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Quick question, how can I translate the “READ MORE” in the banner slider? thanks

you can do this in csv file in locale folder, mail us on peerforest@gmail.com if any issue.

Hi it doesn’t work, I tried that. I will send you an email. thanks

I installed v1.3 and is still that problem with main menu visualisation in Internet Explorer 8. IE8 – 11% market share – still high precent and i cannot ignore

yes, we will check and update it.

Hi there,

I like your metros theme a lot but there is one thing that has to be changed before i buy it. When i`m surfing on my smartphone the responsiveness of the site makes the product details already extended. Thats useful because you only have to touch once to add to cart/wishlist/compare but the product details are so big that almost half of the product picture isn`t visible. So is there a way to make the product detail bar underneath the picture as big as the desktop version (whitout hover) with the icons add to cart and wichlist/compare?


Thanks for pointing out, we will look to implement this in our next update.


Can you please verify my check out page? The CREDIT CARD TYPE pull down menu always closes before you can select the credit card (VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, etc). It’s strange, you need to try to see what I mean. The other pull down menus are fine. Maybe there is bug?

I sent you an email with my details. :-)


Ok, will check.

how can i make always visible search box?

You need to change one css for that.. mail us on peerforest@gmail.com and we will update you what at which line to change.

I want to change the font style of the banner title in the slider .. How do i do that ??

will reply your email.

I am getting a FATAL Error. Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object in /home/.../app/code/core/Mage/Eav/Model/Entity/Abstract.php on line 816

I have installed the theme for my client. I followed the instructions which you gave in the documentation,still I am getting this error. Here is the site address : http://www.sale7.org/demo/index.php

I have sent you the mail…Also I have reindexed everything and also emptied all the cache..!!

I have mentioned the website in the email….!!!

OK. Will check and udpate.

Well I figured out that the homepage code is not right…As soon as I change it, the site works..!!

Please update it..!!

Can you mail us on peerforest@gmail.com what code are you talking about.. We will surely update it.


Theme look pretty amazing and unique. Though I figured out a bug while testing responsive view on few resolutions like 360×640(Landscape), 768×1024, 800×1280 and 980×1280. Here’s the screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/1fWgoM9.png

We will check and update if any issue, thanks for pointing it out.

Well as stated above now everything works fine…But wheres the banner ? I dont see any banner there now…!!! What should I do ?

Hello, about the menu, i know that i can either enable or disable the mega menu. But is there a way to set some categories as Mega and others as normal looking? like maybe a layout update or something.

NO. there is no such options right now.


Hi, the shopping cart does not empty after a sale. I think this is a bug, can you confirm please? Thanks.

Will check and solve out if any issue. Thanks.

Beautiful theme! I am moving from wordpress to magento and I have a few questions about the theme you have created before I buy. 1. Doe this theme support digital downloads? 2. Can one create a subscription account for users to access the store? perhaps free downloads of products once in? I appreciate any feedback and best of luck with continued sales!


Thanks for comments. This theme is developed for Magento community edition which by default supports digital products, you just need to check Magento documentation for that. Second, Subscription is not supported as default in Magento or in this theme, but some extension may be there for it. Check this one : http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/subscriptions-and-recurring-payments.html



pul Purchased

I have a clean magento 1.7.2 and I installed this theme but I had a problem with javascript libraries compatibilities and I doesn’t display correctly the mega menu. Could you help me? http://parafarmaciacastro.com/

Sure, Can you mail us on peerforest@gmail.com with your issue and admin login details ?

Hi there, I bought this item yesterday because it looks fun to play around with a little. I got one isue so far: The next and previous buttons for featured item blocks wont seem to work. Well I guess this is a jQuery issue but the console wont give me any clue’s. So Im wondering if you had similar problems in the past. There shouldnt be any issues with my own jQuery because I used a fresh and clean magento installation and havent added any other modules except for your theme. Help would be welcome.

PS: The – in your installation pdf ctrl-c/v copy to -­? ( Ok well it doesnt even cpoy here the same way it looks like – - in magento but they are actually 2 different kinds of signs ). Thats pretty annoying when you dont instantly notice it and question yourself what you did wrong after seeing none of the blocks are visible on the homepage.

Edit number 3: $_columnCount in featured.phtml should probably be name $_rowCount. Would make more sense since we’re talking about rows and not collumns.

Yours, Baris

The problem was caused my own stupidity. The thing was, I expected the bestsellers slider to behave like the new products slider. So I guess I’m making that one myself. Thanks for your reply.

Well I have looked at the live demo’s of your product, but in there the sliders dont seem to work for me. The next button is active so you would expect the slider to slide upon pressing the button. It doesnt slide for me tho.

Which slider are you talking about ? Its working fine in demo feature & new product slider ..


I am relatively new to Magento, and we really like this theme. I have a question before we purchase. Is it difficult to change the slider, not the images but the slider itself. We really like the revolution slider and want to add that instead of the default and need to make sure that is doable.




YOU have to change some theme files for that and should have a good knowledge of jQuery as well.


Hi, is it easy enough to use this as a catalogue without the Add to Cart features for now? Thanks! Rs

hi, I think you need to check Magento community edition Docs for that

Hi ! I sent you an email and ftp info for the update from v1.1 to v1.3. Can you help me on that?

yes, will update you asap.

please do! I didn’t see any change yet?

Do you want us to update theme on your Server ? As its not latest yet.

Do you have HTML template for this one?

Sorry, We dont have.

if you create one for html i will buy it. _ thanks

So I purchase (2 copies) of your Metros Theme. I love the look but I have a couple problems. One: I accidentally deleted some code from the footer blocks. Could you tell me where to find this? or send it to me? Two: I can’t get the banner to display. I have it enabled and pictures loaded but it isn’t showing up. What am I missing?

Thanks, Scott