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Is the blog file ready to install into WordPress?

Hello, This is HTML version of Metropolis. Wordpress version is available here.

I realize it is html, which is what I want but you have a blog page design included and thought and hoped it was WordPress ready. Otherwise a blog page design does not help me at all for that part of the template.

No Blog page is not Wordpress ready. Your only options is to purchase Wordpress version and add posts with GUI or manually add blog posts in HTML template.

Hello, first of all congratulations on this beautiful template. Im seriously consifering to buy it, I just have one doubt and scince im not very experienced with html and css i would just like to know if it is very hard to change the icons on the header so they are best suited for my clients needs. Oh and also the ones on the services page.

Thanks in advance for the kind attention. Waiting for reply so I can get to work :D

Hi Ivan,

thank you for your kind words. Icons in header and services were mae with icons font, so you can easily change them (except black box background on service icon – that is png). There is also icons font for social icons – you can choose from 60+ icons :). All you need to do is to change name of the icon’s class in HTML file. It’s really not that hard :).. If you’ll have any questions you can drop us an email :)

Hello, awesome theme. I have purchased and I want to make few changes in it. How can I change the color (red) of home,pages, portfolio color to any other color? Thanks.


Default color can be changed in Appearance -> Theme options -> Appearance -> Custom Color style.


Hi Vladimir, thank you for the reply.

I couldn’t find Appearance….

Don’t we change it from the css files?


sorry we thought that you bought WordPress version. You can use any of predefined color styles or open one of them and change the color to any color you want. You can find color css files in css folder. Just don’t forget to include new stylesheet in your HTML documents.

Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team


Is this template in list of potentially affected themes ? ( Revolution Slider Vulnerability )


An older version is installed on live preview of Metropolis theme. Users get newer version when they buy the theme.



Thanks for reply again.

As you can see, I purchased this template and I have old version of this item. ( Revolution Slider )

Your last update approved by Envato on 24 03 2014. I purchased and downloaded this template on 25 08 2014 13:36:00 UTC.

I checked all files and couldn’t find new version of Revolution Slider.

Can you please contact us through contact form and I will send you new version of Revolution slider.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing (Metropolis) HTML template. Some questions popped up: 1. What’s the different between that template with the WordPress version? 2. In http://pixel-industry.com/themes/index.php?theme=metropolis-html page, can I remove some features, e.g. “Our Clients” or “Latest News”?

Thank You :)


The HTML version is the version with which you do not have the ability to add content trough Content Management System, Wordpress. To add news, slides, and to do anything on the HTML version, you have to edit the source code, so the basic HTML would be advisable.

In Wordpress version, the Metropolis template is implemented into the CMS Wordpress and you can add content, images, slideshows and different type of posts/options dynamically.

You can see all the features and options of Wordpress on the link: https://wordpress.org/.

Yes, you can edit and remove what you want, but you have to do it by editing the source code.. In Wordpress version, you would do it trough Content Management System more easily.


header menus have bug not works with light click can you fox please ?


Could you give us more details concerning the bug so we can check it out?


check menus when click on words then menu work if we click on each menu divided part it not works

Hi, I assume that you want that whole menu item is clickable, please use css below to achieve that:
#nav li ul li{
padding: 0 !important;

#nav li ul li a{
  padding: 12px 20px !important;

header menus have bug not works with light click can you fox please ?

can you fox header menus part or like to refund ?

Hi, Please don’t create double comments for same question. Answer is on your previous question.

Hi, Your theme is very pretty.

But I have a problem with the Contact page. Actually, when I click on the submit button, a popup appears with the text of the contact.php…

Idem with the newsletter box

What can I do ? Tx Best regards

I’m sorry… Everything works fine…


Glad it works for you.


Hi; pixel-industry


I want to learn the link of 3 photography that was used in the corporate page, please I would be glad if you can help. Thank you


you mean images in the slider?

yes, about us page slider images

Here are the ID of images. Run it through 123rf.com search and you’ll get the links: 14650318, 12541634, 14650318.

Hi, i just bought your template, i have a little probleme with the slider of the index. In the default version it is not running. Contrary to the blue or clean version which is working. Best regards

Hello another question how can i manage to strech the lengh of the rectangles of the submenus, cause my titles are too long and go in 2 lines. Best regards

And also how can i change the navigation icon, for exemple : . Because i can’t find the file.


the first question: go to style css and find ”#nav li ul li a”. You can edit width there, currently it’s 130px. About your second question – inside of a list item (menu item) you have a span with class “nav-icon” and second class that’s defining icon that will be used, for example “nav-icon icon-cogs”. You can change the icon b changing the second class “icon-cogs”. You can open font awesome folder to see which icons are available to use :). If you’ll have any further questions please register on our support forum: support.pixel-industry.com :)

Hi, congratulations for this very design template. I have 2 questions :

(1) in the slider home, is it possible to avoid the animated texts that slip on the photos ?

(2) in PORTFOLIO 3 ALTERNATIVE : is it possible to create the thumbnails myself from the original photos ? If so, since I have to display a lot of vertical thumbnails, what is the max height I can put for a thumbnail ?

Thank you for your help

Best regards


Please register on our support forum where we have dedicated support team that will help you with all issues you have.

You can register here.

You will be asked to enter Purchase code. Read more about it here.

Thanks, Support stuff

Hi, how to make the third level menu btw work on Safari browser? It works perfectly on Firefox but Safari. thx!


Thank you for purchasing our template.

We provide support only through support forum where we have dedicated support team. Our stuff will help you with all issues you have once we find your query posted. Please find all necessary information below.

Support forum link:


Purchase code guide:

Thanks, Support stuff

Hi, is your template compatible with WPML or PolyLang because I need additional language on my site? It is compatible with WordPress ver, 4.7.4 ? I want to buy it but first I need to know this :)


Yes template is compatible with both WPML and PolyLang and it does work fine with latest version of WordPress.

Let me know in case you will have any other question :)