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good theme, but I have the same problem as user “roudox”, who wrote about it 3 month ago: “When the app is used on my mobile device, and I try to enter data into any of the forms, the page reloads”. It works fine on my PC and Iphone, but problem appears, when I use the forms on Samsung Galaxy (S3, S4). When Galaxy keyboard appears on the screen, js script automatically recalculates the height of the window and page reloads.

Please tell me how to fix this problem on Samsung Galaxy.

Thank you!


Thanks for appreciating our theme.

Could you please open a ticket at We are working on the issue and will drop you a mail as soon as it gets fixed.

Hi, the html 5 video does not work in Firefox on your demo or downloaded files, could this be fixed as it does say it is Firefox compatible, thanks.


Maybe it is taking time to load, but it working on our browser. Kindly Check again

Hi, How can I make the rain or snow effect only on one page IE: homepage

Hi, can you please open a ticket on

Hi, is there a way to slow down the snow effect?

Hi, can you please open a ticket on

Does the video need to be a certain size in order to play? I have a mp4 that is 12.mb and will not play. However, when i switch it out with the sample video, it works.

Thanks! :)

Hi, can you please open a ticket on

How do we make the email field disappear after the User enters their email and it successfully gets sent off? The email field should disappear and just display the Success message. If error message, then the email field should still be displayed?

Hi can you please raise a ticket at

Hey guys, I was thinking of buying this template. A few questions though: doesn’t come with installation guide? Also: is it possible to loop a particular fragment of youtube video instead using the whole video? For example, say I need to make a video backgound via youtube video but I want the video to start from 30th second (instead of 1st), Is that possible?

Hi Welovedoka, We have provided proper documentation with this template as well as our support help you if you have any query. You can raise a ticket on or mail us You can show youtube video by fragment with looping. Please refer

Hey guys, I sent you an email with a couple of questions from domain

Hi, will check and get back soon

Hi there,

Thinking about purchasing this theme.

When the page is loading can you change the loading icon?


Hi the loader can easily change. We can help you with it once you buy the template.

Hello, I’ve purchased and love this theme. I can understand the video not working, but I’m having a hard time making my photos show up in mobile. Is there something that I can do or that I’m overlooking that would make them be as responsive as the rest of the site?

Hi can you raise a ticket at

Hi, is there a known issue with the contact_me.php script when working in subfolder? I have noticed that everything works fine in root folder, but not on subfolder.. Just getting “null” when trying to send form. (all files are in the subfolder, nothing missing) Could you please check on your own sys and guide me to a solution? Thanks in advance

Hi, Can you raise a ticket at We will help you out.

I’m having a LOT of trouble receiving messages from the contact form if a “Gmail” address is used. We have sent test emails to this mail account numerous times from actual Gmail accounts and are baffled as to why this is occuring. Is there a fix for this or no?

Hi please raise a ticket to We will fix he problem for you right away.

Okay I did, it’s ticket # 654442. Thanks!

Hi, We will reply back today with the same.

Hello, Im trying to put social icons at section 1, but doesnt show. Can you help me?

Done! Thanks

am i the only one with strange background zoom on Iphone 6 & plus? images are zoomed extreme..this can be reproduced on your demo page: I asked support for a solution and they tell me its a custom work with additional cost. Images are well reduced on all mobile except iphone 6 / plus.

Can anyone confirm issue?

Hello, we are looking into this. Will get back asap. If there is an issue we will help you out without the charge.

thank you!

(can be deleted)

Hi. If you have any question, please raise a ticket to

Hi guys!

I am really looking forward to purchase your theme. However, I have a question: Is there any option to combine your awesome snow background and countdown clock? How difficult is this procedure? To be honest I am not so advanced in website building.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, It’s easy to combine both code together, we will help you to achieve this. Thanks.

Hi, I am trying to get the notify and contact forms to work correctly.

My notify/subscribe forms is returning the error 503, I made sure the API key and List ID is correct.

My contact form is not doing anything after filling up the forms and pressing ‘Send Message’

Thanks for the help in advance.

Ok we will check that. Please mail us at

Hi, I have sent the support request to but still have not receive an update. Thanks.

Hello, we will check and get back to you asap

Hello, can I see the credits (for licensing question) of the original creator of snow effect .js

Thank you.

Hello, is it possible to limite the snow effect to section0 only ?

Hello, We will check on that and get back to you. Kindly email us at