hardcoded in the theme? If the latter, would you be willing/able to make it optional?

If you watch the video on here, you’ll see how easy it easy with this WordPress plugin: http://wpml.org/

Basically all URLs become prepended with /lang/, i.e. /en/ /fr/ and you put a language drop down widget somewhere on your site, in the header or something where users can switch language.

Make sense? :)

Sure, thanks! Looks do-able even for me. Only thing I wonder is if the layout of the dropdown matches your perfectly designed template?

I haven’t actually checked to be honest as we haven’t had a need for multi-language and we don’t actually test the theme with any plugins, there’s simply too many as I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

However, I’m happy to style this particular one up (meaning the widget dropdown) if it doesn’t look the best as it’s probably the largest plugin for translations and others likely using it already.

Hi, I just bought this theme and it’s really wonderful. Just like to ask how to add the sticky header and create a main menu similar to the live preview.


I think I figure out #2, so I’m now done :-) Thank you very much for such a wonderful theme. Home in the future we can just select the template when creating a new page. So #3 I think is a bug?

Hi czetsuya,

Glad you managed to resolve your issues. As for logo upload, you’ll find it under ‘Header’ in the WP Customizer which I’m sure you know where to find it but just in case; go to ‘Appearance > Themes’ and click ‘Customize’ next to Metrolium, assuming Metrolium is the active theme of course, this also works with child themes of Metrolium too.

I hope this answers your final question, feel free to join us over on our support forum if you have any other questions. =)

Thank you very much, yes I’ve already found it. I think the docs need to be updated :-)

Hello, I am interested in using this theme for a non profit’s website. Is it possible with the boxed layout to use a picture as the background, and use a different backgound for every page? Possibly changed through the page creation interface? Would this be possible through any customizations?

Hi opersaud,

Currently, it’s only possible to use one background for the entire site but we are considering adding more advanced controls for pages to allow you to override the background on a per page basis, however it’s not planned yet, just a consideration at this stage.

The best thing to do is to suggest this as a feature request on our support forum and that will allow others who might also like this to express their interest too. This allows us to gauge member’s wants and prioritise the more popular requests.

I hope this helps to answer your question. =)


I’m thinking about purchasing this theme, it looks great and seems pretty flexible, most important the support seems really efficient. A few concerns are that I would like to have the Portfolio images opening in the same window, is it possible to use the LightBox plugin with the theme. The other things is that I use qTranslate plugin, can I add the plugin code <?php echo qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode(‘both’); ?> to the header.php to display it.

I purchased the theme after all and so far it’s working great. Two questions, There’s a leave a reply after all my pages, how can i remove it and what’s the ideal size for the logo to look like the size of the demo.

Hi arii0921,

Thanks for your purchase, you made a great choice – you knew I’d say that though right? ;)

Another thing you’d expect me to say is how great our forums are but I’m not kidding, they are great, made even more so by the fact that we’re building a nice little community over there as we have some really helpful users that provide each other with answers.

And to further reinforce that, here’s two links to posts on our forum that answer both of your questions:

FYI, the current logo size on the demo is 219px x 50px. Hope this helps and thanks again, really appreciate your support. Perhaps we’ll even speak on the forums at some point. Good luck and enjoy Metrolium! :)

Thank you!!


I’m just wondering, is there anything I need to do to make permalinks work on my local machine (windows7, apache2.2, php5.3.5)?

I already enable mod_rewrite in apache and set Allowoverride to All, but still have 404 problem.



The only other thing you need is your .htaccess file. It should have been automatically created but just double check in the root folder of your WordPress install, keep in mind that it’s a hidden file so ensure that you have ‘Show Hidden Files’ set to on or that you’re using a text editor that can see hidden files.

If it’s not there, go back to your permalinks in WordPress, change format and change back, click the save button and look for a notice box at the bottom that contains the .htaccess code and create a new file with that code.

If you have both mod_rewrite enabled and the .htaccess in place, it should work fine. Failing that, I’d look at the apache error log for clues.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again, I got it working. The problem was my apache is reading htaccess not .htaccess.

Glad that you managed to get it sorted. :)


In the detail page of portfolio, is there a way to add a “Social” share this page button? For example facebook, twitter?



There is no built in functionality for social sharing links as there are plenty of plugins that provide this. If you just use a plugin that has shortcode support you’ll be able to place them wherever you need them in the editor.

If you have any other questions, could you please register on our support forum and we’ll be more than happy to help. Trying to keep the comments on ThemeForest clean from support. Thanks. =)

Hi, I can’t seem to find out how to post a question on your forum… where do I go? Thanks!

Hi hybird9012,

You can post a question at the bottom of the forum, go here: http://www.euged.com/support/forum/metrolium/ and scroll down. Speak to you there! =)

Very nice theme, EugedLab.

I noticed that there is a slight glitch with the layer slider on the homepage-5-magazine layout. The slide transition is creating a gray overlay on top of most of the page. I’m using Safari 5.1.9 but it appears fine in Chrome and Firefox on Mac. Any plans to fix?


Hi munky,

LayerSlider and Revolution Slider are in fact both third party WordPress plugins and therefore responsibility of bug fixes lies with their respective authors.

I’ve just tested homepage 5 using Safari 6.0.2 on Mac and don’t see any issue, perhaps it only affects older versions but I’ll be sure to report this and hopefully it will be resolved in a timely manner but obviously this is out of our control and as such I can’t comment further.

FYI though; we will continue to provide the updates of each plugin via Metrolium updates as they become available and it’s likely that if this is an issue with certain browser versions that it’s already been reported and perhaps a fix is in progress.

Sorry that I couldn’t provide you any more information than this but I hope this helps to explain things. Try upgrading your browser version if you can and see if it’s OK in the latest for you too.

Let me know if you have any other questions. =)

No Safari 6+ for Snow Leopard but I appreciate the quick reply! You seem to offer outstanding support. Thanks!

Thanks munky and yes, we pride ourselves in offering far more than just a sale, after all you’re only as good as your last theme right? Reputation. =)

Hello, just bought the theme, but I’ve got a problem. I’m using the child theme so I can make changes to the CSS but when I try to customize the theme through the admin panel (the screen where you have a customization panel on the left and the preview of your site on the right), my changes don’t work… My custom colors are saved in the left panel, but nothing changes on the preview or on my website.


Have you made sure that your override css file has the right permissions so that it’s writable? You can find out more in the documentation under ‘Installation’.

If this doesn’t help, please post your question on our support forum and we’ll help you to resolve your issue.

I don’t know what happened but it seems to work now, all of a sudden, without changing anything. I now have another problem but I doubt it’s because of the theme : I can’t drag and drop widgets in the admin, investigating…

Bingo, it’s a plugin which breaks the admin’s javascript ^^

Try disabling all plugins, see if it works and if it does, you know it’s one of your plugins. Then to find out which one, re-enable your plugins one at a time and checking that widgets still works after each plugin that you enable. Once it breaks again, you’ll know which plugin is the bad one.

As said before, if you do have any issues, we’d appreciate it if you could post them on our support forum as it helps to keep these comments clean and also helps us to continue building our knowledge base which might in turn help someone else at some point. :)

can this theme work with megamenu or ubermenu plugin? I bought mega & ubermenu from here but not sure if that will work without too much hacking..

Hi yongdosa,

We don’t offer any guarantee on the compatibility of plugins because there’s simply too many of them and it’s not feasible to test each and every plugin with the theme.

However, providing that the plugin is well written and isn’t obstructive, there shouldn’t be any reason why they wouldn’t. For example name spacing their ids and class names in their styles so not to conflict with class names used within the theme.

As I’ve not used either of the plugins you mentioned, I can’t comment further. Apologies that I’m unable to provide you a better answer on this one, hopefully you’ll understand why it’s not possible to offer more than this.

Thanks and do let me know if you have any other questions. :)

can i send you the plugin and see if it works out of the box before I buy this theme?

Sure, I’ll give it a quick glance over and provide you a screenshot via email. Send it over to hello@euged.com :)

This is a beautiful theme with equally beautiful functionality and support. Very well done.

Thank you very much SimStudios, glad you’re enjoying Metrolium. =)