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got an issue right at the beginning, have added all the theme files, but the banner slider is missing and the home static blocks are not working as advised. im using Magento ver.

Hi Guys

When is your next update and what’s included?

We are working on store wise banners and other things and update it soon.

We have bought and set up metros, but can not see megamenu on webpages. Could you tell me the reason? You may sent replies to leo.liu@pinz.cn. Many thanks.

Please mail us your URL and screenshots to check to peerforest@gmail.com and we will update you.

Is there an option to remove the add to cart functionality and have it setup as an affiliate site. I have no experience of developing for Magento and so am querying whether this functionality is built into the back end?

Not in theme.. YOU need to check for Magento extension for it .

We have it all settled, but absolute NO customization of colors from the admin area shows in the fronted. The GREEN color remains there. Flushed cache, reindexed pages… Nothing works.

Any ideas?


Please make sure you are not putting # along with color code. You need to use just color code without # in admin settings.


hi, it this theme SEO ready? thanks

yes it is.

Could you please advise us, as we can’t see the theme as something is preventing it to happen.


Sure. Please mail us your details to check and we will udpate you.

We have problem to get the proper size and definition for banners, could you please provide the dimensioning rules? we tried to see the pictures in your demo, those are 1200×800, however impossibile to load…


YOU can set height of your banner from admin. Banner size in our demo is 1200 X 360


I have a few questions about this theme:

In the product details page, is it possible to have the responsive “lightbox” effect when clicking on the image instead of the current feature you have that opens a new browser window?

Is it possible to add an RSS feed and twitter feeds on the home page?

Are the PSD files included?



WE have enabled cloudzoom and it will open new image in same box with zoom feature.

Yes, YOU need to edit custom block for that.

Yes, PSDs are included with theme.


Thank you for your quick replies.

One thing that I feel is missing from this theme is a Facebook Like Box integrated (setup from theme admin) and Twitter tweets Box integrated (setup from theme admin). Do you plan on adding this functionality in the future?

If the answer is no at the moment, do you know where can I find these plugins to add them myself later?

Thanks again.

yup, we are looking forward to add facebook, twitter boxes in future updates, thanks for reminding.

One more question. Can you turn off the the text block in the banner slider on the left?

YOU can do that from admin easily.

hi! nice theme! where can i delete the colour block in the slider? I only want the picture to show.

YOU can easily disable it from Admin > Settings > Banner slider > Show description as NO.


I bought this beautiful theme, but I am experiencing some issues with the installation:

While I was copying theme files to my root folder I got 2 warnings from the FTP software about .htaccess already on my server and if I wanted to overwrite them. I pressed NO. What do I need to do with the 2 .htaccess files that come with the theme? Do I need to append the code inside my existing .htaccess files on my server? The documentation doesn’t mention anything about these files and I don’t want to overwrite my existing files since I have a working Magento solution in place.

Can someone please help me with this?


Hi again! Disregard my previous post, I managed to get things to work now! :-)

I have 2 little issues. I can’t manage to show items in the “latest products” and “featured products”. I did exactly like mentionned in the documentation (created the promotion attribute and set the proper dates for the new items).

Any suggestions?


Hi, That’s great to know. Latest product and featured product should work if you set up as per documentation. Please mail us your server details of peerforest@gmail.com and we will check the issue.

I will get back to you shortly. Thanks for your reply :-)

Ok, I sent you my info! Thanks a lot!

Hi. I have problems with main menu in IE8 (winxp). How can I remove the main banner and replace with something else?

YOU can remove banner slider block from page.xml and call your on custom block.

if you working for next update please fix the main menu in IE8.

Hi, How can I configure the banner slider differently (different set of banners for different stores) for multi-domain /multi-store magento 1.7 installation

Right now, you can not set store wise banners, We are working on it and will be available in next update mostly next week.

Sent an email on Wed. Awaiting a response.

Using the Camera Slider no matter what I set for transition type it ends up with a random transition. Also in Firefox for Mac the slider shows loading but its blank.


Will reply you asap.

Still waiting on a reply on this.


Is it possible to have text banners set up for multi-language sites? i.e. text for english and text in another language…

Great! Actually the entire theme needs to support multi-languages, is that in your plans also for next week?

Can you also respond to my email about the latest products and cloud zoom not working? Thanks

sure, I will.

Hi there, is it possible to disable the responsive theme? I don’t like the responsive theme on my telephone or tablet.


It will be in our next update :)

How can we replace the “METROS” logo with our own logo in the footer?


Ok. But what do I put in the following code?  

disregard my post…FIXED.

Hi! I just installed the 1.3 update! Great job man! Finally we can set the theme for multi-sites.


most welcome.. let us know if you find any other issue / thing too and we are always ready to update theme .