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hjelmdal Purchased

Finally V6 got released. Congratulations on that – great work. One thing though. You advertise about tons of new components and features. I can’t really seem to find much new in v6 compared to v5 component/feature wise? can you elaborate on which components / features you have added to this version, because to me there is just about the same pages / examples as in v5?

Thanks and congratulations again


Thank you for using Metronic. We’ve redesigned many components and demos. Added Shopping Cart dropdown, improved code and designed many Applications and Pages for V6.

Appliactions & Pages are on the way. We started development and will release them in near future. However no ETA at the moment. Following are some screens of upcoming Applications & Pages.


Wow.. looks promising! great job! thanks for the detailed reply!

Thanks! There are tons of new pages ad features are on the way ;)


zunkito Purchased

Hi, I’m new with Metronic. I’m doing some tests with Calendar/Basics page.

I understand there are 2 dependencies dedicated to this page:

  • The bundle one: containing all depencies (jquery, fullcalendar, and new classes) : fullcalendar.bundle.js
  • And, the component one: basic.js containing the params of the basic calendar.

My plan is to customize basics.js to be able to :

  • change some params
  • add events data from a .php file.

Then, I’ve decided to delete param “events” (static datas) from basics.js to be able to rewrite it directly from the html page (dynamic data in php), and to keep the generals params in the basic.js file. That’s what I thought the best practices… but it doesn’t work:

1) When I delete all “events: [….] ” from basics.js, some datas are still loaded…(it should not) I can’t find where they provide. If I change the kt_calendar #id, then these datas are not loaded anymore…

It seems that if the basic.js file is not loaded for any reason, then the name of the id #kt_calendar is used from another dependency that automaticly add some params… it seems if I don’t use the id #kt_calendar then any dependency needed to build a calendar (bundle.js ) is loaded right?

Could you please help me a litle bit, because I don’t know how to apply my changes. What is the point? What have I to do? Changing the id, deleting the basics.js and rewritting the script in the html page? Can I use both source of param from basic.js file and “events: [..]” from the htlm page? Before using metronic, all my html/php/ajax/js was on the same html page. So, this kind of architecture/method is new for me..

2) I need to add LOCALE.JS file to be able to change the language of Fullcalendar. What are the best practices to add a new dependency to my project? Does I need to reload bundle to build new .js file with the new dependencies added?

Thanks to help !

I have download the new Metronic 6 template, and use the default theme by generating assets from gulp. But I have a problem with sweetalert that won’t work and javascript error says “TypeError: this is undefined /metronic/metronic_v6.0.0/theme/default/dist/default/assets/vendors/base/vendors.bundle.js:88637”

Hi :)

Could you please send the screenshot? Was there any errors in the command console during the gulp compilation>

We did try it, but could not reproduce it. https://keenthemes.com/metronic/preview/?page=components/extended/sweetalert2


after compiling v6 using build tools skins folder not generating in other demos assets folder so login page not working for other demos

Hi :)

You need to include the login css, which is separated from the base bundle.



But actually in login html in default demo there are css which is in skins folder so need to change that because in other demos there are no login page

Hi, in version 6.0.1 the page FAQ is not showing correctly in laptops with screen of 13.3 inches. If the user press any question, the answers are display in the bottom of the page, not in the right side like in larger screens. Therefore if someone click a question, has to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the answer. Some users might not even know that the answer is in the bottom. I am including the screen shots so you can see what I am talking about. https://ibb.co/7Js9pnN https://ibb.co/1z9Mg2V

Hi :),

Thanks for your detailed feedback on this. We will check it further and provide a fix in the next update very soon.


PixelDots, keep in mind that new sweetalert 2 changed swal() by Swal.fire() M6.0.0 is using swal() that’s why it doesnt work for people that downloaded 6.0, in v6.0.1 it’s fixed

Thanks for the info :) Yes, it was fixed in v6.0.1.

Hi :)

Thank you for your feedback. We will check it and include the fix in the next updates.


Hello Dear, I want to ask few things: 1- When will provide updated sketch file ? 2- When will release react version ? 3- When will release another pages of what we have now ?