Discussion on Mi. - Ultimate Personal Resume vCard Template

Discussion on Mi. - Ultimate Personal Resume vCard Template

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Hi, can’t access my website on mobile. Stuck on 99% with the preloader..

Where shall i put the API Key

Where are the support, it´s been 21 days ago i ask this question

Hi,  I am really sorry for the delayed answer on your comment – I had some private issues.

I assume that you are asking about Google Map API key. There is a Google Map API script at the end of each HTML file, but now there is bit different API policy so you should get into it: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/embed/guide#forming-the-url

@Hi Suelo, I have also sent you an email asking some questions but haven’t heard from you, this was two weeks ago. Is it better to ask questions in this channel? I am also unable to send emails through the contact form, can you please help me with this?

Hi, I’m sorry for a late reply. I think that it is outdated now, but I was not checking the comments for a long time – I thing that I have been supporting you via email. I’m really sorry if I’ve missed something.

one question Can I add additional text to the page loader, not just the percentages? Example 99% Documents are loaded

Hi, I’m sorry for a late reply. I think that it is outdated now, but I was not checking the comments for a long time – I have been supporting only via email.

Hi suelo, This is very nice template I have 1 issue with the contact form, messages are not delivered to my mail. although al updated my email on contact-form.php here is online link. http://drkalim.rf.gd thanks in advance

@Hi Suelo, I have to wait for how many years to receive your reply through my email. I mailed you 2-times but after a week I could not receive a mail from you. Please tell me through which channel I can get to you. Waiting for your reply!

Hi, I’m sorry for a late reply. I think that it is outdated now, but I was not checking the comments for a long time – I thing that I have been supporting you via email. I’m really sorry if I’ve missed something.

After deploying on my site, the percentage widgets don’t work any more. They do locally, but not when the site is live. Is this a common issue?


Thank your for your comment. Could your provide me an url to your site? I will try to help you.

Hello Suelo, I have purchased the Mi template couple of days back, Thank you for the great work you have done with the template!!! I have a small question like how to enable the “Download my CV” button on the Start page and like how to add my “CV resume word document” so that it gets downloaded into my local machine when I click on the button?

Thank you for your support!!!

Regards, Ravi

Hi Ravi, Thank you for your comment – I missed it, but I replied on your email some time ago.

Hi! I have send you two emails one week ago, but didn`t receive answer yet. Please can you provide support? My contact form is not working. Thanks!

Hi, I replied that the URL http://marisoltorino.com.ar/ which you have sent me does not work. Could you provide me working one that I could check it out?

Hi, url is working properly since first time. Please if you cannot answer my ticket, I will have to ask for a refund, as I am not getting the support I paid for. Thanks,

Hi, I would like to provide you a support, but without working URL it is hard – unfortunately I cannot reach your site – I got ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. In this case, please do three things 1. Please check if there is no error in the console while sending the email (I recommend Google Chrome built-in developer tools). 2. If there are no errors please check your hosting provider if it allows sending mail via PHP mail() function. 3. If your hosting provider gives you such possibility please send me your contact-form.php file via email. Wating for a reply from you.

Hi, Do you have an example for a working images slider for the examples pages ? I’d like to display 9/10 images within each examples pages so a slider would be more appropriate. I’ve tried several sliders examples (jquery and css/js only) but there are many conflicts. Thanks


Do you mean Hero slider? Here you are slideshow example: http://themes.suelo.pl/mi/index-architecture-vertical.html It is based on slick carousel (http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/), so you can copy its configuration and create your own slider. There is also traditional carousel example in the docs: http://themes.suelo.pl/mi/documentation.html#carousel

Hello, I need help sorting out an issue that occurs on mobile. When I try to open one of the items in my portfolio in a mobile device, the site scrolls back to the top of the page and locks. I then have to reload to be able to navigate.

My site’s url is: https://andrenes.github.io/


Hi @andrenes! Thank you for your comment and sorry for delayed answer. I can’t see this problem right now on your site – I think it was caused be ajax modal. Please write to me at support[at]suelo.pl if you have any further questions.


Thanks for creating such an amazing template. I purchased and worked on it over the weekend.

I need your help with a few items:

1. Menu: doesn’t disappear after you select the item to navigate to. This is especially bothersome in mobile screens.

2. Email contact form: I added my email address in the php file but it still doesn’t work

The url is: https://andrenes.github.io/


Regarding the menu, I realized that the issue I’m having is that side nav menu is staying stuck up top when I scroll or click on a nav item. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, I have just replied in your email – thanks!

Hi suelo i have a question. I want to have two different “messenger” windows. one for contact and one for order. is this possible? i try it, but it don’t works. i copy the messenger line in the core.js file and change all the names in the link. this in the core.js
        messenger: function() {
                var $messenger = $('#messenger'),
                    $messengerBox = $('#messenger-box');

                if($messenger.hasClass('active')) {
                } else {
                    $messenger.fadeIn(300, function(){
                return false;
        /* NEW for order windows -------------------------*/
        shoporder: function() {
                var $shoporder = $('#shoporder'),
                    $shoporderBox = $('#shoporder-box');

                if($shop.hasClass('active')) {
                } else {
                    $shoporder.fadeIn(300, function(){
                return false;
and then i change the “href tag” from:
<a href="#" class="btn btn-black margin-t-10" data-target="messenger"><span>
<a href="#" class="btn btn-black margin-t-10" data-target="shoporder"><span>
at last i it’s not possible to have two different windows as messenger? Thank you for your help and have a nice day.

Hi, It should work – could you provide me your online version by email?

Hey Suelo, I have one problem with the template. When I go to the php file to update the email I notice i’m not receiving any emails from my site. Do you know what the problem would be? Thanks again for creating such an Awesome template.

Thank you for your comment! To use contact form sentmail function must be enabled on your server. Could you please provide me an URL to your demo? If there is everything ok you will have to contact you hosting provider to check it out.

Hi i have another problem when i send an email. The form shows a confirmation that the mail is sent, but it is not closed and I can press x times on the send button! You can not close the embedded window when the mail has been sent or empty the form. the problem is on you demo page too.


Hello, There is “X” button in the right top corner to close the window, but I will add such feature with the next update. You may also do it quite easily in core.js file – if you wold like to do it you have to get into Mi.Component.messanger() and Mi.Basic.forms() functions.

Hi Suelo I have insert the following code in the file core.js, and it is what I would like. The fields will be cleared and the window will remain open, as there is still the confirmation for the shipment. Now I can close the window with the “x”.

core.js:   Line 378 Success: function (msg) { If (msg === 'SEND') { $ ("# Contact-form") [0] .reset (); / * Delete Form after send * / Response = '<div class="alert alert-success"> Done! Thank you for your message - we will reply as soon as possible! ';       }       else { $ ("# Contact-form") [0] .reset (); / * Delete Form after send * / Response = '<div class="alert alert-danger"> Ooops ... I think we have a problem. Please try again later. '; Maybe you can take it so. Thanks for your help. best regards Marcel</div></div>

Cool – thank you!

how to recenter the map, on window recise?

And just one more thing! 4. On the portfolio section, the first click on the nav that filters doesnt have animation. Can i fix this?

And this:

5. on mobile, clicking on a portfolio project doesnt let you choose, like when you mouse hover. Any symple trick for this?

Ad 1. Only by CSS (check the inspector), but consider the X button which close the Ajax Window.
Ad 2. you may try to adjust that at core.js (151 – 174 lines)
Ad 3. Yes, but only via JS – check Ajax events and jQuery scrollTo() function.
Ad 4. Please run $grid.isotope() at the beginning of navFilter() function at core.js.
Ad 5.It is possible via touch events but it will require more adjustments. Eventually you may try to remove link from image.

Hi, can I add multiple images in a slideshow, instead of a background image? Greetings, excellent design!

Thanks!!!! ♥♥

.. and I buy it! ♥

Thank you :)

Hi suelo very nice theme and structured code. very simple. But a beauty error has the theme for me: the right menu should close again (automatically) when the selected point is reached. In the moment it is open and I have to close it with the close button (x).

Thanks for a tip as I can solve that.

best regards lachaca

Hello, Please add to core.js file this line $('body').removeClass('mobile-nav-open'); to checkMenuItem() function (148 line). Please let me now have you cope with that. Otherwise please contact me via contact form on my profile page.

Hi suelo Work fine, that’s what i want. Thank you very much. have a nice day. best regards Marcel

Thanks – please leave a rate if you haven’t done yet :)

Hi, nice theme ! I have only 1 issue, the Google Map doesn’t work on the contact page. When I check the site local on my pc I have no issue. Only when the site is online on the web server, the Google Map script doesn’t load. What is the issue? Site www. vanbeveren .net

Live preview site is down, author’s homepage as well

I see that it works fine right now – sorry for that inconvenience.

Hi, Very Good template. one issue, if i click the project link, unable to open the project page for IT template. Could u please help me on this?

Hi, Thanks! Ajax does not work in offline version on Chrome browser – could you send my an URL to your site on support[at]suelo.pl ?


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