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Hello, I want to build a custom admin panel. Customer will add something and admin will change the status of his or her product. How can I use this script for my webapp.

Hi :),

Thanks for your feedback.

Metronic is not fully functional admin pane. It just provides you design and HTML templates so you can code the server side functionality further according to your requirements.

Basically to utilize Metronic in your custom site or application you will need some experience in end to end web development since this theme is not for non-developer users. Metronic is basically an HTML theme(built with HTML, javascript and css) without actual functionality(the database integration and application business model). The actual implementation is responsibility of buyers. Basically any web applications/systems contain of 2 layers:

1) Design and Frontend UI(html, css, javascript)

2) Actual system implementation using a server side language such as PHP or Java, and database engine such as MySQL or Oracle.

So our Metronic theme, as an HTML theme helps you on the step #1. The step #2 will be responsibility of the buyers as every buyer has own requirements and system specification.

If you need any further clarifications please let us know. For more info you can check our FAQ here:



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I know my question could be repetitive, but kindly let me know when you will release Angular 2 of the Metronic.

Thanks a lot

Hi :),

We will announce the ETA soon(1-2 months). At the moment we are still working on it.


Hi, Does it support multiple languages? For example, it is coded in a way such that I will be able to add in chinese easily.

Hi :),

Thanks for your interest in Metronic.

Metronic is just a static template and to support multi languages you will need to translate the theme your in your server side.

If you need any further clarifications please let us know.



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Can this theme be used with react?

Hi :),

Not at the moment. We will consider implementing react version in the near future. Stay tuned!


Hello, I really love the themes in general. And I understand the theme is essentially a template that can be used to extend to build custom solutions. Before purchasing I want to know if the Material Layout/Styling/Color schema can be used with AngularJS implementation I will be doing. For example (at least in the preview) I don’t see the Form Layouts in the AngularJS version, but I do see them in the Material version of the theme. Similarly there are so many individual components that were part of the preview in Material but not in AgnularJS. So I want to make sure I can implement the same UI with Angular as well.

Do you provide documentation, and how detailed is it ? Can you please point me to a place where I can see the documentation

Your quick response would be greatly appreciated as I am in the process of deciding the theme.

Thanks Raj

Hi :),

Thanks for your interest in Metronic.

Currently in the AngularJS version shown limited features from the default theme. However you can reuse any feature from the default version in the AngularJS version. Basically you can refer to current AngularJS version and see how jquery plugins are integrated and the reset plugins can be integrated the same way.

Yes, we provide the documentations but it covers mostly used plugin and references to the plugin’s official documentations. Actual theme usage is mostly covered in the code comments right in the HTML, SASS and JS files. If anything beyond the documentation you can always contact our support.


hi, i am using metronic admin , i have a problem with print , In datatable when click on print i am not getting the no of rows print out as many i see in my datatable , i am unable to get full details print , i got just few details print (ex: out of 50 rows i’m getting only 7 rows). so i need to know where can i change this behaviour .

Hi :),

Our support is provided only for verified buyers. Please contact our support at and provide your purchase key or login to our support forum with you purchase key and post your support question there.



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greetings, how do i create error and success message on login5.html forgot password. i see there no validation like login form


You can reuse the validation code form the login page and use it for the forget password form. You will need a little bit JS coding in order to implement it. You can check the validation plugin’s documentation here:


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mykil Purchased

Hi i am waiting v5.0(for bootstrap 4). thank you.

Hi :),

We are working hard to release it asap. We will inform the ETA soon. Stay tuned!


I plan on developing an app with the Play Framework, and I couldn’t tell if all the variants you have are built with Angular since that would be a problem with integrating it with Play, is this the case? Or, to be more clear is there a clean way to integrate your template with a Play Framework?

Hi, I’m looking at your theme to use as a reporting system for my clients. I have a CSV file which contains all the data and I need charts to connect to it. Is there some interface where I can, say, assign chart indicators to some range of data in CSV file, or will this require some coding to be achieved? I’m familiar with Wordpress, HTML and CSS, but no more than that, and don’t want to buy something I won’t able to develop. Please advise. Thank you.

Hello Metronic staff. Understand your layout and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m using Spring MVC and I’m having a layout pattern.

My problem is to manipulate.

  •                                                                                                Painel de controlo                                                                                                                            
  • Pre-sales Question: What PSD files are included with this purchase? All design files?

    Good afternoon, I would like to buy the Metronic template, to use it for a web application that will be used from one of our clients and its users. I will not sell the product, but I will sell the service (the client will pay a yearly fee to use it). Could I use the regular license?

    Thank you Claudio

    Hi, I have a question. In terms of Regular License says: “You can create one End Product for a client, and you can transfer that single End Product to your client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client”.

    My question is: How should the license be transferred to the end client?. Should we do the same with the Extended License? Should we transfer it to the end client? Thanks!

    Hello keenthemes and thank you for this great template,

    I’m having some problems with ajax modals, which seem to ignore modal events so that I have no way to “refresh” the modal content loaded from ajax.

    It may somehow be related to some js conflict.

    I saw in your code that you actually implemented the $(this).removeData('bs.modal'); way to clear modal content on close, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Do you have any idea how to workaround this?

    Thanks in advance!