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minimalist elegant… :)

Thank you

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck dude!

Thanks a lot vickystudio

Really like this. Do you have an HTML version?

No, sorry :(

Hello. I like the vCard and wish to buy. I want to present video in the card but in your demo when I select video in the portfolio all I see are stills, not video playing. May I see a demo of the video player working please in your demo? Also, does this just support vimeo and youtube embedded videos or can I include self-hosted video also? Many thanks! Robyn

Hello, please check out the thumbnail in the middle (the red one) it has a video. For now self-hosted videos are not supported. thanks.

Thank you!

Congrats , good luck with sales.

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Thanks, Bedros.

Wonderful!! Very creative :)

Thanks for the compliments!

Awesome minimal theme ! GLWS :)

Thanks a lot metro

OMG!! Stunning!! GLWS!! :inlove::inlove::inlove:

Thanks a lot!

Hi – I really like this – congratulations. I’m thinking of using this for a client that wants a single page site, similar to a vcard but i want to change the navigation – i want to remove the portfolio section and change the title of ‘Resume’. Is this possible?

Yes you can do these via the options panel!

Thanks man

Nice design! Minimalist and beautiful.

Hey, thank you very much!

I like this onepager. is it possible to add additional menu slots ?

Yep, you can add as many as you want.

I like this one pager, however my advice would be to allow on-page scrolling through all ‘pages; versus having to locate and use right-hand scroll bar. Just a suggestion, otherwise would buy. Well done. Luke

Hey thanks for your suggestion!

How about blogging? Possible in a future update?

Nice work!

Yep, thanks for the suggestion.

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks :)

Before purchase would like to know if possible to get only one template, the light one’s with the 04 images and glasses effect and without any left side red panel or these all buttons ?

then is it possible to get a top middle/center logo and then under the navigation menu instead off the left red side one’s ? ?

finaly to let me know on which link to go to get it as resquested above, thanks.


Please send us an e-mail from our profile, with the detailed request!

Hi, I recently purchased your Micro theme. Hoping it can work for me! I was surprised that the contact info both in the top nav and the contact section did not link with a “mailto:” and the form would not accept the html. Is there a way to fix this?

Also, I’ve been trying to work with the Typography in the Appearance/Editor section of my WordPress dashboard, but my changes have no effect. How can I change the CSS? Maybe I’m not hitting the right classes, my CSS skills are not expert. Thanks for any help!

Hi, also I have to note that the method described for putting together the portfolio is not working for me. The lightbox does not work, I just get a blank overlay which obscures my work.

Really need some support here. Thanks.

OK, had an issue with custom permalinks that was horking the portfolio. Fixed.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

To tell you the truth we haven’t thought of linking those with a “mailto:” link, there’s two lines of code you need to modify for that—if you’d like us to do it for you please send us an e-mail via our profile page.

About the Typography, have you tried working through Micro > Typography

Is it possible to use this theme as a literary portfolio. I see there is a section for visual portfolios but can I add written work? If not would it be possible to upload a “digital” like a pdf photo of my writing and add it to the portfolio section?

You can add pages (with any kind of content) and use theme as sections instead of these default ones. You can also add any kind of content (like a lot of text) in the lightbox of the portfolio section (that is the layer that opens when you click on a portfolio item). thanks.

Great! Thanks!