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I bought your theme and the checkout page doesn’t work. It showed “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name() in /home/x/public_html/y.com/lib/MaxMind/GeoIP/geoip.inc on line 390”. Please help me to fix it. The domain is supplyhouston.com. Thanks.

please mail us on peerforest@gmail.com with your admin access details, we will check it.

I did it. My email is contact@apluscomputech.net. Thanks.

Will check and update you. thanks

I bought your theme and whenever I click on the product image in a gridview or list view product page, it show the image instead of go to the product detail page. Please help me to fix it. The domain is supplyhouston.com. And please tell me how to update your theme to 1.4. Right now my theme is 1.3. Thank you so much.

Nice Theme!!! – QUESTION – Are you able to Disable The Responsiveness for the site?

Yes, there is already an option for it in Admin > System > Configuration.

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Great magento theme, however we are having trouble setting up on our server. We followed the pdf instructions word for word and still having no luck. we sent an email to ‘peerforest@gmail.com’ and waiting on a reply, please help!!!

Reply you on email.

please check reply email again.

What is your email ID ?

Hello, i purchased this theme, but i can’t find the “enable the responsivness” option in my theme option back-office. What can i do?

There is an option, Please send us an email on peerforest@gmail.com and we will update you there.


How can i change the title of the featured and new products block on the home page?

You can change it in file Your Magento ROOT > app > design > frontend > metros > default > template > catalog > product > featured.phtml and same for new.phtml


Please see our mail we have sent today from info@egen.cz. Need some clarification. Thank you.



i installed some modules that works in the default magento theme but in the metros theme they don’t work.

Can you help me

Hi, Please send us the details at peerforest@gmail.com and our team will help you sort this out. Thanks

Hi, ?sent an email to you about the Version 1.4 with Magento 1.7.02. When I installed the following banner xml code on home page as your install word file

<reference name=”top”> <block type=”bannerslider/bannerslider” template=”bannerslider/bannerslider.phtml” /> </reference>

I will get an error message.

You fixed the issue, can you tell me how to fix the issue? Thanks!

Thanks for email, we will look it and update you asap

You have fixed the issue, please tell me how to fix it. thank you very much! I am very anxious?

will update you by email.

Please go to http://www.sportwears.us with your iPhone, the menu will not hide(responsivness) automatically. when you fixed it, please tell me how to fix it(which files will be changed). I have sent the ftp detail to your email box.

sure, will reply your email.

I can’t get the banner to display. I have it enabled and pictures loaded but it isn’t showing up. What am I missing?



yes we got your mail, will reply you on email.


I just updated your theme(Last Update: 18 June 13) on my website http://www.sportwears.us the new version has too many issues

(1): I added a product and set it as a new product and featured product, please check the homepage on http://www.sportwears.us, the page can’t display fully.

(2): Please go to the category http://www.sportwears.us/nfl.html , the right sidebar can’t display, the whole page can’t display fully, the item can’t display the title, price and buttons.

(3): When you change “Show 15 items per page” to “Show X items per page” with AJAX, it can’t work, the server returns 500 error in back end.

I have sent email to you with the FTP information, please help me fix these issues. thanks!

We will check your email and update you ASAP.

how long you will fix the issues? I can’t open my store. thanks!

When we open given URL, We see different theme and not ours.


In my magento is not working the “Back to top” and “Quick View”.

Can you help me?


Please send an email with your details on peerforest@gmail.com and we will update you asap.

To those struggling with banners / latest / featured or other such issues – it will be because you upgraded and the folder(s) and structure(s) are different. You can’t simply upload the new version as I discovered after hours of comparing / debugging I removed all my original version theme files and was able to get pretty much everything back to working.

Despite emailing the support email address and even offering to pay for assistance I was unable to get any reply at all :(

I still have a couple of issues but guess I’ll need to work through these myself.


sorry for any inconvenience, but we were off last weekend and not able to reply you. You can send your issues on mail and we will get back to you asap.

No worries – I perhaps posted a little hasty – for those reading Peerforest were on it like a flash today and have emailed me solutions very quickly so I can’t fault the follow up support. Next time I’ll be more patient methinks.

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, it is very nice theme.I’d like to consider this, before that, i need some answers. actually Im planning to use this one for online vegetables, fruits category products. in order to that, am I able to do following

1.displaying vegetable in grams mode, ex: 250gm, 500gs like that.


Thanks for your interest. You need to check magento community edition documents for that. But I think you can do that with configurable products.

Hey there,We are having a problem with our Banner at pebblecake.com. It is not Loading after the updation to v1.5 from v1.2. We are in a dire state as we need the site up and running immediately.

I send you the mail. Please check. Thanks

Hey there, the banner trouble on our site still persists. Please assist us ASAP.

Will reply on your email.

I’m getting an error under the banner: Fatal error: Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object

Please create attribute with the name “promotion” as described in installation doc and check. Please mail us on peerforest@gmail.com if still having issues.

I got the getBackend fixed but the menu’s gone. I sent you an email.

Replied your email.

Please help me the following: does not appear on the latest products, featured products, and its menu. Thanks a lot!

my problems live on: http://buyzone.hu/magento

Please mail us your issues on peerforest@gmail.com with Admin login detail to check and we will sort them out.