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I can’t see my site background image even though I’ve set it to ‘boxed’. I’m working from a demo page. I’ve tried a couple of sizes of image and am now using 1920 * 1920. When I refresh the page I can see a flash of the image behind the Worpress function bar at the top, but no where else.

Can you help, please?

Yes sure email us.

what’s your email address?

Hi there,

In the layout, if I choose 4 sections, 3 stays in the 1st row and 4th goes to the 2nd row. I tried a lot, but couldn’t find the solutions.

Here’s the link to the page:

Please let me know how to fix this at your earliest convenience. My email is, just in case.


Hello, micron theme has old system of grid, so each last column of a row needs to be set to last (edit the last column settings, and find the option last, set to yes)

Thanks a lot for your prompt response! It’s working now :)

you are welcome :)

Hi! Is it compatible with wordpress 4.5.x? Thanks.

Do you have any difficulties/issues with theme usage, if so write to us, maybe this is not wordpress 4.5x compatibility issue

Ninzio, thank you very much. We wanted to know before upgrading. Everything is going well. Thank you!

yes, it is ok

hello i just wanted to ask as you have already translated the software into other languages can it be set up with a drop down menu so the user can pick one of the languages?

thank you

Yes, micron theme already translated into 14 languages. So you can upload translation files and use it. here are the instructions how to translate theme:

Regards, ninzio

Is this theme compatible? I just renewed my support on this product.

WordPress 4.5.3 Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Hello, micron theme is WP 4.5.X compatible, please read this article on your issue:

fyi you have a formatting error with visual composer and columns on single post pages.

So basically you are one of those developers who plans obsolescence rather than evolving your themes (like most of the top developers on envato) to gain loyalty. Nice.

Dear customer, list your issues, we can solve, so you can still use the theme you bought and solve your issues.

Already in the process of moving to another theme.

I was just pointing out a minor formatting problem which is you could have easily fixed in the next update.

Hello, I have the web with your theme. On the menu will not let me over 3 submenus, how I can put the submenus you want? in the part where I put Services -> Web Development -> Huelva -> I have two more sections and displays not me.

And the titles of the pages in the mobile version are cut and look bad.

Thank you

Hello, please email to ,we will send instructions


tuka_85 Purchased

Hello, I have done several times on different pages but will not let me. And if I put more than one column puts me under, one above the other, rather than wear it next.

For example on this page I want to put the form and the image in the same row, but I put it below:

Thank you!!

Hello, when building page in visual composer, goto last column, press edit and set “last” attribute to “yes”


tuka_85 Purchased

In the template does not come by default google sources. I want to put Raleway. As I do?

Please email us your website link and access, we will have a look. And please copy the description of your issue.

Hi, Really like the theme. Simple question. How do I create a simple Portfolio? I read through you documentation and there is no clear instructions.

I created new Portfolio Categories and Created a new “Project” but how do I add individual Portfolio Items (Photo and text) to the project?

Other theme’s Portfolios have a Portfolio Item content Type that is similar to a Post.

Could you point me to Instructions for this? Thank you, Jeff

Okay, I figured it out. I was thrown off by the use of “Project” to describe a single Portfolio “Item”. I usually associate “Project” with multiple items. I like the Display based on Categories.

You are welcome, we are happy to hear that your issues has been solved.

Hello, dear customer, so do you have issues with portfolio now, is everything alright?

Hi there, Wondering if there is any way for me to change the hover over colour on this portfolio page just on this 1 page :

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Yes, this is possible with custom css styling, please write us from the profile from which you purchased the theme for support. OR email us your license number with color change request

We need to verify purchase for support.

Regards, ninzio

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Hi Dave, please email us your wp access to have a look if you have any errors on your installation. Everything should work fine. And please copy the description of the issue in your email.

Regards, ninzio


deltaw Purchased

Hey! Something is wrong with your child theme for Micron after update to 4.1.

It does not save from the theme settings.

For example, the background is white, and the menu background is also white.

Best regards, Ewa

Hello, please send us your link with access information, we will examine (


hg80 Purchased

I had problem with Micron theme on website. When I upgrade wordpress versione to 4.7.2 the system crashed: I can’t see some items and some others doesn’t work in editor for articles, pages, settings… So I tried to disactivate plugins but nothing, now I downgrade the WP version but still not working.

Hello, simply update your theme too >>

and update visual composer plugin >>


hg80 Purchased

Hi we did it but it’s still not working: some items in post editor don’t appear or don’t work

Hello, please email us your access information, we will examine


dot2web Purchased


We are getting problems with Visual Composer license. Is not working. Can you help us?

Best regrds


I have a little problem on the woocommerce product pages. Some of the products have more than one product image. I think after the update of woocommerce the thumb image in de woocommerce product gallery are all the same format (bigger), see: Is there something changed in the code that it no longer works?

Thanks in advance

Greeting Niek

Hello, yes, there was an update with woocommerce, that refer to thumbnails, we will make an official update, but you can get it earlier, as we do not plan to do updates right now, please email us to, we will send the update.


This theme is outstanding. ( Micron Version 4.3)

I use it for a long time with satisfaction.

I have this info in my admin, say :

“This theme requires the following plugins: One Click Demo Import and Regenerate Thumbnails. This theme recommends the following plugin: Woocommerce. Begin installing plugins”

Every time i clic on the “x” to eliminate this info i do not need, it come back every time when i load a new admin page.

I do not have an option like ” Dismiss this notice” !

Is this normal ? i do not need these plugins :-)

Thanks for the lights




i find the solution.

you have an error in your functions.php file : ‘dismissable’ was set to false !! i set it to true and now i have the “dismiss this notice”

$theme_text_domain = TEMPNAME;
$config = array(
    'id'                => TEMPNAME,
    'default_path'      => '',                          // Default absolute path to pre-packaged plugins
    'parent_slug'       => 'themes.php',                // Default parent menu slug
    'capability'        => 'edit_theme_options',
    'menu'              => 'install-required-plugins',  // Menu slug
    'has_notices'       => true,                        // Show admin notices or not
    'dismissable'       => false,



Hello Bruno, thanks a lot for this information, very much appreciated, we will add this in new update of the theme. Have a nice day :)


we have added SSL and HTTPS to our website and now we are getting this kind of errors:

[Warning – blocked] The page at was not allowed to run insecure content from,700,600,300. (, line 19)

[Warning – blocked] The page at was not allowed to run insecure content from,400,600,700. (, line 19)

[Warning – blocked] The page at was not allowed to run insecure content from,400,600,700. (, line 19)

I can see that the URLs are coded in your themes functions.php. Can you help us to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, please send an email to, we will send code and instructions

Hello I am trying to find the support manual for this theme. I am using version 2.2 at

I am trying to to setup portfolio to use to showcase community projects but there is a large gay at the top (presumably where a slifer goes) but I can not find any settings to control it. The page is

I would appreciate some help. Many thanks David

Hello, thanks for you r message. Please email us your license code for support. And also include website link and wp access, to inspect this issue. Please copy the description of the issue in email. support (at)

Regards, ninzio themes