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peerforest does not currently provide support for this item.

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Ps. I had my hosting company install it, maybe they didn’t do something right. Maybe you can do a fresh install of the theme for me? Let me know, Thanks.

Nevermind, I figured out both issues.

Are there missing files in the download file? For example, there are not a lot of images in skin/images folder (Compare to version 1.1 zip file)? Version 1.1 zip file is also about 21MB, but version 1.3 zip file is only about 18MB.

Yes, We have used ICONIC Fonts now, so there are lots icons not used now.

Love the look and feel, but Im just getting started with it and I can already tell that if there are not a certain number of products in the store, it looks horrible… and also the layout goes all screwy when the resolution is less than 1200 wide. Isnt this supposed to be all set up for the responsive versions?

The slider seems to be the worst one.

Any clues for this to view properly in a tablet and or phone?

HI, Thanks for update, We are already working on it and will upload update within few days.

Howdy, great theme you got here! Glad I bought it. BUT, I want to make all my product images, in all views and instances, to be square in aspect. How can I do this? I don’t want to mess up your lovely css. Thanks!

ps, when set to 4 products per row on “Product list page”, the image is much too tall for my products to look good. Also, Featured Products should show aligned to top if possible.

Please send us an email on peerforest@gmail.com and we will update you.


i just bought your theme, and i’m having troubles to install it.

I followed all instructions on documentation but when i go save the change the package name to metros and click save, the magento says:

‘package with this name does not exist and cannot be set.’

But, in magento root directory, i have upload theme files as described:

/skin/frontend/metros/default /app/design/frontend/metros/default

What is wrong?


can you please send email & Ftp details on peerforest@gmail.com ? We will check and solve out if any issue.

I want this to be available in HTML Template please… _

As we already told, we dont have one.

I have problem with menu ul items there are no icon and every ul and li item overlapping and mixing each other.Can you tell me how can I do that?

Hi, Can you send me more details on peerforest@gmail.com. We will check it out and update you


Can you email me your issue on peerforest@gmail.com



I sent you some emails since the day before yesterday and had no reply yet.

I’m having the same problem of husisk69, and some more small others.

I need your help.

Still Waiting. Thanks.

Yes already replied you please communicate via email on peerforest@gmail.com

Yes already replied you please communicate via email on peerforest@gmail.com

Hi, would you know how I can add product info in the blue box since I removed price? http://spankits.nextmp.net

Thank you,


Hi, can you send me your issue via email peerforest@gmail.com

I also have the menu problem as husisk69 and bscavalcanti…

can you send me issue via email on peerforest@gmail.com

I’ve been waiting to have a support for this menu overlapping issue but no solution.Here is the peerforest answer to my e-mail: Please place the below path folder in to your magento folder from previous theme.

app > code > local > mage > page (copy the page folder from our last changes theme)

and paste in to your latest folder as same given path. .........................................................................................

But there are no folder called page in that path???I think he’s gonna change his name peerforest with poorsupport.


We are available for your support. Please let me know your issue. We will provide you lifetime support if you are getting any issue. Just explain it. I already replied you via email and shorted your issue within 24 hours so please be patient Send me more details via email on peerforest@gmail.com


Im getting this error suddenly..

Fatal error: Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object in /home/soundlif/public_html/magento1/app/code/core/Mage/Eav/Model/Entity/Abstract.php on line 816

Also on banners how can i stop the images from being zoomed in on?

ok thanks

how about banners? The banner displays a very zoomed in version of the image Im using.. looks no good http://www.soundlifeyoga.com


Can you send me more details on email along with your FTP ? We will check it out and get back to you shortly.


Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Core_Helper_Cookie’ not found in /home/elekbena/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 533


It’s default magento issue and this is not theme issue. Though we will solve it for you. Please send me your FTP details on peerforest@gmail.com

Waiting for your email

Hi peerforest, i sent you an email about 2 days ago and I got not response. Could you help me on that please?


Hi, I got not any response. Mi email is ivanm*@gmail.com

can you send mail again, I cannot find one with this email address.

Sent again. Thank you


I could not install this theme but i am sure that i did something wrong and i know that you will help me with this. Also, i intend to order layouts similar to this theme to use on a facebook fan page. If you have it, i am interested. I sent you an email with printscreens if it helps. Thank you. Sender is: catalao@gmail.com

Will reply you on email.


Excellente Support. 5 stars!

Hi, I notice from a product page when I click an icon I get a loading animation but nothing happens from it. Any way to disable that so people can click into the product view? http://spankits.nextmp.net/index.php/soccer.html



YOU can disable it from Admin > settings > Base > Disable Module as YES. Please mail us on peerforest@gmail.com if you still have an issue.

Great theme. Very keen to buy it. However, I have a few quick questions: 1. Custom AJAX Add to Cart Free Extension – How will this work for products with Custom Option (Colors/Sizes)?

Thank you.

Product with Custom option will be redirected to Product detail page when clicking on Add to Cart, Simple product will be added via Ajax.

How can I make the image on my product home page clickable and link to the product page? Not just inflate image?

Also how do I add the customized areas on the right of product page and bottom left of hoe page in your demo?

Great theme! soundlifeyoga.com

Product image is already linked to product page in our theme. If you are having any issue with that please mail us peerforest@gmail.com and we will check.

You can edit them from Admin > Custom Blocks section, please see documentation for details.


I installed your template in http://docealto.pt/new/ and the responsive does not work.

can you help me solve the problem?

thank you

please mail us on peerforest@gmail.com with your admin access detail we will check and solve it for you.