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Is it possible to use Visual Composer as “normal” Visual Composer with your theme? We are using 5.1.1 version in multiple websites, and under Ninzio Theme, options for “Design” tabs are different… Thank you!

Hello, you need to use latest version of theme in all your websites. Here are the instructions how to update theme >>

And update VC to latest supported one >>

Regards, ninzio

We are currently using Version 4.3 – Apr 17, 2017 of your theme (downloaded and installed last week). We would like to send an screen capture, so we can show how “Design” tab is not appearing when a row is created in a blank page, with Visual Composer 5.1.1. Is there somewhere we can send it? Thanks!

Hello, sure, please send to

Hey! is the latest version of Micron compatible with Wordpress 4.8.x ?

Hello, yes, if you will have any problems switching to new WP, write to

Could you please instruct me on setting up a single product page like the demo?

Specifically I am having trouble getting the product gallery thumbnails to display under the featured product image. Instead of a thumbnail, I just see bullets.

Ok, we got it you want to have thumbnail based carousel, but not bullet based, no problem, but you will have to wait for 2 weeks for the update, as now we are very busy with current new theme

Ok, thank you.

Welcome, contact us if you will have any other issues.

Some areas on my homepage are not respecting the template skin setting of “Dark”.

I am trying to replicate the demo “HOME-DEFAULT”, but the background color for the section with the heading “Download Our Mobile App Now” remains set to #f7f7f7 instead of #2e2e2e like in your demo.

How can I fix this?

I guess I got my answer from ninzio:

“Hello, dear client, tagline element is integrated with visual composer, but the font-size element has no VC menu, it works in text based editors”

I’m a little disappointed that all of the features that you see within the demo are not achievable with Visual Composer. I would not consider this “Visual Composer Fully Compatible”, but more like somewhat compatible.

Please point all your questions point by point via email, we will give solutions, if it will not possible by admin panel, we will give custom css styling for that.

Hello, dear client, font size element is created by ninzio authors, it has nothing to do with the visual composer, all other custom elements that come with theme and are visible in the VC menu are compatible and integrated with VC. Some elements do not need to have visual menu like others, as they are used in the inline text, font size is one of that elements, you use it only in the text block, so there is no need for it to have additional VC menu. If you want to have font size with VC menu use the VC default element – custom heading

When checking out from WooCommerce, the styling on the dropdown selection lists for Country and State under Billing or Shipping address is missing/broken.

Is it possible to fix this?

Hello, please add these styles to the theme options >> styling >> custom css styles:

.select2-container--default .select2-selection--single {
    background-color: #3b3b3b !important;
    border: 1px solid #494949 !important;
    border-radius: 4px !important;
    height: 40px !important;

.select2-container--default .select2-selection--single .select2-selection__rendered {
    line-height: 40px !important;
    color:#777777 !important;

.select2-dropdown {
    background-color: #3b3b3b !important;
    border: 1px solid #494949 !important;

Thanks! That fixed it.

P.S. And we want to ask you to give 5 stars if you like our work. It will help us a lot to continue developing this theme

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Is it possible to have a “front-end-panel” like on the demo site that sticks to the left side of the screen and includes “Demos & Settings” ?

Hello, this is our custom plugin designed for demo purposes, it does not come with theme, you can search in wordpress plugin depository for similar one

Hello, On my contact form on the “Contact Us” page from the demo my text input fields do not stretch all the way across their column.

In the default demo all of the input fields below the Google map have a 100% width. Mine stop at about 1/3 the width. Please help.



P.S. And we want to ask you to give 5 stars if you like our work. It will help us a lot to continue developing this theme

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I noticed that when I resize my browser for mobile especially 480×800 or lower my site doesn’t condense as well as your demo. On my site it seems there is too much padding on the left and right sides of the site and perhaps the font is still too big?

Even at 640×960 (iPhone) there is too much space on the left and right sides. Is there a way to make the styling more closely match your demo?

You can clearly see the issue by scrolling to the bottom and comparing my footer against the footer of your demo home page:

We tested your website and from our side your website mobile view is ok, like in our demo, just upload smaller logo and it will be fine.

Thank you for checking, it must have been a cache issue.

welcome, and contact us if you will ave any other questions.

P.S. And we want to ask you to give 5 stars if you like our work. It will help us a lot to continue developing this theme

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I am having some trouble with the Portfolio section:

On the homepage under “OUR RECENT PROJECTS” if you click the first slide “Solo Map Icon Design” it takes you to that portfolio project but the custom layout with shortcodes is messed up and not displaying properly.

I noticed the setting within the template settings for Portfolio called “Project solo layout”. If I enable this setting, the page referenced above will indeed display properly. However, with this setting enabled every other portfolio project does NOT display properly with missing images.

Please use the credentials I sent you in my previous e-mail to login to the backend if you need to. I have enabled all the settings in Portfolio including for “Project solo layout” and “Portfolio widget area”.

Hello, for just demonstration we used conditional statements in the helper plugin of the theme to target specific project and turn it solo on the fly, this was done only for demo purposes. If you want solo layouts for your projects you need to turn on that feature, but if you want standard, just turn it off

Oh, I see.

Contact us if you will need something more.

I have a question about Inline shortcodes…

In the help document you list that the Button shortcode has the following types: rounded, rectangular, ellipce

I have tried changing these type values on the buttons within the Ninzio Slider, but nothing happens. The buttons always appear as rounded rectangles.

What are these button types suppose to do? They don’t appear to work.

We need to inspect, please share your link and login in email (

Email sent.

Is it possible to have the “Menu highlighter” color only appear on the currently active page?

I saw something similar on your one-page demo and was wondering if it’s achievable on the default-demo?

Hello, this is current page highlight, sure, we can add extra styles for that, just send your link to inspect and target correctly

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you send a link to any documentation on this?

Just email us your website link, we will give you exact instructions how to solve this, and please copy the description of the issue in email support (at)

On Ninzio Slider is there a way to make an entire slide a link?

I want if a visitor clicks anywhere on a slide for it to link to a certain page or blog article.

Sure, there is, but only with code modification, and it is a custom task, that is out of standard support

Ok. For now I just added individual anchor tags on each element.

Yes, this is also good solution.