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Stunning work! ;)

Thanks louiejie! :)

Great, this is what I have been waiting for. You write that this is the initial release. When can we expect the new version? Days, weeks?

Thanks for your feedback.

We are already working on the new release and it should be out very soon. Once you purchased Metronic you will be eligible to download all future updates.


Great thanks

You are welcome! ;)

Nice. Exactly this product wil be most popular. GLWS!

Thanks mate! :)

Thanks ardianmusliu! :)

Can we get an option to remove the sidebar completely, I wont need it at all. I could remove the sidebar code but I need the search function. Can you help me put the search function on the navigation bar instead?

Hi Asdren,

Could you write us the details using the feedback form in our profile page. We will assist you to get this done :)


I have one more request, on the “Date Range Pickers” you have the “Advance Date Ranges”. I would like to have a similar date picker, but instead of a date range I would like to have a datetime picker. Like this one: Where they have combined date and time into one picker. I would like to have a datetime picker where I can first choose future dates like, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and at the bottom, where in your example you have “FROM”, “TO”, there would be a time to choose from and then on custom date option, a calendar should show up letting me choose a specific date. So more or less like your current “Advance Date Ranges” but no date ranges, and combining time to the date picker with the plugin above. Thanks

Hi Asdren,

Many thanks for sharing your opinion on Metronic. This is a good feature to have. We will take into account to include this in future releases.


How likely is it that you add this combined datetime plugin to your theme, since I’m about to start a project and I am considering building it with your theme. That plugin is the only thing missing for me to consider your theme “complete” for my project. You have everything I needed in this theme, except for this plugin. Thanks once again

Hi Asdren,

We will try to include this feature as soon as possible in future releases.

Stay tuned and many thanks for your interest in Metronic.

Nice template,. :)

Many thanks JOGJAfile :)


Metronic worth (much) more than $18 I guess..


Thanks for such a warm comment! We really appreciate your +1 rate Cabdeed :)

This is really cool. How do you go about connecting all those pretty graphs and charts to data? Will it pull from WHM / WHMCS? I want, I just need to figure out for what?

Hi Garf12,

In Metronic we used some random generated demo data to display all the charts and graphs. However the data can be pulled from any source(e.g: CPanel/WHM/WHMCS/Google Analytics). We will implement more advanced demos in future releases.

Thanks for your feedback!

How do you go about incorporating data? Do you have to know PHP? I’m just confused as to how you go about injecting the dynamic data into your HTML. Not looking or a full blown tutorial here.

Hi garf12,

This template needs to be programmed in PHP or other web programming language in order to function as a web application or content management system(CMS) where user can login, access pages and perform certain actions. To incorporate the data with the charts, you will need some PHP and javascript coding. You can check below link for developing basic CMS


Nice work, when building a custom admin I will definitely use yours!

Thanks PlayaX, glad to hear that :)

Congratulations on the theme was very good! I have a suggestion:

1 – On-screen wizard you could change the structure so that it has the possibility of having a screen without the side menu, I think in the case of an installation and configuration of software where you do not have access to see or access any function in the system.

Hi tiarebalbi,

We are planning to add more layouts in coming releases. We will definitely add this one as well.

Many thanks for the suggestion!

Is the calender syncable with iCloud and or Google? Is this a Wordpress admin template? What plugins do I need to get all the “functions” available. Is it usable with Buddypress?


Best regards Frallan

Hi Frallan,

This template is not compatible with Wordpress admin and Buddypress. The calendar uses sample demo data and not syncable with iCloud and or Google.

If you need more details please feel free to ask.

Thanks for your feedback.

Great work!

Is it a bug that portlets have move pointer, but actually are not draggable?

Hi cfwm,

Yes, this was incomplete feature in the initial release. The move pointer you may ignore by removing “sortable” css class from portlet span tag. But we will add the draggable portlets in coming new release. Stay tuned!

Thanks for using Metronic :)

Before making the purchase, what “dozens of new features are coming soon in the next release”?

Hi rickydeez,

For future releases we are planning to add:

1) More page layout options 2) More form layout options 3) More sample pages(user account, user tasks, user inbox) 4) Advance data tables for CRUD 5) Multiple file uploads 6) And other plugins and UI components

Thanks for your interest in Metronic :)

Nice theme. Does this come with LESS, or just the css files?

Thanks in advance,


Hi jf26028,

Metronic comes with css files only. Please feel free to ask if you need more details.

Thanks for your feedback.

Nice template dude, but i have one problem when i use your template with grocery crud. a sub menu in my sidebar doesn’t appear. any suggestion?

by the way, thank for your template..

My problem is solved. Ignoring my question. Thank you

Hi Bayumahendra,

We are glad that your problem is solved. Please feel free to ask if you need our assist.

Thank you for using Metronic! :)

Incredible work my friend.

Thank you so much for such a warm feedback! :) Thanks for using Metronic!

Many thanks! :)