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Is there a way to easily add in buttons to the portlet? In place of the .tools … because of the awesome integration of icons with font-awesome, im wanting to condense the button footprint by adding them into the bar.

as apposed to:
|||PORTLET TITLE||||||||||||||||||||||||||
                                            ADD BUTTON||

Hi dakotaskustoms,

Yes, this is a nice feature to have. However this requires some CSS coding and we would add this feature in the next release. Please stay tuned on our new release which we target by coming Tuesday.

Thanks for your feedback.

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

I have purchased this cool theme/package! I’m very happy with it and i almost can’t wait for the update :).

Question about the portlets: Is it possible to have the portlets default collapsed individualy?

Many thanks!!

Hi aokalter,

Thanks for your feedback. We are glad that you are happy using our theme :)

Regarding your request. yes, it’s possible. how ever this requires some CSS and Javascript coding and we would add this feature in the coming release which we target by coming Tuesday.

Thanks a lot!

Is it possible for you to add Candlestick chart too?

Hi dr0zaxx,

This is a good feature to have. We will take into account to include this in future releases. By the way, once you purchased Metronic, all future updates will be available for free.

Thanks for interesting Metronic! :)

Hi. First i want to say this is a fantastic template, thanks! But i have one problem. I have changed the top bar from black to white, and it works in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE10. But when i try it on IE 8,9 the top bar is still black. Cant find where to change this.

Hi nilsanderspersson,

Thank you for such a warm feedback. :) We are checking this issue and will update you here very soon.

Thanks for using Metronic!

Hi nilsanderspersson,

Can you please send a link to your page ? We will help you once we are able to check your code.


Hi nilsanderspersson,

Could your try to clear your browser cache in IE8, IE9 and see whether the top bar’s background color is changed ? If this will not help, could you please send us the details(a link your page) to


Your theme have a bug, i just test it live preview on firefox, it is not showing theme correctly because many thing are cut of in bottom of screen i mean to say it requires scrollbar. but not showing. please check it and correct it i will buy it then.

Hi neutrosolutions,

Many thanks for your feedback.

The issue was in preview frame in firefox. The theme itself works as expected in all major browsers. However the issue with preview frame has been rectified and you may check it in firefox now. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for your interest in Metronic.

Hello, my compliments, very good job! I’m trying to integrate your theme in my application. Could you please provide an example to register a callback for a Top menu dropdown item click? I mean, Is there a way to register a function that discriminate the item clicked and then perform an action? Thanks in advance!

Ho logtheta,

Please follow below code sample to handle top menu item clicks:

Set on click handler to the list item(e.g: under “header_notification_bar”):
<a href="javascript:;" onclick="App.onNotificationClick('id of this item')">
<span class="label label-success"><i class="icon-plus"></i></span>
New user registered. 
<span class="time">Just now</span>
Add the list item click handler function in /assets/js/app.js under public methods clause(e.g: after init() functjon):
onNotificationClick: function (id) {
    alert("You clicked: " + id);

Ah ok, great, very easy! Thanks again for your job.

You are welcome :)

Have a release date of new version ? :)

Hi kamilowen,

The new release will be out by coming Tuesday. We will tweet once released. Stay tuned :)


nice theme.. i don’t purchase yet but will. can you add filter date range with something check box.. like in


Hi tahatobing,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, we will add this and many other features in future releases. Once your purchased Metronic, all future updates will be available for free.

Thanks for your interest in Metronic!

thanks for reply

You are welcome!

If you buy this theme of the fixed style format… ?

Hi trueWD,

The fixed style layout is not available yet. We would consider adding it in future releases.

Thanks for your interest in Metronic.

I think the presence of extreme importance component sliders and RANGE. You want to put it in the next version?

Hi freelabrasil,

Yes, we will diffidently include sliders and ranges in future releases. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for your feedback

How would one go about disabling the draggable dates in the calendar? Loving this theme!


To disable the draggable dates in the calendar, please just add “disableDragging: true” under the calendar initialization:

            disableDragging: true,
            header: h,
            editable: true,
            events: [{
                title: 'All Day Event',
                start: new Date(y, m, 1),
            }, {
                title: 'Long Event',
                start: new Date(y, m, d - 5),
                end: new Date(y, m, d - 2),
            }, {
                title: 'Repeating Event',
                start: new Date(y, m, d - 3, 16, 0),
                allDay: false,
            }, {
                title: 'Repeating Event',
                start: new Date(y, m, d + 4, 16, 0),
                allDay: false,
            }, {
                title: 'Meeting',
                start: new Date(y, m, d, 10, 30),
                allDay: false,
            }, {
                title: 'Lunch',
                start: new Date(y, m, d, 12, 0),
                end: new Date(y, m, d, 14, 0),
                allDay: false,
            }, {
                title: 'Birthday Party',
                start: new Date(y, m, d + 1, 19, 0),
                end: new Date(y, m, d + 1, 22, 30),
                allDay: false,
            }, {
                title: 'Click for Google',
                start: new Date(y, m, 28),
                end: new Date(y, m, 29),
                url: '',

Hope this will help you.


Hi vox2day,

We have a plan for RTL version as well and it will be out soon. Stay tuned!


Can you provide fixed layout on right and left and top menu . Are you going to provide these features in this theme. If then what is tentative date for it.

Hi dingdong100,

Current version of Metronic has the fixed top menu. We will add more layout options in future releases.

We are sorry, in the main time we are not able to give any tentative date for that. But we are working hard to bring more new features as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest in Metronic!

Header is fixed but how i can add menu to it. there is no Top menu in it.How can i add it if i purchased.

Is there any option to it.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi dingdong100,

The header has top bar links(notifications, inbox, user links). Regarding the horizonal menu(top menu) option, we plan to add it in future releases very soon. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your feedback.


good luck with many sales.

I just would like to know what is ‘admin template’ or ‘admin dashboard template’.

Can I bundle with other html templates or this template I can use for web site independently.

I have no idea about this. Can you clarify something about admin template and believe many viewers will appreciate your explanation about admin template. And also can you give me some links about admin templates from where I can gather more knowledge?

Looking forward to getting a favorable reply from you soon.



Hi there,

‘Admin Template’ or ‘Admin Dashboard Template’ mainly used for custom backend admin applications. Lets say you have a website with many pages and member access. To manage your website contents and members you will need to develop an administrative system where only admin user can assess to. Thus, admin templates like Metronic will be useful if you want to make your administrative system look awesome and yet user friendly.

Developing admin templates usually requires a lot of effort as there are lots of things (usually related to usability and design) to think of. So admin templates like Metronic help developers to save time.

You can bundle one template with other templates. But it’s preferable that you build your administrative system based on single html template.

Some fore info can be found in below forum:

Please feel free to ask you need more info.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi Keenthemes,

I know that you are updating the package, i’m counting down haha. Would consider to update the wysiwyghtml5 package as well? There are some big fixes in the new version (like. multiple text area with wysiwyghtml5) :)


Hi aokalter,

Yeah, we are about to submit the new release now! But wysiwyghtml5 and other plugin updates will be in the next release. ;)

Thanks for your feedback!

I really liked the layout and am interested in buying. But the lack of update makes me fearful. There weather update? Thank you!

Hi hjcob,

Thanks for your feedback.

No worries. We are about to submit the new release now :) We also plan for continuous long term updates in the future.

Thanks for your interest in Metronic!

Hello, Is it possible to provide a country drop down box that has their names and the respective flag icons?


Hi dr0zaxx

Yes, we will add this feature in future releases. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi, is there some jquery/ajax included to upload or delete images? Now, in my old CMS, when i upload or delete an image, the page refreshes and then i lose changes that i made in ‘normal’ input fields of that form. Maybe with this template i can rewrite everything so that it is more user friendly.

I hope you understand what i mean. Thanks in advance.

Hi surfaap,

In this theme, we used bootstrap image uploader plugin which provides more user friendly image uploading experience comparing to the browser’s default file input field. You may check the image uploader plugin in “Form Stuff -> Form Components” page. But this plugin does not save the your input after the page refreshes.

Please feel free to ask if you need more info.

Thanks for your feedback!

Alright, sounds good. :)

For time pickers, it would be good if you have something similar to

Also, default scrollbars look horrible. Doesn’t match the theme.

Hi dr0zaxx,

We will take into account your comments to improve our theme.

Many thanks for your feedback.

nice update… can you make sidebar floating? like in Start Metro template?

thanks a lot

Hi tahatobing,

Yeah, we have plans to improve layout options, and this feature definitely will be included in future releases. Stay tuned! :)

Thank you for using Metronic!