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raykela Purchased

What is wrong? Theme broken at this point?

Error on product pages (all of them). Installed Font Awesome plugin but still broken. Time to update this theme, I would suggest.

Screenshot (click the url bar and hit enter if it doesn’t open): https://i.imgur.com/40SU2I6.jpg

Hi again,

This seems not related to our theme. If you wish, we’d like to figure out why it’s happening on your site. But like I said before, your support package seems to be expired. Please renew your support period from your Downloads section on ThemeForest. We’d be glad to help you with the issue then.

Just now using template how do I set up home page?

Never mind, I figured it out! :)

When will you be updating the theme for WooCommerce 3.7. I am getting an error message saying it is not compatible. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the notice. We just updated our theme.

Thanks so much for the update!


raykela Purchased

Is there anything to know for WordPress 5.3? Compatibility issues or an upcoming update to the theme?

Hi, please go ahead and upgrade to WP 5.3. You’ll be just fine.


Asil1 Purchased

Metz. On the front page I cannot view the full width slider, only the cover slider

Hi there :)

How to create a slider: https://bit.ly/37PWKj3

Using fullwidth option for the slider: https://bit.ly/2rD7FMd


Asil1 Purchased

How do I get my posts on the home page exactly like your template with the white borders, the dates the read more as the template?

You can find all of the settings on your customizer (Appearance > Customize). If you wish we can do it for you. Just send an e-mail to burnhambox@gmail.com including your WP login address, username and password.


Asil1 Purchased

I have two ‘read more’ buttons on my slider. One is a static feature on the post info. How do I remove one?

Hi again :)

Please use the Excerpt field on Edit Post screen. Write your “intro” text there and DON’T use the ”!-more-” tag.

Hi! I am so thrilled to be launching a new website using your beautiful theme. I am trying to find an instructional video or some sort of ‘how-to’ documentation. Where should I be looking? Many thanks Edwina

Hi Edwina :) It’s nice to hear! Please see the following documents:



If you need any more help, just let us know.

Where do I find a list of all the plugins recommended for this theme before importing the demo model?


Once you activate the theme you should see a friendly warning telling the required/recommended plugins to install. Or just go to “Plugins” section on your WordPress dashboard.

If you can’t see any warnings, it means all of the plugins have been installed and activated successfully.

Hi there,

A few questions.

1. There is a block of text under each image that doesn’t appear, allowing it to be edited, when you are in the edit post section. How do I find where to edit it? 2. I am having trouble creating a logo that works on mobile as well as desktop. Can you please advise on the best size (in px) 3. In the video post page, a URL to a YouTube video does not work, however, a Vimeo one does? How do I get it to support YouTube? 4. What is the best size for the post featured image? 5. What size does the slider image need to be to create the full-width images you have in your demo? I have selected full width in the customize area but they do not show up that way.

(If it helps to see my site so you can see what I am talking about it is aleagueofextraordinarymothers.com)

Many thanks Edwina

Hi Edwina :)

1. They are excerpt texts and generated automatically by default. If you want to have control over those texts, you should use the “Excerpt” field on Edit Post screen. You can find it at the right side of the screen.

2. There’s no specific size for logos. Theme handles it automatically. If you wish, you can use the “3.6. Sticky Logo Image” field for adding a different logo for mobile. The logo on our demo size is 207×56px by the way.

3. Please ensure that you entered the YouTube URL in this format:


And it should seem like below in HTML Code View>


4. Min 720px width. The height is free but would be better bigger than 320px.

5. They are 2560×600 on our demo site. Please see this document which explains how to use a fullwidth slider: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1heFzmK1VQEymk0vg6S7kxWMJfuWwysdnsh4ZZoJVTNU/