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freecap Purchased

Hi, I’m looking for some files but I can’t find them.

1. metronic_v4.7.5/theme/assets/admin/pages/scripts/index.js

2. metronic_v4.7.5/theme/assets/admin/pages/scripts/tasks.js

For your reference, some errors occurred when extracting downloaded files.


I’ve downloaded the package and it seems everything is fine. Please try to download it again.

1. You need to refer to dashboard.js, instead of index.js 2. taks.js is there. Your directory should look like: metronic_v4.7.5/theme/assets/pages/scripts/tasks.js. Without “admin” folder.

Please feel free to ask if we can assist you further.

Thank you.

Does it support SASS ?


Yes, Metronic supports SASS.

Thank you!

I have downloaded the latest Ver and i didn’t find RTL ver ?

I got it >> thank you

Glad you got it. All the best with your project. ;)


riterix Purchased

Hi keenthemes,

Could make more login pages or login page like the login page number 1/4 of the 4.7 version.

And please Can you make The calendar Timeline view. PEAAAAASE. before the New release.

thak you keenthemes.

Hi :),

Thanks for your suggestions. We will consider them in a future update.


Please Keenthemes, Please the The Calendar Timeline view before the next release.

It is not gonna take you much, please.

After setting up my backend, I’m planning to jump using the next relase as a base developpement after seeing that you alter HTML, I’m gonna drop the 5.2 and use that next release I’m already late, pleate I don’t wanna wait t’ill the calendar timeline to be released to use that metronic version, .

Please Keenthemes


If you are late then we suggest you to implement it your own. Here we do not work according to every customer’s deadline. What timeline view are you referring to ? Can you please provide us with a reference link ? Maybe we can suggest you how to implement it without depending on the future updates.



iterios Purchased

We still did not do the feature email app. Within one month, can it appear?

Hi :),

Sorry, we can not confirm ETA for the upcoming features. We are working on Angular 6 release and maybe after this big update we will speed up the rest of the pending items. Stay tuned!


Sir , can buy this template to use my application which i gonna develop ERP application and upload codecanyon to use as instance based, please give me a genuine answer .


Thanks for your interest in Metronic. No, the license does not allow using Metronic in other stock items.



uswebpro Purchased


Can you add the PSD and sketch files for: demo10


Yes, we will add other demo designs in near future.

Thank you.

Hi, if I buy the theme I have both Angular and Html theme? I can use first html and when will be pubblished Angular 6 version this new angular version? Thank you.


Native Angular version of Metronic will be published very soon. We are on final stage.

Thank you.


riterix Purchased

Hi keenthemes.

Does anyone recently reports about your M-datatable HTML version rendering problems ???

I’m having some. I’m using Metronic 5.3

I have 10

and 10 correspondants, one in the middle does not show the render, but when I comment the m-datatable html.js all the render their data.

something wrong in your .js ???

Let me know if you already know about it by smeone .??

Thank you.

second link working with Metronic datatables wich I’m facing some kind of issue you find screenshot below :

If you need any further informations please don’t hesitate and get back to us.

Thank you keenthemes.

Hi :)

Can you please confirm that your C.Technique key is “get_controle_technique_courante” and Status.V is “status_vehicule”

From our perspective here, we do not know about your “obj” variable. Can you please try to dump all the data in the “obj”? And check if the key is correct?

{{ obj.get_vignette_courante }} and {{ obj.status_vehicule }}

Also, if the data exist, what is the data that should be displayed? Was it a string or object in it? Can you send some rows of your data for us to test?


Hello, I got a problem. While using the Metronic Wizard in my application. It’s a master/detail page and the”form” tag is in the master page. I don’t know why but while I press the save & continue button it doesn’t go to the next step. Not sure if I need to change something in your wizard.js. Can you help? Thank you!

I found the error cause by I remove the search bar from the Horizontal Menu. But why the wizard can’t function without the search bar? My workaround now is to set display:none.

Another quick question: how can I make the check box twice large?


May I know which check are you referring to ? If you are working with the form checkboxes then it does not support sizing. You will need to override its css code to enlarge it. Do you need to enlarge it globally or for only special use ?


I’m really impressed with most of the product but I’m pulling my hair out in frustrating because of your file-system setup. It’s all over the place.

Check out the demo6 folder – I’m getting constant issues with the way that you’ve hard-coded in the directory names to the point where it’s absolutely ridiculous that I’ve spent the last 2 days debugging issues with this only to find that it’s because of the weird way that the file system has been put together.

Is this just a temporary bug or can I expect to have to re-vamp the entire file-system every time that I upgrade?


http://localhost:4200/inc/api/datatables/demos/default.php 404 (Not Found)

There isn’t even a folder named “demos”, it’s called “demo”

Likewise you’ve split the logos media folder into “logos” and “logo” depending on which demo is used.

This is obviously not something that I expect to run into in a product that has as many sales and as many opportunities to fix up the versioning as this one.

I’d love an update on plans to address this.