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Hey Euged,

I am considering purchasing your theme, however there are some questions before I make a decision:

1) Is it possible to remove/disable the magnifying icon on mouse-over when browsing portfolio grid?

2) Is it possible to set custom link (page within same website) instead opening a single portfolio when clicking on title or arrow at individual portfolio item?

3) When looking at single portfolio item, there are Description, Testimonial, Details sections, Other projects. Are they removable / customizable?

4) At Details part of portfolio, is it possible to set my own names? I want to present tours and trips as portfolio, so I need to set Price, Dates, Country, Availability instead of categories, date, client…


Hi ratluk,

1) Yes, there’s an option in the theme options where you choose whether you’d like it to just be a link to the project (arrow only), a light box (magnifying glass) or both which is what you’re currently seeing on the demo.

2) Not with the portfolio template. You would have to create your own portfolio page using shortcodes where you’d be able to control the content and links.

3) All strings can be changed by translation using the included mo/po files. As for the project details section and related projects, you can choose to show or hide those.

4) You would need to copy the portfolio template from the theme, use the included child theme, copy/paste the portfolio template into the child theme and adjust the labels as you see fit.

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if you have any more and thanks for considering Metrolium. =)

Hi I like your work but I feel the author name is missing in blog (next to the date for instance, and next to the avatar in the bottom author space). Any chance to add author name in future update (of any possibility to do i with easy custom change ?) thx

Hi maxaurelien,

The author bio box at the bottom of posts where we currently have dummy text is supposed to be the area where you can include author info including their name.

Also, you are able to choose which parts of the author bio box is shown within theme options so if you wanted, you could disable showing of the author bio box altogether or just hide categories/tags etc.

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if you have any more and thanks for considering Metrolium. =)

Thank you for the quick answer. And what about having the author name under the post title in the post list and/or the post itself ?


We decided not to use post author in these places and just in the author bio instead. The idea is that the text in the author bio starts with ”<author_name> is a web developer, ...” or similar.


Just bought your theme…looks awesome. Does is support WP 3.6?

Hi st00z,

Yes, the theme does support 3.6, ThemeForest just doesn’t allow us to choose that version yet.

Thanks for your purchase. If you have any other questions, feel free to join us on the support forum. =)

Firstly great theme.

Where do I specify that I want me blog template to use a right sidebar?


Hi petarc,

You can do this on the blog page, all posts and other pages of the blog will inherit the settings you specify on the main blog page.

Thanks for your purchase. If you have any other questions, feel free to join us on the support forum. =)

Hi, I would like to use the built-in WP gallery to display a simple grid of images. Can I make them open with the lightbox or do I need to install another plugin?

Maybe there’s a shortcode for displaying images like this that I don’t know about.


Hi gordonblackler,

You’ll need to use a plugin for now. We have integrated fancybox support for the portfolio but forgot about the WP gallery. We will add this in the near future but in the meantime I’d suggest using a plugin.

If you have any other questions, feel free to join us on the support forum. =)


It is a very nice theme!! The greatest thing is that it is very flexible to adjust to our needs.

I have an issue though. When building the navigation menu, the arrows next to sub items <ul class=”sub-menu”><li id=”menu-item-#” class=”menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom has-sub-menu menu-item-#”> is slightly in a higher position (vertically) then it should be. I tried to find a way to solve this through CSS but it was not possible.

Is there any hint?

Thanks for your support!

Hi taeinkyun,

We have noticed the issue ourselves too and have made a fix for this, and a few other minor issues, which we’ll be pushing out tomorrow. I’ll reply back to this post once it’s approved by ThemeForest and ready for download.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime. =)

Hi taeinkyun,

Just to let you know that v1.2.1 has been released. You can update via ThemeForest and read more about the update.

Thanks!! Very efficient!!


I would like to purchase this theme, but before I do so I would like to know how can I have multi language site, I want to have a language icons in the top left of the page or somewhere visible for users. How difficult to do so? thanks for your fast reply

Hi artiumedia,

Metrolium is translation ready with included mo/po files which is the WordPress standard way of doing translations. However, this doesn’t add any flags or drop downs etc for changing language, you’re still expected to do that yourself.

The easy way to do it would be to use the WPML Plugin. If you watch the video on their website you’ll see how powerful it is. It will allow you to translate everything, including posts and pages and also provides a widget dropdown for selecting language that you can put in any widgetised area.

I hope this helps. =)

Very nice theme. I hate to sound like a caveman, but where are exactly are the shortcode options in the visual editor?


Hi covaun,

We haven’t added shortcodes to the editor, this isn’t standard in themes. We are looking to add this at some point but no ETA right now. In the meantime, you can see all available shortcodes in the documentation and simply copy/paste them in.

In your theme, it has 4 Widget Footers. I wont be using all four, so where do I adjust how many Footer Widget I’m going to use ?


Never mind, I found it.

I want to have a band underneath the layerslider but I want it to be flush against it in other-word no space between the sllder and the band. How do I do that?


Hi covaun,

I’m not entirely sure how you mean. If you could please post your question on our support forum along with any screenshots or links to help better explain what you’re trying to achieve then we’ll be more than happy to help. =)

Hello -

In your Recent Posts widget, is there any way to make it so the posts that are link-formats actually link out just as the post title does in the regular blog list?


Yes, I am asking if it can be done the other way around – link to the link itself. I’ll post in your support forum. thanks.

shout out to Euged team for their support! thanks!

Thanks repeq. =)

Hello!! Congratullation your theme!!

Friend, i need remove comment page.. Plese, see


We’ve answered this question before on our support forum. You’ll need to register to see answers but once you have, you’ll find the answer in this thread: remove leave a reply.


I adjusted Slider for Fullscreen. But, something is limiting. Problem is not Slider. I inserted two (LayerSlider Revolution and Slider) I believe I have to say that page is full screen. Where do?

Plese, see

Hi danielbogo,

This question is too technical to deal with in these comments.

If you could please post your question on our support forum, someone will help you out shortly.


Hello! Great theme, and the responsive layout works really well. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before though but the navigation when you have a top menu link which links to a page, and then sub menu links as well, the mobile navigation does not work for the top links. When you click a top link the accordion expands to reveal the sub menu links but you can’t actually get to the top link page… Bit frustrating really as the responsive mobile side of things works so well – but if you can’t actually get to a page – what’s the point!

Hi Appropriate,

We’re aware of the issue and currently looking at ways of being able to access the top level link whilst still being able to open and close the accordion. It’s not so much a question of the technical difficulty but the usability and making sure that it’s clear for site visitors how to interact so not to miss either of the clickable actions.

If you’d like to join us on our support forum and create a post, then I’d be happy to keep you updated with our progress and when an update for this becomes available.


Thanks for the response. I have another question re the theme. If you visit the theme demos homepage, you’ll see there is a turquoise space where the banner is, prior to the banner loading in that space. This is good as it stops the content below loading in that space, and then when the banner is loaded pushing the content down. For my website however, it is not doing what it does in the demo. I’m using layer slider and setting the title bar style to slider, and placing the shortcode in that designated spot. So to repeat what happens, the page loads with the content, with the content just below the navigation bar. Then when the slider has loaded it appears and pushes the content down, making the page looks like it jumps. How do I get it like you have on the demo page?

Many thanks

Hi Appropriate,

This is one for the support forum. If you could please register, copy and paste your question and someone will answer you shortly.


I’m imported the .xml demo files, but no images were added – even with me checking off the import media option. Your thoughts?

Will re-importing the .xml file – duplicate the content? I’ll try deleting all the posts and re-import them again to see if that works. Also, I’m aware of the image/copyright issue – it would simply be to show my client the template in it’s grandeur. Great template! I love the “band” feature. well done. Love the simplicity.


Apologies for the delay in reply, long bank holiday weekend here and busy moving house. =)

Did you try importing the xml file? I don’t think it would duplicate, I think there’s protection against that but don’t quote me on it.

Not sure what to suggest on the images. I know that they import OK for me when copying from different environments like online to local for example.

No problem. Thanks. I’m not too worried about the demo images anymore. As I’m beginning to add the clients actual content and everything is working fine.


I just purchased the theme and running WordPress 3.6. I imported all 3 xml files but it doesn’t seems like it worked properly. Can you please take a look and tell what’s going on? Here’s the link to the temp site:


Hi usindopak,

If you could please register and post your question on our support forum, someone will help you out shortly. Thanks.

Hi EugedLab,

What a nice theme. I am thinking about purchasing this beautiful theme. Just one question. It is possible to let customers input testimonials from a form or something like that?

Hi jgompen,

It’s not possible to do this as standard, you have to input testimonials manually but there’s plenty of form plugins out there that you could use to create a form and then you’d need to code a template to automatically loop and display the testimonials. If you’re not comfortable with code then you’d probably need the help of a developer for the template part.

Hope this helps and thanks for your comment and question. Let me know if there’s anything else you need answering. =)

I have a question in regards to “pluggable” functions for the functions.php file in the parent theme (“pluggable” reference can be found here: It looks like that is not set up in the parent theme for Metrolium. The reason why I ask is because we have to modify this theme using a child theme for a client project. In order to do that, we need modify several functions that are contained in the functions.php file of the parent theme with our own implementation of that same function in the child theme. For example we want to use our own implementation of the euged_action_enqueue function (that will bring in additional css and javascript files) without modifying the original euged_action_enqueue function in the parent theme. It looks like making functions in the parent theme “pluggable” (by using an if(!function_exist(‘name_of_function’) condition) would suit our needs. Is this something that can be supported in the future, or do you suggest another means for doing this?

Hi KATComm,

This is quite a technical question and one that requires some discussion with you to be understand which functions you’re wanting to modify. I see no reason why you’d need to modify the function you mentioned, you could just create your own enqueue for your own additional files, you can have more than one enqueue function.

Anyway, if you could please register and post your question on our support forum and we can continue discussion there.

We were able to figure out another way to do it. Thanks for your response and help.

Hi…I’m looking to buy this theme, but need to know if it supports video (you tube and/or vimeo) on pages.

thanks – Alvaro

Hi Alvaro,

Yes, you can embed YouTube on pages.

Hi, very nice theme good work! :D However i have one questions: is in your plan insert a new element shortcode like price-table, corousel-sliders or animated counters?

Hi RazorBlack,

We have already added carousels in v1.2 for use with the [blog] and [portfolio] shortcodes, you can read more about past updates on Metrolium’s history page.

As for pricing table, this is something we’ll add but no ETA yet and animated counters is not something we’re considering.

If you have any more questions, feel free to join us on the support forum. =)

Thanks for the answer :D You’re very professional