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Is there an admin demo for this theme? I want to know if the main slider is picking up actual products and their descriptions, or if these need to be programmed/specified separately from the stock database.

I’d really like it if the slider picked up products from the stock database if possible….


You can see admin demo of theme only after purchase. The slider picks actual products & their descriptions which you set from admin. Please email for further questions.


Is there a way to get my own logo in the top left to appear responsive and size down or up accordingly? http://www.bestatprinting.co.uk

Hi, Didn’t get you. I see your logo on top left right now. Its already there. Thanks!!

Yes the logo is there but not responsive i.e. shrink in size when you decrease the website page width? If pops up in the air when going down in size?

Magic banner has no option to select which type of banner to use. Also, I cant get menu bar and tabs to display.

I need urgent help.

Hi, It has options to select which banner you want to use. Please go through detailed documentation for these. You will see screenshot attach with. Please email for further questions. Thanks!!

Hi I get a 404 error in all options under MDLEXT.

Hi, You have missed some files while uploading. You have purchased recently right. If not kindly please download updated package. Thanks!!

I purchased and downloaded yesterday. as per documentation, I uploaded js, app and skin. What am I missing?

In my Google Maps, the “METROSTORE” it’s appear. How can I change this? http://kingblue.com.br/contacts/

I change this in the “Google Map Setting” but the option it’s about the description. Help me please!

Hi, Its in admin setting & rest for alt its in map.phtml. I change it from admin for you. Thanks!


I have purchased this theme and the section “Mdl Theme Settings” in System > Configuration does not work correctly. The colors which are chosen on the back end are not changed on the front end. Can you please message back ASAP.


Sure, please share admin & ftp details via email. Thanks!!

icomonline, I have a same issue… I bought the theme and no answer the errors, no support… They doing on this way.. We don’t have any tools to do something… I waiting the twitter issue about 6 weeks, and I asked the logo need to be responsive i.e. shrink in size when you decrease the website page width… No answer my emails, only just promise….

I have your website url but its not working for me. Can you please email me the correct one. THanks!!

go to the www.kreativcv.hu

Good news. Twitter updated now you can download updated package. Please follow instructions. Thanks!!

I’m afraid I have to agree with the others. Im sure this twitter problem can’t take so long to update.. I too also require logo responsiveness as it upsets the whole theme on resizing.. Also my colour change options do not change any colours? But i think that could be something my end.. Anyone got any suggestions as this question was ignored before..

koolthemaster … You have been saying updates are coming so many times… some weeks back you said in a couple of days… Why is it taking so long to update this theme? If you are having difficulties keeping up with demand or you are overworked, please keep your customers informed.. They will appreciate it to know where they stand and save you some respect…

Regrading color settings. Please email us admin details sow e can look into it. Thanks!!

OK great and thank you for your fast response and update, it is appreciated! :)

I’ll be in touch via email shortly.

All the best


Hey Jon, Good news. Twitter updated now you can download updated package. Please follow instructions. Thanks!!

Hi There,

A few message on this board (http://themeforest.net/item/metroshop-responsive-magento-theme/discussion/4602894?page=8#comment_4345457 and http://themeforest.net/item/metroshop-responsive-magento-theme/discussion/4602894?page=8#comment_4422684) but not getting much reply.

I have also sent you a couple of emails and not much reply.

Can you advice on the above issues?


The site was disable. I have re-enabled it now.



Problem has been fixed.

1. You set 2column right on homepage it has to be one column. 2. Twitter you can download updated package from TF. 3. I see you have setup multiple custom menu successfully on your website. 4. “previous/next” button it is working as expected. Please see demo.

Please email for further help.



Thanks for your feedback. I’ll retrieve the latest package from TF.

Regarding, the item 4. “previous/next”, I have just checked on the demo site and it does not seem to be working.

Steps to replicate: 1. Go to http://www.dev-mdl.in/metroshop/index.php/electronics.html?manufacturer=29 (a brand is selected). 3 products will be displayed 2. Click on the product in the middle which send you to http://www.dev-mdl.in/metroshop/index.php/computer.html 3. I’d expect to have the “previous/next” button to display the first and third product of the previous page, however, as you can see, there is no “previous” action available and the “next” goes to a product of a different brand.

Please let me if this does not make sense.




I’ve just sent you an email (through your contact form on the koolthemaster page on themeforest) and look foward to hearing from you.


Hi, Answered via email. Thanks!!

Hello! It seems a lot of people here are complaining when you don’t get back to them within an hour. I would like to say I’ve been using this theme for about 2 months and have been able to get all the support I need from you within a fair and reasonable time expectation. Thanks for reading each of these comments, and trying hard to support everybody’s individual problem. Also….Thank you for the Twitter fix with easy-to-follow instructions, it works great!

We really appreciate your comment. Thank you!!

I just purchased the theme and keep getting errors.

My magento version is, i’m sure i uploaded everything. Here is one of the errors.

Fatal error: Class ‘Mdlb_Mlayer_Helper_Data’ not found in */app/Mage.php on line 546

Where is the Mdlb_Mlayer_Helper_Data class located? And beyond that latesttweets throws exception either.

i just found it in /app/code/community/Mdlb/Mlayer/Helper but why am i keep getting this error?


Please email us what problem you facing with site details. So we can help.


tried to to put my facebook user id or user idname and flush cache and still doesn’t show up so please tell me how to correct setup facebook to show up.

contact us page – tried to enter my name and my info and doesn’t received any email. how to setup contact us form

Hi, it should work. Please follow steps shown in document for these two. If still face problem with it email us with site admin & ftp details. Thanks! !

Header menus’ hover doesnt work in chrome. Please let us know how to fix it.

Hi, Please email with site url & admin details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

check your link with chrome http://www.dev-mdl.in/metroshop/index.php/home/?___store=default the hover doesnt work in header

Its a CSS tweak. We email you kindly please email us so we can give you code for those. Thanks!!

@koolthememaster – I am having the same issue with the 404 error under the System/Configuration/MIDLEXT. While I was watching the comments for solving this issue, I did try to reconfigure it, but unfortunately with no luck. What should I do?

Hi Duasax, Please email with site admin & ftp details. SO we look into it. Generally it will not come if you logout & login again to admin. Thanks!!

Hi. It is OK. Tried reinstalling it a couple of times and now is OK. Btw, congrats for the documentation. I will subscribe to your products. :)

We appreciate your comment. Thank you!!

My twiiter doesn’t work. How Do I update Twitter without re-installing the whole theme?

I’ve made a number of customisations so re-installing the theme is not an option.

Hi, You don’t have to reinstall theme. Just download updated package. You will get information there. Please email for more details. Thanks!!

Can you please explain what you mean by this in the documentation:

“In the Layout Update XML box, either remove the existing content or add the following block type around the existing content”

Shall I delete all of the code and replace it with this:

<!—<reference name=”content”> <block type=”catalog/product_new” Existing HTML code here—>

No matter what I do I cannot get the home page to change at all from the default magento layout. I cannot get a banner to add of the customs CMS blocks and it’s driving me insane.

There was a duplicate “home” page – I have now removed it

You made it :))

Hi there , still have an issue with not being able to change the theme colours from the admin panel…anyone else having this issue ?

Hi, how do I make the logo responsive so it scales down with the page size or screen size from roughly a large 400px on Max screen sizes down to its final smart phone size of 250px? in the same fashion the slider images scale down.

Thanks in advence for the solution.

Great theme!

Thank you so much!!