Discussion on MetroShop - Premium OpenCart theme

Discussion on MetroShop - Premium OpenCart theme

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dedalx does not currently provide support for this item.

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Would you consider making some custom edits for us? Paid of course.

Hello, sorry we does not offer modification services for OpenCart anymore.

I want to apply a pincode extension but it is not display on product page on your theme. Please help me. The extension file is here:- http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/dn7Y6ZHN/file.html

Hello, we does not provide support for not our extensions. Contact extension developer for help.

Sorry to say that the extension developer told me that his extension is perfect but some of the theme file cannot run with the extension file and also he tell me to contact the theme developer, therefore i contact you.

He can say you anything to sell his product. For any issues with extensions you must contact extension developer, not us.

do you have the metro theme compatible? with opencart 2.3.1? ?

Please check the screenshot here:- http://s13.postimg.org/o9qfv4ryf/error.jpg

When i installed multimerch extension on my website i got an alignment problem. When a seller create an account and try to insert a new product, he/she got this error. How can i solve it. Please help me.

Hello, ask for help from extension developer. We does not provide support for not our extensions.

how can i setup to featured products in rows instead of carousel .. thanks

Hello, if you does not see this feature in theme and theme options panel this mean theme does not have this feature.

can i help making 1.5.6 version RTL i have rtl.css and all other files needed also i think u need to update theme as there is ross-site scripting vulnerability but can’t find it

Hello, this theme does not support RTL. Our theme does not have any vulnerabilities.

great theme but no update sincee 2013 :( probably it doesnt support last opencart

This theme for OpenCart 1.5.6. OpenCart 2.0 is completely new platform and require full theme redevelopment from scratch as new theme (not update). We are working on it for a long time.

Hi, while i love this theme. What i hate is it sets over 50 third party tracking cookies….I despise tracking/marketing cookies & refuse to have them on my site. It took me a reinstall to even find out what set them. How can i kill them or do i need to switch to another theme? Thanks

Well can you point me in the direction to kill them? As soon as i turn your theme on i go from 0 3rd party cookies to almost 60

I found it finally….commenting out 2 lines killed all 60+.....again great theme

As I know they use only 1 cookie before, maybe they added a lot of new some time ago. Strange why they use it, we will check.

when you will update to compatible with OC2.0? I want to purchase one ASAP.

Hello, this update require a lot of time for full redevelopment from scratch (like new theme, not simple update). We don’t have ETA for it.


We released security update, check our website news. This is not a OpenCart 2.x version.

Hi I really love your store, but I will not buy of I don’t see it be compatible with opencart 2.0. I noticed a remark that you are busy upgrading about 8 months ago. Please tel me when it will be released?

Hello, theme currently is not compatible with OC 2.0. Sorry, We don’t have estimated dates for updates releases.

Hi there,

I purchased the MetroShop theme for a Magento eCommerce a while ago and wondering if exists for Wordpress/Woocommerce too?


Check our FlatMarket theme, it was made on MetroShop design with some changed to get accepted for sale. http://themeforest.net/item/flatmarket-multipurpose-woocommerce-theme-rtl/9185162


I’vd tested the theme on chrome android and add to cart button from homepage dosent work. On default android browser works.

I have few recomandations for mobile version: 1. Checkout page is not responsive everthing is messy in checkout page. 2. In homepage carouels we have hover for buttons and users must see directly the button add to cart not to click on the box because we dont have hover in mobile :) 3. Setting colors in admin for theme has some “minor bugs”. After i edit colors i must save as a theme and ever time i edit colors i must save again as a new theme i want to overwrite a theme not to save another :)

We will check this issues, thanks.

Will there be an release for that will be great, want to start a new webshop!!!

We are working on update.

Excellent theme, I followed your instruction and I got the following error when trying to check the site.

Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$config in /home/softlylp/public_html/catalog/view/theme/metroshop/template/common/footer.tpl on line 4 Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/softlylp/public_html/catalog/view/theme/metroshop/template/common/footer.tpl on line 4

Yes, I already check via phpinfo that

short_open_tag = ON

Please help.

Oh my I’m using OpenCart Version

checking open cart download: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=download/download, there is no OpenCart 1.6.x – Can I use version?

Hi, how can i add sister level categories to the theme, i tried contacting through the ticket system but got no reply.


Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)

please update it for OC 2.0 :)

We are working on it.

great :D thanks

Hello, I’m having trouble launching my Metroshop Site. Using JustHost, Magento 1.9 and Metroshop 1.3. All images are missing. The only image I’ve managed to manipulate is the sites’ tab icon…but can’t seem to find the option to change the tabs’ name, I believe it’s called “head”?! :depressed:

Submit a ticket to http://support.magniumthemes.com/ please.

Nice work. Waiting for update to the OpenCart 2.0

Hello, Please I have a problem

Phenomenon I have the products in my site 4 products


In your site 5 products


How to do it

Change products limit in module settings and check that you have 5+ products for this module.

There are many products from the same unit, but the problem in all models

When you activate the Module to the right or left of the theme shrinking products to only 3

Technical support

Thanks for your purchase! If you have some technical questions or need technical support check our FAQ page first (maybe your question already answered). If you don’t find answer you can submit ticket in our Support System: http://support.magniumthemes.com/.

This is automatically reply, please do not answer here in item comments if you need help again – you question will not be answered, we offer support in ticket system only.

Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)


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