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Thank you so much

Great looking templates.

Thank you Callmaya, glad you like it.

Nice layout!

Thank you so much .

Clean Design and wonderful Promail , GLWS :)

Thank you akedodee, wish you the best :)

Looks perfect ;)

Many thanks MoonStar :)

Excellent job Promail ;)

Thank you Atlaspix, you are the best !

Hi, I installed on Mailchimp and I can’t move modules around or turn it off. What can be the problem?


Hi lidostudios,

We have tested every single file in mailchimp and everything worked very well.. please contact us at so we can help you with this

Thank you

This is the best email template i’ve seen here , love your works :)

Thank you ecomputing

I cant edit the templates in mail chimp. Cant find out the problem.

We think this a mailchimp editot issue… if we rceived any informations from them we will tell you.

Thank you

Al my other templates are working fine?

Hi Markloose,

We have no issue with metromail in mailchimp editor…

Anyway please contact us at and give us more information about your problem and we will assist you through it

Thank you

This is a GREAT TEMPLATE , i love your designs and works , good and nice job .

Thank you so much RatsCode

To all our customers

We have just released a new update for Metromail 1.1 that fxes some few bugs in MailChimp

if you need support , email us at

Thank you for using MetroMail.


Interested in purchasing.

Can I use this template with aweber?

Hi MENprovement

The template include an HTML version that is compatible with aweber

Thank you for your interest

Hi Promail,

I ran a design and spam test on Layout 8 template in campaign monitor and turns out this layout has some major rendering issues with the following:

1) Yahoo Mail – renders it to mobile 2) Apple Mail 5 – large white area’s no content showing 3) Lotus Notes 8 renders the main image with calendar date and floated content with social icon below out of skew 4) Outlook 2000 same as lotus notes issue 5) Outlook 2003 same as lotus notes issue 6) Outlook 2007 font being stripped out and all different fonts 7) Outlook 2010 font being stripped out all different fonts 8} Outlook 2013 font being stripped out and all different fonts 9) Outlook xp same as lotus notes issue 10) Thunderbird same as lotus notes issue

I don’t usually have trouble with any of your templates that I have previously purchased but this one was requested by a client of mine.

The client likes the template..are you able to action a fix on it please?

and highlight any new code insertion as I have created a new file with the clients branding…sorry to ask but it’s urgent?

Here’s the test link as per in your files downloaded (no client branding in this test).

I’d really appreciate some help?

Cheers Lee Carnegie

We are currently investigating the issues you have reported , the template works very fine but in few clients it have some very small bugs .

Please wait for the update .

I’m unsatisfied with the lack of communication and good customer service. It’s taken you over your 12hour period to advise an update? A client has specifically asked for it and I have provided you with the test from campaign monitor.

Microsoft 2007,2010,2013 and Yahoo Mail are major issues for these clients.

When is likely to be resolved?

We have replied to your email :) , Thank you .

Hi nice work, I installed on Mailchimp and I can’t move modules around or turn it off. What can be the problem? have you fix this yet can you let me know what to do thanks

Hi rockimaging,

Please contact us at and we will assist you in everything

Thank you


Excellent product! My question: What is the recommended size for the logo in pixels when using Mailchimp? I keep getting a stretched logo when I upload it to the Mailchimp interface.

Regards, Cris

Hello Cris.

Thank you for using Matromail, please can you contact us at so we can help you in this.


mm it is not working on MailChimp. Send a email to support and they answer me quickly sending me a “fixed” file. Id didnt work either.

Im waiting for response.

I will keep posted about how it goes.

Hello Carlos.

The template works great on Mailchimp please note that you have to import it in the campaign section.

Here is a video tutorial on how to do it.

Thank you. I fixed the Star Rating.

Thank you so much, for anything else please let us know.

To all our customers , Metromail 1.3 is available.

We have just released a new update for Metromail 1.3 fixing some few bugs in Campaign monitor, and we have also fixed some issues with email clients compatibility.

This release was about making metromail a fully compatible email template , ready to use on any device and rendring perfectly on all major clients.

If you have any request , email us at

Thank you for using MetroMail.

Hi promail,

It does not work properly in Android’s Gmail app. Is there any way to fix this?

I have emailed you but have yet to get a reply.


Please check your mails

We have sent to you a reply, thank you.

Hi promail,

I love the design of this template. However, I find your support emails unsatisfactory. You have not provided any real answers to the issues I raised.

In case anyone stumbles across this comment and is facing issues on Yahoo Mail, I have found a solution: (steps included)

Hello ThemeStage.

If you are Eduardo Augusto we have tried to send you many emails but we keep getting A failure delivered message…, we reply to every email we receive and everyone is satisfied with our support.

If this is the case please give us another email adress so we can contact you.

Thank you

hello, is it possible to use with aweber ? thx.

Yes it works you have just to import the HTML version.

Thank you

this dose not work in mailchimp

Hello rockimaging.

There is no issue with the template in Mailchimp, it works perfectly.

Please make sure you import the template in the campaign section, if you need help please contact us at so we can send you a video tutorial.

Thank you