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Great looking template – i look forward to working with it.

One idea/request – perhaps a jquery slider on the front image? Would probably make it alot more attractive to people.

Just emailed you! Thanks for the purchase.

This is now updated with a slider for the main image, and testimonials as well as made responsive.

Hey there! I want to purchase and use this, any chance you can update this with a capcha? This will get email spammed to death and it’s such a beautiful page!

Good morning. I was saying that in order for a person to respond – they would have to use a capcha to cut down on spam being sent to the person who is the administrator of this file. As well, are you going to add a slider to this or make video available?

As well, in the quote area in the middle of the screen, is this supposed to be for a testimonial? Scrolling testimonials would be fat!

Let me ask you this as well, can you add a simple paypal to it as well as a button for download to this page? I mean, if this is an app dwonload page, shouldn’t it have a download ability with basic pay pal?

This is a fantastic start to a super fine direct response piece. Let me know. Cheers!

I’ve now added a slider, sliding testimonials, and made it fully responsive. Hope this is something you were looking for.

The captcha would have to be handled by a third party. Since there is no actual working forms on this landing page I have not included one. Something like aweber or MailChimp would have these security issues you’d be looking for.

As far as paypal go, the design is not geared towards that, but what could happen is when someone clicks the “Start Your Free Trial Today” button, it could easily be redirected towards a PayPal link, giving you the option to collect money. Hope this helps clearing some things up.

if you get these updates done like drmedia1 said I will buy

I will do them over the weekend, and let you know when they are ready.

This is now updated with a slider for the main image, and testimonials as well as made responsive.

That’s great mate – looks real nice… but what about adding a captcha to prevent SPAM BOTS and others from auto generating bogus email?

As well, all my other questions from last month still have not been answered. hmmm

The point I’m getting at its simple. Basic protections from illicit generated unwanted material and having basic abilities to download. This is what this page is for right. Apps downloading? Apps direct RESPONSE purchase? Preventing totally unwanted spam bots. I think it’s why a lot of other types of landing pages and templates are not getting purchased in much higher volumes.

If I were developing this, I’d want my customers to be able to have the basic things the page is supposed to do and protect covered up front.

Look, I’m not harshing on you, the work is good and the page is very nice. I love it, however, the basics need to be tendered in all future works you produce. Trust me bro, it’ll pay dividends if you do.

If it were you – not thinking like a developer… but a person using the page and wanting to buy but not have to spend a lot of time fixing the basic things it needs to do. I need it to download a file – in this case an app or a an instant download download direct to the customer.

Two, as this is a nearly complete ONE PAGE CLOSE with a single checkout in mind, I could really help you with this.

I do this stuff day in and out. The biggest problem we get is from unsure email in the contact area.

In fact, I would be willing to give you a super fat one page close to build into additional pages. The secrets in the sauce my friend.

I’d be happy to contact you if you would provide me your contact info. I am in Florida. I’d love to work with you on this. You’re a great layout artist and could really benefit from my 25 years in marketing mate.

This would go perfectly on one of our offerings to our 26 million customers. You decide. Cheers.

Send me an email through my website at and we can talk about this further. I’m not a top of the line developer when it comes to most things, but you sound like you know what you’re doing. So we could probably work together.

Check your email mate – I’ve just sent you my contact info. Please call my cell. Cheers David!

Hey David, I left you a message yesterday at your site. Please advise. Thanks!

Definitely one of the better landing page templates. I bought another one here then switched to this one. Clean, modern looking and very customizable!

Was about to buy then realized that the prompt values in the fields don’t show in IE. Any chance you’ll be fixing that?

Yeah, I can either send you a quick fix after you buy it, or just wait for it to be updated in the next few days. Which ever you’d like to do, just let me know.

Hi David – I commented on one of your newer landing pages the other day (your hosting template) and this, like the others you’ve posted- is just really, really well done.

As a direct response and email marketer myself – the thread and thoughts above from DRmedia on what this template is missing are totally off point – and not really reflective of what the name collection part of the page is supposed to do – and actually are sort of a funny critique if you have real experience with newsletters, landing pages and forms… if you use the name capture forms above with any commercial autoresponder service – (like Aweber or Mail Chimp or Constant Contact) you obviously don’t need a “captcha” or protection from “bots”, etc – its’ simply not an issue when using a list service – and the buttons you’ve included above are perfect for linking to any payment gateway (like paypal) – for selling a product or program – exactly as is.

Just a thought – for those who are (really) list building – or selling something – and having a great looking landing page for $10 bucks – this is a steal.

Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. And if you’ve bought anything from me, thanks for the support. I was really confused for awhile on why I would need a captcha as well.

Thank you for your feedback, feel free to follow me on here because I plan on making a lot more great themes soon. If there’s anything you’re looking for or people in your business are looking for exactly that’d be great to know first hand!

Take care.

How do I integrate Mailchimp signup form on this?

The preview live link is broken I would like to take a look at the page if possible. Thanks