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Looks nice. Good luck with sales!

Thanks man, I appreciate it—coming from an elite author.

I like it, well done! :)

Thanks Stammi, I need to follow you on here, let me do that real quick.

Hehe, thank you! ;)

Demo seems to be down for me :(

Yup, sorry about that. I’m on tech support right now with my hosting company. I’ll let you know when it’s back up.

It seems to be back up now if you’d like to have a look. Sorry about that.

Quality work. well done.

Thank you, I appreciate the kind comments.

Love all of your landing pages – all look great, and have a clearly defined structure that makes visualizing how to use them in a real world campaign very clear. (ironically – something that so many of the great looking TF landing pages miss – they look pretty, but with so many moving parts – lack the straight line simplicity of moving a reader into a subscriber or sale) Will buy a few of these just to support more great work! :-)

Thanks a lot! I actually use to work for an email marketer when I first started out so that stuff plays in my mind. Thanks for the support, and let me know if you need anything. If you have any suggestions for anything you’d like to see I’ll look into it.

Very nice looking theme. Is there a way to change the blue color on the theme?

Yes, I’ve included the full PSD to this site. If you buy it and are having problems with it I can help you get the color you’d like. Hope this helps you.

this looks like it might be pretty cool…... BUT the demo page page is down. :(

I’ll check back later. no worries.

It’s back up, come check it out! My host has been going down the past 2 days. Probably time to make a switch. :/ Sorry about that.

Seems broken on IE? Tested on IE 9 Windows.


Thanks, Jonas

Hey Jonas,

I’m looking into it for your right now. Very odd because I did all testing before hand. Will get back to you shortly.

I’ve fixed it, go my author page and scroll down, on the right hand side you’ll see a contact form. Contact me on there so I can send you the fix.

Hello Buyers, I’ve sent in an update to this as of March 30th, 2012. It fixed a bug in IE8 and a bug in IE9 . Read the documentation to fix your sites. Thanks for your support.

Hello, Very good work!

I wonder if this theme has all the pages, About, Blog, Support, Contact, Login?
Thanks and I look forward answers,

Sorry the bad english, but I’m Brazilian.

Cool, if I buy the template now, so get ready, I will have the full right over? Or will I have to buy another?

Unfortunately you’d have to buy another one. (If it gets accepted.) There’s a whole process that you have to go through to get accepted. So there’s no guarantee the whole template with all of the pages will ever make it. But I’m going to try.

So I’ll wait!


epic landing page. keep up the great work

Thanks! Thank you for the support. Be on the lookout for more great stuff soon.

hi metaffex -

trying to contact you for some custom work but not sure if your sites contact form is working.


Hey, sorry about that. Go to and contact me on there.


Looks great. One issue, on my Droid RAZR I get about 2 1/2 screens of solid background and the 3 Plan Tabs are missing. The “no credit card required.” text is at the top, then background, then “Why Us”. Any ideas? Thanks! Fred

Do you mind going to my profile page and sending me an email through that with some screenshots so I can take a look at this for you? Thanks!

Hello… Is There Anybody Out There??? Sent screenshots as requested.

For some reason, my packages seem to be hiding to the right… No idea why or when this started happening, I don’t recall editing anything and reloading to find it like it, just seems to have “happened” however I’m sure thats not the case and I’m sure I’ve done something wrong!

Disregard previous comment, all sorted, logo was pushing the div :)

Glad you got it figured out. :) Also, thanks for the support.

Does this theme provide an about page example as well?

It does not as this is only a landing page, but the full PSD theme which is on my account does have the about page. We are currently working on developing the full theme now for joomla.

Pricing table does not show up on an android browser? Can you assist me with a fix! Thank you in advance!

I’ll look into it and let you know. What phone/tablet are you on?

Any Ideas?

What I think is the problem is this…

.tagline {
    opacity: 100 !important;
    -moz-opacity: 100 !important;
    filter: alpha(opacity=100 !important);

Would have to go into your responsive stylesheet. I couldn’t find another solution for it since I don’t have any android devices that I can test on.

Any Android browser… I tried 9 different phones… It seems that the fade up effect is not working properly.