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Hi eskilabs,

I was wondering if your theme will soon support woocommerce ? My site which uses Metrolium theme now wants to start selling stuff.


Hi Ben,

I’m afraid we do not have any plans currently to add WooCommerce support.

I asked about this yesterday, but I’m kinda on a deadline here. The icons used for the accordions (the one you called ‘Our history’ on this ). Do I have to upload/type in the + sign and fix the css myself? Or is there something wrong here? Because mine is showing up weird. It works, but it’s weird.

Q 2: I’m trying to add a full 100% width google map right above the footer. I can get the map in there, but it won’t go 100% width. Is there anyway I can for example put the google map in the ‘site CTA’? Which is 100% width?

Hope this made sense.

- j

Hi Janthorb,

Q1. The icon should appear automatically, see below copied from the page source you linked.

[accordion title="The Early years"]Duis adipiscing, diam ac lacinia pellentesque, felis elit euismod nulla, sit amet accumsan risus erat eu nisi. Proin eu dui sem, in interdum urna.[/accordion]

Q2. Metrolium is banded, you’ll need to end the band so that you are no longer within the .inner div that has a fixed max-width and margin: 0 auto;.

If you have any other questions or need us to look into Q1 further, please head over to our support forum. Please note that we can’t help with customizations and modifications as this falls outside the scope of our support policy.

Hi, thanks for the help! Q1 just suddenly worked. And thanks for Q2 :)


I like your theme and I’m interested in purchasing it, however there is one thing that confusing me: the documentation says that your theme is using SCSS, so if I need to make any changes to theme layout (which require some CSS changes), do I have to edit the SCSS (instead of common CSS)? If so, do I need to install some software/script (I’m not sure what it is, I just read it at a glance on the SCSS’ website) to convert SCSS to CSS?


Hi xdimension,

So sorry for the late reply, somehow completely missed the email notification.

Basically, we provide two versions; SCSS and CSS. We don’t force you into one or the other, you’re free to use whichever you prefer, we’re simply giving you the option and choice. =)

FYI: SCSS is a form of pre-compiled CSS, it allows developers to write CSS in a more modular format, broken down into smaller pieces (files) with some really cool helpers like variables and mixins that reduce some of the mundane, repetitve code tasks and also reduces human error.

If you choose to use the SCSS version, you will need additional things installed. If this isn’t your preferred option, just use the CSS, they’re in use already by the theme.

I hope this answers your question. Do let me know if you have any more. Once again my apologies for the late reply.


Thank you for your clear information, that’s good to have some options for a great theme. Anyway, I’m still considering among some choices, and your theme is absolutely going into my top choices.

Great. =) Good luck on your search!

Hi! I noticed that layerslider-WP doesn’t work on blog site. And I found an answer where you made a ‘hotfix’ for the problem with titlebar-slider.php. Could I get some help with this? Thanks :)

Hi Janthorb,

The issue you’re speaking of was hot fixed in v1.1 and released in v1.2.

If you’re using the latest version of Metrolium, you will be able to use sliders on both the blog and portfolio pages, make sure that you’ve selected which is the portfolio archive page in ‘Appearance > Theme Options’ and which is the blog page under ‘Settings > Reading’ in WP admin. FYI; we have just tested them as well to verify that nothing has broken since our last tests. If you’re not using Metrolium v1.2, you can download it now through ThemeForest.

If you do need any additional support, please head over to our support forum where we’ll be happy to help you out. Please be aware that we don’t offer support via ThemeForest comments and any future requests will be referred to the forum as outlined in Metrolium’s support tab and also our support policy.

Thanks and good luck with your presentation. =)

Thanks for the answer. I just checked, and I have v1.2.1 of metrolium theme. Can I get support for this on the support forum? If I give you login details you guys can check out what the problem is? Layerslider WP works fine in all other pages. I have everything set up correctly (Or so I think). Works perfectly, except on blog and portfolio.

Hi Janthorb,

Yes, we can help you out to resolve this. Head over to the support forum and post a thread about it and then email with a link to the forum post and WP admin login details. Please include links in your forum post to the problem pages and describe in as much detail as possible so that whoever picks up your ticket is in a position to help.

Please note that the forum is public to all registered members so don’t post anything sensitive on there like login or FTP details for example.

hi, great theme! before buying, works your theme with wordpress 3.8? can i disable the titlebar? thanks for info.


Hi wistlaumann,

Yes, it does work with 3.8. =)

Great theme. Just wondering when you will fix the bug with the telephone icon not working for mobile in the info bar? Won’t be able to buy another license until this is addressed.

Hi Wisdomlikesilence,

We’re putting together an update for Metrolium as we speak. I have added this to our current sprint to make sure it’s fixed in the next update. Thanks for your patience and support. =)

hi! first, great theme! our client has an bigger logo. can i place the main nav deeper – like my screenshot?

one more thing. can you add an shortcode generator for visible editor in the next update? thanks for help! wistlaumann

Hi wistlaumann,

Something like the following should work, place it in ‘Appearance > Theme Options’ CSS overrides or a child theme stylesheet:

nav.primary { margin: 30px 0 0; }

Please be aware that we don’t actually offer help or support for customizations so I can’t help any further on this. There are some suggestions on our support forum of websites where you can go to look for freelancers to help with customizations.

Noted about the shortcodes generator, this is something we’re looking into. =)


I repeat (@themarper) : When I upload logo be automatic resize to 150X50px why?

How can I unlock the logo size?


”#banner .logo img { height: Xpx; max-height: Xpx; }” don’t work

Thanks !


Hi mysticcondor,

The CSS you have pasted above definitely should work. Have you made customizations?

If you haven’t, please head over to our support forum and post a link to your site and we’ll take a look for you.

hi! i have trouble with my site. i have created the site “praxisräume” on friday. but now i got the message “No projects to display” on the site. in visual editor the site looks ok. here 2 screens:

what can i do, to solve this problem? thanks for help wistlaumann

Hi wistlaumann,

Have you updated the portfolio slug? Please head over to our support forum and we’ll be happy to discuss and help you with this.

We have just released an update, details below. :)

Update v1.2.2 – released 22nd March 2014
1 new addition, 6 bugs squashed & 4 other changes.

ADDED: Offset attribute to blog shortcode allowing users to create their own archive pages
FIXED: Titlebar text output not being able to contain any HTML markup
FIXED: Tabs shortcode where tabs would be carried over to the next tab set within a page
FIXED: Post format archive can now be translated and still work
FIXED: Portfolio-filter data-filter attribute recieving invalid data for use with isotope filter
FIXED: Constants being defined incorrectly
FIXED: wp-customizer function
UPDATED: Translation .mo and .po files
UPDATED: Slider Revolution plugin
UPDATED: LayerSlider plugin
UPDATED: Envato Toolkit plugin

It’s possible to set blog as HomePage?

Hi PhilKevin,

Yes, it’s possible and would work in this way out of the box. Let me know if you have any other questions. =)

I sent a message to you. Thank for your support.

Hello. How i can disable mobile version? I want to display full site on iPhone


Whilst it’s possible to remove mobile styles and make the theme display the full width (site) version regardless of device resolution, it certainly wouldn’t be easy as there’s quite a bit of code you would need to change, which falls outside of our support scope.

There is a big issue with this theme that affects Google structured data (this is important for Google to grab the correct info from your blog posts to display in search results and affects your ranking on Google).

The reason I bought this theme is because I’m not a PHP coder and themes allow non-coders to have a site without coding knowledge (or with very little). Although I can open a php file and edit text if I know what and where! I also know basic html. With this theme, I get errors with Google webmaster tools which say Google cannot see the author or date of my posts. This is because the code in the php files is not correct according to the theme creators posts in the forums. When will the theme be updated to have this corrected? As mentioned, I can’t work out exactly which code in which php files of your template I need to edit so that this solves the problem. In the forums, no help is given by the theme creators except ‘have a look in the files in x folder and single.php files but that doesn’t help at all! Which line of code do I change and what do I change it to? Can you (being the creators) just supply the actual php files with your code corrected for Google Webmaster so that no errors occur (so Google can view the date posted and author – which is very important for Google search results)?

Hi stephtaryn,

What you’re describing are Rich Snippets, see more here:

It’s not actually a requirement for these to be included within a theme, although I do agree with you that anything which helps Google to read, understand and index your data better can only be a good thing. For that reason, we’re going to add rich snippets to the blog and will provide an update very shortly. I’ll get back to you.

Ok sounds good, thanks.

hi, good job! can i use it as rtl and persian language? thanks

Hi ashil_3056,

We don’t provide any support out of the box for RTL so this would require some customisation. I’d expect it not to be too difficult although I place no guarantee on that. The first thing I’d do though is add the following line which applies to all elements and then see what’s not looking right. You could even try this is your browser’s developer tools if you know how to use them.

* { direction: rtl; unicode-bidi: bidi-override; }

Hey, works it with WP 3.9?


Yes, it works fine with WordPress 3.9 and we will continue to support future versions for the foreseeable. =)

Thanks for your fast Answer. That’s cool. :)

hi, great theme. can i make the first accordion item automatically set to open? thanks for help. wistlaumann

Hi wistlaumann,

Yes, you can set any accordion item to be open on page load by using the active attribute. Check out the accordion documentation:

hi. i’ve copy your sample code into my site, but i’ve no effect. all my accordions are closed on page load. where’s my mistake?! thanks for help wistlaumann


Could you please post this issue on our support forum, along with your exact code? We’ll continue discussion there with you to resolve your issue.

Hi. Is it possible to build my homepage like this example?


Yes, it’s possible but it would need customisation as you’ve modified the portfolio page to include a clients band below it. You’d need to copy the portfolio template from the parent theme to your child theme and add the additional clients row into the template.

If this isn’t something you feel comfortable with doing yourself, we have a post which includes a number of third party sites where you can look to find a developer to help you as we don’t do customizations ourselves.

OK. Thanks. Other question: Is it possible to use a background image on title bar and hide breadcrumbs?

You can hide breadcrumbs on a page by page basis by simply unchecking the “Show breadcrumbs” checkbox in the meta box below the WP editor when editing a page in WP admin.

As for using background images in titlebars, this is currently only possible by adding CSS via ‘Appearance > Theme Options’ and using body page class names.

Compatible with WPML – shows 404 when I implement languages on plugin?



Hi MockyJnr,

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you please post in more detail on our support forum? Thanks.

Same questions as others, is it works with WP 3.9? NEED URGENT SUPPORT

Hi brendan-wp,

Yes, the theme works with WP 3.9. You can post support questions on our support forum.


I have ordered this theme, it’s great. I have a problem to set it up, each time I set the Navigation & Menus ca only add one Menus, the 2nd added Menus will replace the existed onw and thus there is always only one Menus apprear, could you please advise where is the mistake? thanks!

Dear, I am going to check if I buy that Visual Composer plugin, will it compatible with this theme and can I use it to edit my page easily. Thanks!


No, it won’t because styles and elements in Metrolium have not been coded in such a way to work with Visual Composer. This is what I mean’t when I said that we’d have to look into it.

ok, hope can you help yo review this and can featured it with this, it can largely help people like me to use this beautiful theme.