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Nice Work. Good Luck ;)

Thanks so much!!

Hey I purchased your theme (awesome btw) and have a question regarding the newsletter. I created a mailchimp list and and applied the action form list but not receiving any emails. Could you assist?

Site: Action Form:


Thank you for purchasing. We are testing your subscribe form now and looks like it is working.

Im not receiving any emails on the mailchimp side under the list I created.

we did a test subscription this morning and get a email from mailchimp to test email address, after that our email was confirmed

Hi, I have a problem with the background video. But as I can see, you have this problem too: in fact the demo with the youtube video on the background is a fake… I have followed your guide to enalbe the video in background and to disable the slides. But it doesn’t work.

How can you help me? Thanks!

Hello. We just tested your link on a last versions Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, with Mac OS and Windows – and youtube video working perfectly on all browsers. Make sure that you have last version of Firefox.

YTPlayer does not support video on mobile devices, so you can see image background instead of youtube video.

Ohhh…that’s the problem…I’m working on Firefox 2.0…according to you…it’s simple now!

Are you thinking I’m a some kind of stupid?

I told you that the video doesn’t work on my page and NEITHER in your page ( ) using Firefox. So we have two options: 1. the problem is the plugin with firefox 2. the problem is the plugin with my firefox.

I’ve also try to disable Adblock Plus, and no results.

PLEASE, can you really help me to find a solution? THANK YOU.

Hello again.

We think that is the problem of your firefox, because we tested your link again on 5 different computers with Mac OS and Windows – it working good.

What operating system you use for testing? Can you test link on another computer?

Hi. Thanks for the great theme.

I’m trying to implement campaign monitor form submission instead of mailchimp.

I have updated the form post URL with the necessary post URL provided by “” but we get an AJAX error on form submission.

We checked the documentation, but there was nothing too specific about using a slightly different provider. There’s nothing normally complex in using a different provider, so just a little confused by the AJAX error.

Site is

Hello and thank you for purchasing.

We are not sure that we can help you with this issue, because Metropol doesn’t support Campaign Monitor. But if I open your email url – you will see “Invalid Email Address” Also, in js.custom.js file in ajax method we have

url = url.replace(’/post?’, ’/post-json?’).concat(‘&c=?’);

Your current website does not have this parameter, that means you should rewrite it to correct.

Hope it help you! Regards,