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Metrolium is a beautiful theme! It covers all my needs, except for 2 layouts: Masonry/Metro style grid for both the portfolio and the blog.

Which plugin(s) do you recommend that are compatible with Metrolium to achieve the Masonry/Metro style grid for both the portfolio and blog layouts?

Thanks so much in advance.

Update now approved and available via your ThemeForest account. =)

Absolutely fabulous. I’m thrilled to hear the great news, and can’t wait to check out the updates – thank you so much for listening and for fulfilling my theme dreams (although, I do understand you already had plans on developing and releasing my masonry requests – a testament to your good taste and awareness of current market needs/demand).

While I could’ve designed my own HTML5 site – or seven – in the amount of time I’ve been cruising Themeforest for the perfect WordPress theme (the past 7 months straight, daily), I’ve never personally dev’d a site for WordPress itself. Due to my need for a robust blog platform, I was determined to find the perfect WordPress theme that would help me save dev and update time for my personal consulting site, now that I’m chained to my desk 24/7 as the Email Marketing Director at one of the top 5 social media companies.

And you, by new friend, Euged, have provided the exact theme I’ve been searching – what seems like eons – for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As for your Blog – keep it up, please. Your composition voice is just as compelling and brilliant as your mad design and dev skills. (Plus, your support “ain’t too shabby”, either ;)

Thus, if it’s allright with you, I’ll be submitting to your Blog my top 3 quotes on perfectionism – the gift (and for me – when under a deadline – the curse) we both share.

Best Regards,


Hi NINkitten,

Thanks for your comments, glad that you’re happy and do let me know what you think to the new layouts. They’re quite simplistic and minimal, in keeping with our theme and there’s probably more we can do with them like adding a filter similar to the portfolio but with blog categories, transition/animation and hover effects. Unfortunately I only read your email with suggestions late last night, after we’d already designed and developed our version so wasn’t able to take much from them on this iteration but that’s not to say we can’t look to improve ours in the future.

You’ve got me intrigued as to who you work for now too and your email address gave away no clues, perhaps you’d like to send me some more info and/or a preview of your own website once you’re ready to, I’d love to see it and read more.

Please do share your quotes on the blog, looking forward to reading them. I’ll try to find some time this next week to write my second blog post too and would welcome your feedback once it’s published. Still thinking about our content strategy too to be honest as we not only have theme clients but also do bespoke work and have a number of our own projects so it’s a question of how to write content that caters for all three.

Anyway, I’ll reply to your email asap, pretty busy schedule today but as said, I did read it late last night and plan to look back over the examples you sent, see if there’s anything we can take from them to improve our implementation. Once I’ve looked over them I’ll get back to you with my thoughts.

Im interested in purchasing this theme, but can anyone confirm if it works with woocommerce and event espresso?

Hi harriscauler,

We’ve added no custom styling for woocommerce, it would work but the styling wouldn’t look right and would require some additional work to be done, quite a considerable amount I’d imagine.

I’ve never heard of event espresso so can’t comment on that one.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing this theme but had a couple questions:

1) Does this theme come with a child theme version? If it does not come with a child theme do you loose all your changes when you update versions?

2) Is this theme built on Bootstrap, and if so which version?

3) Is it easy to remove the sub-header as default without CSS coding?

4) Do you provide comprehensive documentation to get the website to look like the demo?

5) Are you able to have the logo centered on top of a centered top navigation?

Thank you!

Hi skyviewprojects,

1) Yes, Metrolium comes with both the parent and child theme. Providing that you use the child theme, you’ll be able to safely upgrade without risk of losing any changes as they sit in the child which I’m sure you know already.

2) The theme is not built on bootstrap. We didn’t intend to use a lot from bootstrap so it would have been quite wasteful to include it adding extra unnecessary bloat to the theme. Instead, we’ve written our own bespoke responsive grid and all element styles too, Metrolium is truely bespoke and unique.

3) Do you mean the sub title? If so, yes you can hide it with the click of a button. Metrolium was built with complete flexibility in mind and therefore most things can be hidden by a click of a button, no code needed. If you take a look at the demo site and click the cog button on the left you’ll see most of the options that Metrolium comes with.

4) Yes, documentation can be found at so feel free to check it out before you buy. To copy the same setup as the demo you could either import the included XML files or it you look at the example templates in our documentation you’ll see the exact content you need to recreate pages seen in the demo.

5) Yes, take a look at header v3:

I hope this answers everything for you, thanks for considering Metrolium and do let me know if you have any other questions. :)

I have a pre-buy question. Will you have a page-builder tool in any future releases?

Hi covaun,

We’re currently exploring this but it’s not planned as such yet but if we’re able to easily retro fit one then we will do this.

Hi i’m new with wp. I like this theme but i was wondering if i can show only images in the portfolio or i’m able to show also videos. Is it wpml compatible? Thanks

Hi dstyle76,

The portfolio archive page (the grid of portfolio items with filter) only works as you see it today. However, we are planning to add more layouts in the future, two are planned for next week in fact, a new masonry/pinterest style layout for both the portfolio and blog.

The portfolio as it stands doesn’t support video on the grid but we will look into this for a future update.

Yes, it is WPML compatible and every string is translatable. :)

Hello! Theme is great so far, only got some questions:)

1. I Would like to know how I can position my logo in sticky header version 1, because if I use margins, it doesn’t look good in responsive. I Want the logo to be on top and in the middle of the menu, because it doesn’t fit otherwise (navigation bar too big). I can’t go with header style 3 because i need the sticky navigation.

2. Is it possible to further style the navigation bar and add my classes to it, images etc… There is nothing in style.css

3. Site wide CTA bar, I would like to hide it on my contact page; how can I do that?

4. Also is it possible to add class=bgscroll for example to shortcodes, because I have a parallax plugin

Hi Kazajum,

If you could please register on our support forum and copy/paste your questions there and someone will help you shortly.

When posting, if you could also provide more detail about question 4 as there’s not enough to completely understand the issue, perhaps include a link to your website so that we can see what you’re trying to do with the navigation/header too, or screenshots. :)

Hey it would be a great idea to allow shortcodes in the Site-wide CTA, or to widgetize it. I’m trying to put a newsletter subscription in there, generated by the MyMail extension, and it’s a nightmare. They allow us to use a shortcode to generate the subscription form, or a widget. But the shortcode doesn’t work in the CTA bar so I had to copy and paste the HTML code from the widget that I temporarily displayed on my blog sidebar.

So far it’s working but I can’t center the whole thing because I had to use float;left properties…

That would be so much easier if I could just put the shortcode instead of HTML. And even easier if we could put widgets there, don’t you think ?

Or if you have a solution for me, that would be awesome !

(sorry I’d like to use your support forum, but I may be blind or stupid, but I can’t find the button or link to post a new question…)


You can post a new question at the bottom of this page:

If you could please copy/paste your question into a post on the forum and we’ll discuss your issues in more detail and help you out if we can, perhaps in a better position to answer if you also provide us a link to your site when you post your question so that we can see the issue.

last pre-sale question, then I’ll decide ;) any plans for pricing tables?

Hi wevdberg,

Not a problem, ask all the questions you need, there’s no limit and it’s certainly not a waste of time, I’d rather you be sure that Metrolium suits your needs. :)

We do have plans for pricing tables yes, eta on those is 1-2 weeks. :)

Thanks. Learned to live with the contact bar in the sticky header, hope for retro-fitted template builder, could really use the pricing table. But overall, I am really stunned by the look and feel of the template and am excited to now get to work with it!

Good move, you won’t regret it. :)

If you make sure to register on our support forum and leave the communication checkbox ticked on sign up then we’ll keep you up to date with new features and releases via email, and obviously feel free to contribute any other ideas you may have on the forum too.

Good luck, enjoy and thanks for your purchase, really appreciate it! :)

Hi. Fantastic theme, however, the theme’s shortcodes do not work within Contact Form 7. Any workaround for this?

Hi steveedin,

If you could please register and post this on our support forum including what you’re trying to do and we’ll see what we can do for you. :)

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing this theme as it looks great. The only thing I wanted to ask is that, when I am trying it out if locks for a second or so while loading and not sure why that would be or if it’s just my browser. Does that happen to anyone else?

Hi cbjinteractive,

This could be a number of things including DNS lookup time, your distance from the server we host our website and demo on (London, UK), your internet speed, the route between you and our server, the number of visitors to Metrolium at the time of your visit, the stress our server is under at the time of your visit, i could go on and on.

What I would say is that if you have any websites running on your web host / server already and they’re fine, so will Metrolium be once you host it yourself. There are certainly no issues with the theme that would cause a delay or lock up as you described.

I hope this helps and do let me know if you have any other questions. :)


Purchased the theme, registered on the forum found the solution for layerslider issue. But sent a message with an other question through your profile page.

Also, would like to ask that why did around 300 comments been imported into my site with the xml file? Dozens of wierd urls in the comments etc…all related to metrolium.

Hi peter17,

Good to hear you found a solution on the forum.

As for the comments, I do remember an earlier version of our XML did include a number of comments that were left on our online demo but I do believe that the XML was replaced for a version without those comments but I will double check and update the theme if required.

Do make sure that you’re running the latest version of Metrolium which is currently v1.1.1, and I do apologise if the comments caused you any inconvenience, as said, I will double check our XML files.

Thank you, no worries, i was just suprised.

Metrolium is a very good theme. What is even better is the support from Euged Labs. Amazing response time from the team there, so hats off!

I like the flat design and the minimalistic and clear approach in this theme. I am sure that as the team evolves the theme with some additional functionality (I can think of page builder, integration with WooCommerce, some additional customization capabilties)it can easily become a best seller.

Thank you very much fadicce, your comments and feedback are much appreciated and we’re glad that you’re enjoying Metrolium. =)


I am having a problem viewing the site on the mobile version. The dropdown arrow icons are present but no child pages are visible like on your version.

Please advise. Thanks!

Hi munky,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. If you could please register on our support forum if you haven’t already, post this question there along with a screenshot or URL for clarity.

Hi, love your theme. It took me a little while to wrap my head around it but now I understand it’s much more intuitive. I just couldn’t figure out how you did the “the blog” page. I imported the demo content and the page was blank. And I couldn’t find anything on documentation. What am I missing here?

Hi johnnyparky,

You’re right, I can’t seem to find any reference to setting up the blog in the documentation either. My apologies for the inconvenience, we’ll update our documentation.

As for the answer, if you could please register on our support forum and once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view the answer here:

The support forum is always the next best place to go after the documentation as it’s likely that someone else has already asked the same question and had it answered.

Oh man. Never would’ve guessed. Thank you!

No problem. Enjoy Metrolium and thanks for your purchase. =)

Hi there,

Love the look of your theme! I just have one question.

For the front page slider, is it possible to show latest posts on there? So each time i add a new post it updates on the slider automatically?


Hi xsxex,

The sliders included are plugins called LayerSlider and RevSlider. I’ve had a quick look at the online demos and it doesn’t seem like you can automatically feed your latest posts to either of them although I could be wrong but nothing obvious to me I’m afraid.

Sorry that I couldn’t provide more information on this, do let me know if you have any other questions.

Purchased the theme and are very close to launching our corporate website with it. Love how it looks and functions. Quick question: is there any support for using .png files in the [person] shortcodes?


Hi enertel,

I assume you mean for the person’s photograph?

If you take a look at the shortcode reference section of our documentation and find the [person] shortcode you’ll notice that one of the parameters you can pass is image which allows you to pass an url to the image which can be any format you like.

I hope this helps and that I’ve understood your question correctly. If you do have any other questions, please head over to our support forum where there’s already a wealth of information and of course we’re also there to help answer new questions too. =)

Take a look at . The staff photo with the black background is the issue. That image is a .png with transparent background. Background is transparent everywhere I try to use it except for in the [person] photograph.

Not a huge issue, just wanted to bring it to your attention and ask if there was something I was missing.

Thank you!

It’s because the element behind has a black background. Try adding this to your custom CSS in ‘Appearance > Theme Options’ and change the pink value to a color of your choice:

.profile .image {
    background: pink;

If it doesn’t work, try adding !important. =)

Hello! I am looking at this theme for a project and had a couple of questions please:

1. Is it possible to add videos easily – my client wants to feature a selection of You Tube videos.

2. Ideally I need a photo album gallery section, but I don’t think this theme includes that feature?

Many thanks!

Hi crushdesign,

1. If you mean adding videos to posts and pages then yes, you can embed videos just like you would on any website. The WP editor also supports adding video too.

2. All WordPress themes have support for galleries but not all have added styling for them. We have added gallery styling and you can see an example in a blog post here:

If you go to the blog too ( and find the same post which is third from the top, you’ll notice that gallery posts in the archive view actually display all images in a gallery as a slider, notice the arrows.

Also, we’re adding more improvements to the theme and gallery this week including lightbox support so that you have the option for photos to open in a lightbox rather than a new page as they do currently.

Hi, Just purchased your theme and want to use in a testing environment first, with the included plugins do they have a url locked license or can I just transfer over to live environment without any worries?

Many Thanks

Hi jmurphy88,

There’s no locks or dark magic in use so just transfer when you’re ready. =)

Thanks for your purchase and if you have any questions, feel free to join us on the support forum.

Excellent theme! Quick couple of pre-purchase questions.

Is there a blog masonry style page with a sidebar? (2 or 3 column) Also, are there share features for the blog posts…not seeing these currently.

thank you for you help!

Hi Jadeway,

I have replied to your email about the 2 column masonry style with sidebar. As for share features on the blog, we didn’t bother because there’s plenty of plugins out there that add this functionality and we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Let me know if you have any other questions. =)

thanks for that awesome theme! i have a question for gallery postings: how do i get those galleries? i tried to insert a wp-gallery, single images, a slider… everything! but it just won’t work to look like this:

second: how exactly is the shortcode, which lets the blog-site look like in your example? with preview image/video etc.

i searched for this questions in your online documentation but i did not find the right answers.

Hi alex,

If you could please register and post your questions on our support forum, someone will answer you shortly. =)

okay – thanks!