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Really Good Template..!!! Thanks…!!!

also the updated pages are really helpful..!!!

But there is only one issue… with calander… how i remove the added event from after scheduling the event to some date… its a good drag and edit event calander but it doesnot delete the event completely..!!

Thanks Aakash Jethwani

Hi Aakash,

We are glad that you liked our theme :)

Removing the added events not implemented in current release yet, But we will take into account this in future releases.

Many thanks for your feedback.

This theme is amazing and we are building a .NET application with it right now. What are the next updateplans? Treeview? Sliders? More pagetemplates?

Really cant wait for the next update.

Hi bennieforss,

We already started working on the next release. Yes, we try our best to include Treeview, sliders and other useful features and page templates in the next release.

Also we will publish the next update plan very soon. Stay tuned! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

We asked for some updates. And not only did you deliver… you knocked out out of the park. This is the very reason why you are a 5 star seller.

Way to go and keep up the awesome work.


Hi Dakota,

Thanks for such warm words :) Yeah, more amazing features coming soon!

Many thanks for keeping in touch!

Hey guys,

excellent work on that template.

Can you help me with a few issues?

- The search for managed tables does not filter text only, but html too … so if i have labels in one span, the html code is also considered for the search. Can i exclude a complete span from the search filter? (maybe add special css class to the th or every td) Can i tell how to apply the search to a td? (maybe css class for text only or whole content)

- i did not completly understand how charts are working. could you enhance the documentation with a minimal example for an interactive chart with custom data?

- feature request: the new search sites are awsome, but could the search on the left menu side do the same with the menu as for managed tables? e.g. if i write “dash” only menu entries with dash are visible ;) would be awsome navigation feature.

you guys are awsome ;)

Hi Manitou77,

Thank you very much for this comment :)

- For the data tables we used Data Tables jquery plugin from This plugin by default allows filtering by text only, not html tags. If my answer not clear enough, could you please clarify this question ?

- In the main time, for the chart usage, we suggest you to refer the official plugin documentation here

- Sounds good, surely we will consider this in future releases.

Many thanks for using Metronic!

it is easy to create new themes and colors? You could create a simple theme editor so we can choose the color plane of the system. Sliders are also important. In all, your theme is great and I will buy it, since I already serves. I saw that it was a tremendous success in sales, much of it was great to support your organization in creating and fulfilling their upgrade plans. Congratulations, I feel safe to buy software.

Hi freelabrasil,

Many thanks for such warm feedback on our work :)

In the main time you can create new themes based on existing theme css files. We will implement the unlimited color theme editor in future releases.

We work hard to bring more amazing updates in the future! :)

Thanks again for your feedback!


Great update – but the portlet moving is a little bit dodgy. It tends to push the other portlets down , and then it’s a little difficult to pull them back up again (FF19.0)

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem, or just me?

Hi abstractventures,

Thanks for your feedback.

Agree, the portlet drag & drop needs a little bit improvement. We will settle it as soon possible in future releases. Please stay tuned :)

Thanks for using Metronic!

Great theme

IE9 – Small issue, side bar drop menu’s don’t function until a single item menu is selected.

eg Form stuff menu won’t drop down until Visual Charts is clicked. Ideas? Thanks.

Hi Iosys,

Thanks for the report.

Just to clarify that the sidebar’s drop down menu is toggled upon a single item click, but not hover.

Could you please provide with more details on the issue(“Form stuff menu won’t drop down until Visual Charts is clicked”) ? Any screenshot provided would be great. You may paste the screenshot links here or email to

We deeply appreciate your cooperation to improve Metornic!


Following on from above – the IE9 related issue lies in the index.html page – the drop down menus don’t work from that page, but do from others.

Hi Iosys,

Could you please check if any javascript or HTML code been modified in the index.html page ? Since the dropdown works in other pages, could you please double check the index page for any javascript or HTML markup errors ?


Great job on the update!

Many thanks ArkSai! :)

already using it to the new CMS i’m working on :) 3x Cheers!

We are glad to hear that. Good luck with your project! :)

sorry to bother.. can you show some direction how to make this template modular.. like how to implement with php mtsql script for data in Table and chart.

Please thank a lot

H tahatobing,

Please check below thread for pulling data from mysql/php into plot charts:

For using data tables with php you may refer below thread:

I hope above links will be helpful.

Thanks for your using Metronic!

Found a bug for you to look at. When you collapse or expand the menu on the Visual Charts page, all of the pie charts disappear (only the series legends remain). Once this occurs a page refresh is required to get them back. This was tested on the latest versions of Chrome & Firefox, IE 8 & 9. Great job on this admin theme!

Hi jbaird,

Thanks for your report. When the sidebar menu is collapsed or expanded, plot pie charts needed to be reloaded(reinitialized). We have rectified the issue and the fix will be included in the next release.

Quick fix for this issue, in /assets/js/app.js just replace handleSidebarToggler function with below code:

    var handleSidebarToggler = function () {

        var container = $(".page-container");

        if ($.cookie('sidebar-closed') == 1) {

        // handle sidebar show/hide
        $('.page-sidebar .sidebar-toggler').click(function () {
            var container = $(".page-container");
            if (container.hasClass("sidebar-closed") === true) {
                $.cookie('sidebar-closed', null);
            } else {
                $.cookie('sidebar-closed', 1);
            if (App.isPage("charts")) {
                }, 100);               

        // handle the search bar close
        $('.sidebar-search .remove').click(function () {

        // handle the search query submit on enter press
        $('.sidebar-search input').keypress(function (e) {
            if (e.which == 13) {
                window.location.href = "extra_search.html";
                return false; //<---- Add this line

        // handle the search submit
        $('.sidebar-search .submit').click(function () {
            if ($('.page-container').hasClass("sidebar-closed")) {
                if ($('.sidebar-search').hasClass('open') == false) {
                } else {
                    window.location.href = "extra_search.html";
            } else {
                window.location.href = "extra_search.html";

Great job on the fast support!

Thank you! :)

hello I want to know when the next version comes out

Hi doctrinus,

We are working hard to bring more new features as soon as possible. But in the main time we are not able to give any tentative date for that.
We also plan for continuous long term updates in the future.

Thank you for interesting Metronic! :)

Hello, very good work, this template quite clean and very useful.

You have a great selection of plugins, in another template “conquer” uses “jQuery Knob”, please include it.

It may be cool, you could use “Dashboard-stats” more like a tiles and may be come in various sizes, and even have a click event with effect of touch.


Hi kkilos,

Noted. Thanks for your suggestions. jQuery Knob and Tiles will be added in future releases.

Many thanks for your feedback!

In Google Chrome everything works fine.

In IE9 however, images are nog appearing. And the sidemenu is messed up. Is it because I placed the whole in a <form runat=”server”> tag?

Hi ebedek,

Could you please email a link to your page to We will help you once we are able to check your code.

Thanks for using Metronic!

I’ve been keeping an eye out for the good admin theme for a while. Nice flexible design, clean code, I’m looking forward to using it.

My only suggestion would be to re-style the charts, flots default styles are ugly. I think custom styling the charts to be consistant with the rest of the theme would be a great feature to add.

Other than that, 5* theme for me.

Hi Hanked,

We will definitely take into account this for the future updates.

Many thanks for your rate and suggestion Hanked!

Hi. Thanks for fantastic template, I would like to suggest small features 1. Fixed Sidebar 2. Auto-suggest/Auto-complete for search input in sidebar menu. 3. Alertify Model


Hi suntico,

Thanks for your suggestions. We will diffidently take into account your requests in future releases.

Thanks for using Metronic!

Finally bought it as I said I would after v1.1 is released :)

GREAT theme.

one question: how can I make it such that after keying in the username & password, I can press enter on my keyboard to login instead of having to click on the login button

Hi Cidolfus,

Thanks for your feedback. We are glad that you are using Metronic :)

To enable login on press enter please modify handleLoginForm() function in assets/js/app.js:

 var handleLoginForm = function () {

        // add this code for press enter handling
        $('.login-form input').keypress(function (e) {
            if (e.which == 13) {
                // handle login action
                window.location.href = "index.html";
                return false;

        jQuery('#forget-password').click(function () {

        jQuery('#forget-btn, #back-btn').click(function () {

        jQuery('#register-btn').click(function () {

        jQuery('#register-back-btn').click(function () {

Feel free to ask if you need more info.


Thanks for the prompt response!

You are welcome Cidolfus!

:) I think a minimal charge $ 18 for it after I bought it was very nice v1.1

Thanks for your feedback trueWD. More updates coming in the future! Stay tuned :)

I look forward to new updates. I wish you success

Many thanks trueWD :)

Are there plans to make an extra level in the sidebar-menu?

Hi ebedek,

Thanks for your feedback. We will diffidently take into account your request for future releases. Please stay tuned! :)

Thanks for using Metronic!

I’m not sure if you guys can help me with this, I think there’s a problem on my end, but I can’t quite figure out.

I’m using this theme with my ASP.NET MVC project, and I am able to view everything just fine. However, when I deploy it onto my web server (IIS), all the icons that are in doesn’t show up

It shows me some code instead like F001 F023

I have uploaded a pic for clarity

Even on the side menu, instead of the arrow icons, I get F015 F104

Again, it’s probably some setting on my end, but I just can’t figure out what as everything displays correctly in my development environment. Only when it’s hosted on IIS, it screws up.

Hi Cidolfus,

Could please double check that you are including the Font Awesome css files properly in your page head:

<link href="assets/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet" />

If you need further help, could you please send us( a link to your page so we can check your code.

Thanks for your feedback!