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I looked at the examples and could not find the tag tfoot. This tag is not in the template, or just an example?

Hi kise97,

tfood is not included in the template. But we will check if datatable plugin supports such tfood view.

Thanks for your feedback!

When will the update template?

We are planning the next update v1.1.1 in a few days. Stay tuned!

Is adding an icon on the left of a dropdownlist supported?

I tried does but it doesn’t render correctly <div class="controls"> <div class="input-icon left"> <i class="icon-lock" /> <select class="span6 m-wrap" data-placeholder="Choose a Category" tabindex="1"> <option value="">Select...</option> <option value="Category 1">Category 1</option> <option value="Category 2">Category 2</option> <option value="Category 3">Category 5</option> <option value="Category 4">Category 4</option> </select> </div> </div>

Hi Cidolfus,

Standard HTML select element does not support this feature. However we plan to implement this with custom dropdown list in future releases. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for using Metronic!


We are planning to purchase your design. Initially we have some doubt related to the license agreement mentioned. As you have mentioned that your theme can be used with only one unique product; but in our case we have 4 – 5 websites delivering from the same business model but with different products/ website domains. So could we be able to use the same layout for managing our all the 4 websites as we have the same admin panel theme here.

Also let me know what is the latest version available with all the features as we are looking for HTML5 Version with CSS3.

Please let me know the specifics asap.

Thanks, Biecoder Inc.

Hi biecoder,

The single license allows you to use this theme only for one end product. If you have one admin panel(end product) that serves 4 websites, then the single license should be fine. If you have 4 admin panels(4 end products, e.g: 4 domains) then you should purchase 4 single licenses.

Current latest available version is v1.1. The theme fully complies HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

Please let me know if you need further info.

Thanks for your interest in Metronic.

Also we are looking for some business classified ads system design. Do you also provide such kind of designs? If possible, We can provide you some specifications and let us know costing and estimations for the same.

Thanks, Biecoder Inc.

Could you email the details to ? We will check and revert. Many thanks!

Hi, This is a great template and I am looking forward for the following updates.

I have one issue, but I don’t know what is the best way to go. I would like to keep the assets folder as is, so with every update you do I only have to override every file (well, js/app.js is the only one that I don’t know if I eventually will have to change it, delete it or simply not load the file (for efficiency) but my approach now is to have my own myproject.js loaded (and call MyProject.init() before App.init() to have my own behaviour, for instance, I had to call datepicker with options to change the date format and it only keeps the first call so MyProject.init() does the job and I don’t have to modify app.js)).

This is ok, but another example is with css/style.css, there is an import from using http protocol and the browser is complaining and not loading the font if you are under https. In this case, I would have to change more things so I don’t know there is something that I can do or not, or if you would adapt your assets folder so I never have to touch anything.

I hope it makes sense what I am trying to achieve.

Regards and thanks for the great job.

Hi aitorlape,

The new update will be released in a few days. Stay tuned :)

Regarding the assets/js/app.js, having your own MyProject.init() is quite fine as long as you are able to declare your own behaviors.

Regarding the assets/css/style.css, in the next releases we will try to put more comments so it will be easier to migrate with previous versions. However the css files should be merged manually.

Feel free to ask if you need more info.

Thanks for keeping in touch aitorlape!

Hi. Any date for release of version 1.2? For my project sliders are essential, beyond what I think you will fix the draggable portlets, as they move down when we changed their positions. Also, the Android on my side menu is not working. In all, your theme is great. Thank you. Anderson.

Hi Anderson,

Now we are about to release v1.1.1 in a few days. After that we will plan the next releases. We will do our best to include more useful features and improvements.

Regarding the android version, could you please double check the responsive menu toggle icon for the main menu on the header ? The main menu should be working upon click the toggle icon.

Thanks for your feedback Anderson!

yes, it works this way he talked, the only problem is when we try to open a submenu within the main menu, such as page “Extra” or “Maps”, the submenu does not open. At least on my Android (Galaxy S2 Sansung) did not work correctly. Thank you. Anderson.

Hi Anderson,

Are you referring to the preview URL below ?

Could let us know what browser are you using ?

Many thanks for your cooperation!

Hi. suggestion for next version fonts is too small for 7” table and smart phone when touch on menu or sub menu.

Hi suntico,

Noted. we will consider this for future releases.

In the main time you may play around with the fonts in assets/css/style.css:

Menu Links
.page-sidebar > ul > li > a {
  display: block;
  position: relative;
  margin: 0;
  border: 0px;
  padding: 10px 15px;
  text-decoration: none;
  font-size: 14px;
  font-weight: 300;
Sub menu links:
.page-sidebar > ul > li > ul.sub > li > a {
  display: block;
  margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
  padding: 5px 0px;
  padding-left: 44px !important;
  color: #ccc;
  text-decoration: none;
  text-shadow: 0 1px 1px #000;
  font-size: 14px;
  font-weight: 300;
  background: none;

Thanks for your suggestion suntico!

great template,

but could you please redesign the pricing table? they are not as good as the rest of your very nice template …

look for examples like





Hi Manitou77,

Thanks for your suggestion :)

Agree, our pricing tables need some improvements. Sure we will take a look at the samples provided. We will do so in future releases.


Great template overall. Just a heads up to future buyers that it does not come with any source PSDs. They’re not absolutely necessary, but would help with things like the logo since that’s an image.

Hi tehsux,

Thanks for your feedback :)

Noted and we will include some PSD files(e.g: logo) in the next update. If you need the logo PSD urgently, please send an email to

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Looking at this admin, it looks great. Is it possible to use it for wordpress installs and if so: what is the process of implementing it?

Hi Stevesan,

Thanks for the comments!

The Metronic theme is not compatible with wordpress. Its created mainly for custom web applications.

Please feel free to ask if you need more info.


Well I sort of figured that. Too bad. :)

Thanks for your quick reply, though.


You welcome Steve :)

Ready to buy.

But being a non-coder i need a programmer to make up the desired functionality.

Questions: > If there is a update how easy is it to do? Are there any code changes i would need to perform on our side?

-> I guess there are many lines of code in this template. How easy would it be for a other coder (other than you) to get a grasp and being productive? (clean code, documentation, logical structure, etc..)

Thank you!

P.S.: Very nice and clean design!! P.S.S.: Any plans for maybe having sidebar menu floating when scrolling down?


Thanks for your interest in purchasing Metronic :)

When we release a new update, we will try to make it easier for migrating with previous versions. So upon a new update comes out, you might have to merge some css and js code manually. But no worries, we will put as detailed as possible code comments for each update to make your upgrade easier.

Using this template productively depends on the developer experience level. But i would say that even a beginner or intermediate developers can adapt and use this template to achieve their project goal.

Yes, we have plans to improve the sidebar menu in future releases :)

Please feel free to ask if you need more info.


.. “if there is a update ” somehow got crossed out.. do not know why and not intended.

Its OK, Never mind TMF :)

We love this theme, there’s just one thing holding us back from choosing it.

How easy is it to change the left sidebar color to something other than the 5 current choices? We find them all either too dark or too light, we’d want something in between.

Thanks for the fast reply!

What’s the class we’d need to change the color for? I would have thought it was: “page-sidebar nav-collapse collapse”

But when I Inspect Element in Chrome I don’t see any grey “Computed Style”.

Got it! it’s the “body” element…duh :)

You are welcome khtm :)

There are a number of lines to change in order to change overall sidebar’s look & feel. It will be easier to change the colors by editing the special css file in the template folder: assets/css/style_default.css.

Also you may find more details if you open the css file directly:


Browsing this on iPad, Tabs don’t seem to work when clicked, nor does the menu on the left. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi drewnick,

Thanks for the comment!

May i know, are you browsing the pages from our preview link or this is your own copy ?

Also could you please double check it by refreshing the page ? If the issue still persists, could you please provide us with more details(your ipad version, browser version and etc..)


Congratulations! I have seen your preview. I would like to suggest some ideas for your template, because I think you don´t show some things to the final user that are basic tips. ex: inline forms or in columns why don´t you pu in yot form template something like this? <div class="control-group " style="width:auto!important; clear:none !important; display:inline-block !important;"> <label class="control-label">Country1 *</label> <div class="controls"> <input type="text" placeholder="small" class="m-wrap small" /> <span class="help-inline">Some hint here</span> </div> </div><!-- /control-group --> <div class="control-group " style="width:auto!important; clear:none !important; display:inline-block !important;"> <label class="control-label">Country2 *</label> <div class="controls"> <input type="text" placeholder="small" class="m-wrap small" /> <span class="help-inline">Some hint here</span> </div> </div>

Hi turpin,

Thanks for the comments!

We take into account your suggestion in future update.

Many thanks for keeping in touch turpin.

Hi my Friend, The theme is fantastic!!

So, in new version can you set cookies to theme templates.

For Exemplo in app.js:

$('li', panel).click(function () {
            var color = $(this).attr("data-style");
            $('.inline li', panel).removeClass("current");
     $('li', panel).click(function () {
            var color = $(this).attr("data-style");
            $.cookie('style_color', color , { path: '/' })
            $('.inline li', panel).removeClass("current");
And add
             $('#style_color').attr("href", "/assets/css/style_" + $.cookie('style_color') + ".css");

PS: In the nav menu add “{ path: ’/’ }” of function $cookie. In my case I use virtual host, and this is necessary.


Hi bgastaldi,

Thanks for sharing the code above :)

Sure we will add this feature in the next release.

Thanks for your cooperation bgastaldi!


Any chance of incorporating Entypo font-icons in the next release? They’ve got some awesome icons.

Regards, Trent

Hi abstractventures :)

Thanks for the feedback.

Sure, we will check Entypo font-icons and incorporate in future releases.


Hi, Please update your documentation page – it has a lot of bugs. For example:

1. Content section is missing a closing tag 2. Sidebar menu is missing a toggle button 3. Sub menu’s aren’t working

I feel most people will start from the doc and copy and paste the different sections to their template system as needed, not from one of the example pages…

Hi comfi,

Thanks for the report. We really appreciate it.

Let us check and update the documentation in the next release very soon.

Many thanks for your cooperation comfi!

nice theme! is it possible to add a “separate” full page error pages?

Hi toink,

Thanks for this suggestion :) Sure. We will add a full width layout option in the next release very soon.


Do you offer any customisation for this? I love the theme and have an idea how it could help me…


Hi danielkempe,

Thanks for your feedback.

Note and we will email you the details shortly

Thanks for you interest in our theme :)

Hi, I am running your demo via IE9 and it seems that it has a huge lag when clicking on the naviagtion menu items. It sometimes does not respond at all. Same problem when clicking on the show or hide menu button. I downloaded the template and ran it locally, same issue. Any ideas?


Hi kouts1,

We are about to release v1.1.1 now. This issue will be fixed in v1.1.1 and also many new features coming in the new release. Please stay tuned to download the new release once its approved.

Thanks for your cooperation kouts1.