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Great theme, Go on working like this! Good luck :)

I’m having a problem installing. Gives the following information: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strtoupper() in /home/webmakex/public_html/admin/classes/core.class.php on line 55. Can you help me?

Solved the problem of mbstring PHP. Now I noticed that does not send email administration. You let me know the reason?

I’m sorry that you have so many problems with my template. Please, email me a link to your page via my profile, I’ll try to figure out why it doesn’t work.

I sent a message on your profile. thank you

Awesome looking, fast and adjustable theme. Great support!

I can’t set a password in admin, did chmod 777 for all but yet

Please, email me the link to your site via my profile page.

I emailed you the link, let me know

hey great one! before I purchase is there a confirmation email that gets sent out for people to confirm that they have subscribed just in case random people go on and subscribe on others behalf. let me know thanks!

hey tiger thanks for the quick response. Ok no problem and by the way the admin panel is one of the best features I’ve seen on “coming soon” pages :-) , one last question … can I remove the countdown code without messing the responsiveness of the page?

Thanks again :) Yes, you can. Removing the countdown code just hides the block and doesn’t affect the layout in any other way. If you want to test it, you can try deleting the element in your browser’s dev tools on the demo page.

ok cool thanks!

Very nice work. Good sales;

I love your landing page, but wanted to edit it a bit to fit a different look.

Can you take a look at http://dev.loniashoes.com and let me know if you could be of any assist. For some reason I can’t get the subscribe form to work.

I’m trying to combine and it’s giving me a hassle.

I have a question:
How to make so that the configuration file was saved in utf-8 without BOM???
Thank you.

How do i reset admin panel password???

Cool plugin, works perfectly! If your mail doesn’t work its probably because of your mail server and not this theme. But subscription_list.txt shouldn’t be indexed in public directories. It should be changed to subscription_list.php or a random string. Thank you!

Ok I know that this is a old script but I really like the way it is setup with the admin panel. So does it still function with all the new browsers?