Discussion on Meup - Marketplace Events WordPress Theme

Discussion on Meup - Marketplace Events WordPress Theme

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Pre-sale question. Please do you offer free installation after purchase? Thanks

Yes I do. You only need to provide Wordpress admin account, so we will install help you.

1. Please is there a way to switch between currency for users to make payment in their local currency. 2. Can you disable the profile picture showing on the right side of every events?

1: No it ins’t.
2: Yes. You can customize template in child theme for this problem.

I have some Questions. Please Give Answers

1. User after buying ticket, they need to get PDF Ticket to their Email. How is it possible?

2. QR code: What is the Use of QR code on Ticket?

3. Can we charge different service fee for differant events

4. How can we check Event Wise Sales Report ?

5. Can we disable Service Fee for “Free Tickets”?

6. Can We Add Extra Fields for Single Event Page ?

7. Can we customize the PDF Ticket?

Please Answer my Questions

I have followed the Instrustions, I have Registered a User with demo and demo pass

But am unable to login

- I’m sure, the app is working. Please check sure the all step.
- If you bought the theme, please make a ticket here https://ovatheme.ticksy.com/. Include your wordpress admin account, so we can check help you.

Pre-sale question.

1. Please is it possbile to disable the package for vendors.I only want to charge vendors only by commission 2. I want commission on a every sale a vendor makes…. 3. Can the app scanner be customized such as color etc. 4. Does admin or site owner has a dashboard just like vendor to see profits and commision?

1: The Admin still have to setup a default package. However the vendor don’t need to register package because it is auto assign to vendor.
2: Yes. The theme is working like this.
3: You have to customize app by yourself.
4: Yes. The admin can check profit and commision like vendor.

hi, We are having a problem on the site, when I change the maximum total number of tickets in my listings >> Manage events, it is not changing the maximum total number of tickets in create event >> ticket >> add new ticket, I end up with 2 numbers total different maximum income. I even printed the two screens but there’s no way to send it here.

Hi, Please make a ticket here https://ovatheme.ticksy.com/

Is it possible to keep the entire event grid box the same height for all events displayed? If possible, what should I do? https://ibb.co/prNh7V8

You don’t fix this because it is depend height of event title.

¿What is the exact functionality of this option? what url should i put?

Secret Key QR Code This key will attach to string to make QR Code

Hi, You can insert any url. It is part to make QR Code.

Hi, is it possible for customers to add options when they order a ticket? E.g. they can buy 1 ticket for 10 eur and they can add 3 drink-vouchers of 3 eur each, so the total checkout amount would be 19 eur? Thank you

No it isn’t


nicky12 Purchased

Hi Ovatheme, thank you for the useful software! I have a question: Is it possible to launch a website in two different languages simultaneously – the description of the event and the purchase of tickets in two other languages at the same time?

You can use WPML to make multiple language however note only Admin can make multiple language for an event, the vendor can’t make this.

Hello, after the last update of the site, some customers when purchasing the ticket report that they fill in the correct check-out form and when finalizing the order, the site keeps loading and does not finalize and does not make the payment, we receive the reservation and we need to issue it manually the ticket payment link, this only started happening after the last two updates.

Hi, These update recently isn’t related to booking process. Please check your ticket in forum.

I have some questions:

1- Is it possible to change the height of the single event header image? 2- In which file can I change the CSS of the future events grid? 3- Is it possible to add elements from one style to another?

1: Yes it is. You can change height in setting of element: https://prnt.sc/uKrmVGpCXiNg
2: Change CSS: Please debug CSS in browser and insert customize CSS in style.css file in child theme
3: I think you can debug CSS in browser then copy CSS necessary to use for other element.
I hope that this help you.

Best regards,

*I was referring to the single event header. (height)

Hi, You can add bellow CSS to style.css file in child theme .single-event .event-banner .single-banner{ height: 450px!inportant; }

Hi, it is possible to embed a link from MeUp onto another website?

No it isn’t. The theme doesn’t support embed link.

Hello I have another questions for another project. 1) I wonder if there is any possibility to let vendor choose a commission package instead of package? We want to get for example 5% commission from each ticket sale of vendor? 2) On vendor dashboard when they want to choose seat map while they are adding an event, it asks for a shortcode and says ask for a shortcode from admin which seems so unproffessional; is there any possibility to add seat maps as admin and assign them to the vendors so when they are adding a new event they can choose the right seat map from a dropdown menu instead of writing shortcode?

Thank you for you answers


I understand your concern but can it be done like in a way? - Create map from image map plugin - And make a field on vendors profile on admin side - Admin can add seat map shortcodes on Vendor A profile and Vendor A can see it as a dropdown on their profile maybe.

We will consider this in the future.

Okay thank you. Looking forward for this feature to buy the theme. Thank you

Hello I have pre sale questions if it is possible for you to answer them;

1) Is it possible to add different layouts for each event (concert) for seat map and draw and price them individiually?

2) Do we need to pay any hidden or monthly costs to use qr code scanner system and for anything else?

3) For qr code scanning I think we dont need a mobile app only scan it from our mobile device camera and choose the ticket as valid or checked in. But what about if the buyer of the ticket scans it himself or herself and click on as checked it. Is there any secure system to prevent this happen?

Thank you


1: No it ins’t.

2: No you don’t.

3: – Buyer scans tickets: The ticket can’t update in database.
- Only Vendor scans ticket, the status of ticket will update in database.


Thank you for your quick reply first of all. On the first question I wanted to ask this https://ovatheme.gitbook.io/meup/main-features/make-event/manage-event/ticket/make-seat-map on this page i shows we can draw any seat map with a plugin called image map pro. So if we by that plugin then we can draw and price different seat maps for different concerts or events right? I think your team do not include this plugin but if we buy this plugin then we can use it to draw different seat maps.

- The theme included this plugin (image map pro), so you can use it for draw and setup price for different area.
- Only Admin can use draw functions, the vendor can’t draw.

Your support is requiring me to pay some amount again so this is the only way I can relay my complain

I mke use ofchild theme and yes I am updated to 1.5.3

I need the child theme version 1.5.3 as it is 1.0.0

Did you update Event List plugin to version 1.5.3 ?

Hi, on demo results page, I can’t find the way to sort events, it would be great to have the possibility to sort by upcoming date for instance or by price. Thanks

For Upcoming Event: You can choose it in backend.
For Price: You can create custom taxonomy like High Price, Low Price, so the guest can choose it in search form

Hi, I have a question : can I change the field time in order to have more possibilities ? Because in the demo the max is “next month” but when you want to manage your events in the next following 6 months, it’s really not convenient to find the events with your system ? And is it possible to display a dates selector (as for airbnb for instance) ? Thanks

Sorry the theme doesn’t supports this because it is related performance of site.

Hi, I would be happy to purchase but I guess that there is a deal-breaker for me : is it possible for users to see the price including VAT ? Because in the whole European Union it’s mandatory to see the prices including VAT and it’s only in checkout page that the whole price is spread in price + tax vat.

Thanks a lot because I can’t find the way and if not possible I couldn’t purchase… :( Thanks a lot for considering ! Best

And same, system fees should be included in the displayed price. You simply should have an admin setting : display full price (including vat + system fees) to user : yes/no and manage according to that.

Hi, We will consider this in the future.

2 things: 1. do you can update the changelog in documentation site? 2. your demo site is broken on events

1: I just update feature changed in description of themeforest and a file in package
2: Demo fixed. You can check it now

Now the theme supports RTL language.

How do I view vendor wallet area? and request payout?

i do not see the payout options. why?

Please check surely you updated theme to latest version 1.5.3


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