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Can you tell me how to change the marker on the google maps from “metrostore” – I have changed the heading text in you google map theme setting but it doesn’t seem to change it?

Many thanks,


You need to replace image for that. We have mentioned in documentation. Please email us for further questions.


Hi , anyone else having colour issues , ie not being able to change colours from the admin panel, and has anyone solved it, the theme owner is non responsive and clearly has other things to deal with, not sorting issues for the poeple that have wasted money on his theme… Any help would be greatly appreciated before I tear this theme off :-)

Hello, We replied you already. You have conflict issue with some extension. No user had such problem before. Please provide ftp details as well via email. Thanks!!

Hello… I have a big problem with my checkout onepage.

When my client try to finish ckeckout, he type the address in a first step. Then he clicks on “continue” button. Here is the problem. Appear a strange message on left sidebar, and the page reload to page cart.

Please, register in my store and try to buy any item. Process to checkout and check the error!


Help me please!!! My clients can’t buy any item! I’m lost!

Hi… send your email please!

please… finish the checkout! Try again to the four step!

I change the server. Now it’s working!

Unfortunately, we don´t have Twitter and don´t want to open an account. Instead of the Twitter Block, we want to integrate another static block like die ABOUT US static block. Can you please tell me how to do?!

Thanks for your welcome help.

Hi, Please email us so we can answer brief. Thanks!!

Hi, Please check our website – http://signaturearts.in/index.php/

When you try to checkout as guest the box for state appears missing and hence a user cannot checkout and go to the payment section.

Can you give a reference of the file where I could look for and fix it myself.

Thanks and Regards

You should check with base files. It seems this is due to customizations done on site. Please email for further questions. Thanks!!

I want a website just like this www.okazi.ro

Which of your thems is the cloest to that template up ? I want a them that can users buy and sell from each other, do you understan on me and I want a comment area down of each product ?

Hi, Please email us with more details. So we can answer in brief. Thanks!!

How do you check the items that have been placed in the comparisons list? I.E you can add items to compare but how do you actually see the compare page?

You can see it on my account section. After logged in. Please email for more details. Thanks!!


Is there any way to add a link so that you don’t have to sign in?

When you input a search and the results are shown (you don’t have to sign in) – the comparison option shows up on the left hand side, is it possible to add this to a CMS static block?

I’m new to magento and slowly playing catch up!

Other themes have an icon for the compare items – if you’re a customer it’s very difficult to know where to go to see the items that have been added as there is no explanation that you are required to sign and then goto the “my account” page.


The Vertical slider on the homepage doesn’t function correctly. Even on your own demo store – the right slider that says “4 types of slider” – when you click through the sliders it displays the same image and doesn’t cycle through.

If you allow the slider to cycle through by itself for a minute or two, then it will show images 2 and 3 and allow you to click through the various different images. Also when altering the CMS block text from “4 types of sliders” it just overlays the new text on top of “4 types of sliders”.

I have also emailed another question regarding removing “metrostore” from the google map and have not received an email back – I have asked the same question 3 times.

I have also emailed you asking how to remove “contact us” from the secondary menu (blue bar background) as the contact us tab directly above is excellent and more than sufficient.

This is a great theme but there are a couple of bugs.

Warmest of regards,

Hi There,

1) It functions properly. We have added repeatative effect to it. It has js file. So you can modify as per requirement.

2) You need to replace image for this. We have also mentioned this part in documentation.

3) Its located in topmenu.phtml app\design\frontend\default\metrostore\template\page\html

Please email us for further questions.



That’s great – you’re great and the theme is great!

Hi again,

One other question – is it possible to show the compare items option in the CMS blocks that you have provided.

When you input a search and the results are shown (you don’t have to sign in) – the comparison option shows up on the left hand side, is it possible to add this to a CMS static block?

Thanks again!

I emailed you yesterday…..

And 4 days later – I am still awaiting your response…...

Yes, you can call compare list to static block using following code:

{{block type=”catalog/product_compare_sidebar” name=”catalog.compare.sidebar” template=”catalog/product/compare/sidebar.phtml” }}

You need to call following code to file where you want to diplay this block: <?php echo $this->getLayout()>createBlock(‘cms/block’)>setBlockId(‘blockName’)->toHtml() ?>

Thanks, Koolthememaster

Hello fellows,

I’ve just sent you an email regarding the Shipping & Returns footer link.

Thanks in advance,

Answered =))

Haven’t got any answer…

For contact block - You can remove it by simply from admin. Disable CMS static block “contactDetail”

Hello…. I have to reinstall my magento and my theme. I need a help to fix a error. I sent for you my account details. In the System > Configuration > all my theme configuration have been a 404 page error.

I need a help, please!

You should use new updated package. Please download from themeforest.


Hi, koolthememaster

We just purchased this template, we are wondering if you could provide us the dump.sql file so that we DO NOT have to set up this template piece by piece.

We would like to do it in one shot, we have been working with many Magento themes, they all have the dump.sql

Please help


I mean “SQL dump file”, please help

Please email us with details. Thanks!!

hi, thanks for your reply, but we think its very clear about what we want. Which part you do not get exactly?

Hello fellows,

I’ve just sent you another inquiry, now on the Google Map Setting.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve sent you another inquiry regarding the ‘contactDetail’ static block. Thanks.

HI…. My twitter account doesn’t work. What’s happening?

Yes, I created that.

HELP Me Pleaaase!!

Hi, Its found for twitter files has not been uploaded properly. Please try repluploading those files. Let us know.


Thanks for the great support and theme but I have one other question that hasn’t been answered:

What about the logo? It doesn’t resize correctly when the browser sizes (or device) gets smaller and knocks everything out of alignment. Is there any CSS you can provide to fix that?

The logo should reduce in size so that when you view on a laptop, mobile device or tablet etc as it is it completely knocks everything out of alignment.


Also – is it possible to remove the search bar because when resizing the menu text is lost underneath the search bar.

I would prefer to remove it and put it in a static CMS block or could you offer a fix that adds padding around the search bar?

Sure, we help you with this. Reply you with email. Thanks!!

Hi – looking forward to your email…

Hi Guys,

After a few email as well as a screencast provider on how to replicate the issue and few follow up emails I haven’t had any feedback on this.

The issue is about the expected behaviour of the “previous” and “next” product buttons on the product details page.

For your reference, here is the screencast provided on August 12 and then again an August 20: http://screencast.com/t/SakzSZSZSlBA

Earlier post reference links are: - http://themeforest.net/item/metroshop-responsive-magento-theme/discussion/4602894?page=8#comment_4345457 - http://themeforest.net/item/metroshop-responsive-magento-theme/discussion/4602894?page=8#comment_4422684

Thanks for your feedback on this issue.


It works category wise not filter wise. If you click on any category product & then click on next prev buttons you wil see results. It is category based not filter based.


Hi again,

I too am having an issue with the “previous” and “next” product buttons on the product details page.

Mine being that when you have a long title for your product – the text gets lost underneath the buttons.

You can view the problem here: http://www.wefixcomps.co.uk/example.jpg

Can you please offer a css fix for this. Please don’t ask me to email you with this for you to promise a reply – that just adds time and half the time I don’t get a response (I have emailed many times and not got a response).

I anxiously await your response,

Hi, It needs a minor CSS fix. Goto style.css Add following .product-view .product-shop .product-name {padding-right:75px;}

Also add for responsive to – @media only screen and (max-width: 767px .product-view .product-shop .product-name {padding-right:0px; }

Thanks, Kool


Can you explain the second bit again for @media only??

Thanks for your response,

Yes, you need to place this on responsive.css search for max-width: 767px & add this css to that section at very bottom before curly ( } ) bracket close.


Everything is good, but when I use a language other than English. The last one of top links – ‘Shopping cart’ is not been translated.

The language package I used is official one. most stuff seems ok, just a few of them are not translated.

Could you tell me how to setup the translations?

I assume there are some theme level translate file, but I am not able to find out any documents tell me how.


Hi Sean,

Please email us list of words which you can’t translate.


HI, Why is Preview not working. It was working before but not working now.