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Najis, jobb. Denne er bookmarka. Keep it up:)

Takk :)

Nice work with this!

Just wondering if the dimensions of the container can be altered with minimal difficulty for instance 500px width – 600px height?


Thanks aberstan

The Height is easy to change, but the width is a little bit harder. You will need to update the grid sizes, and also the reflection images.

Had a quick look at the code, and it is fairly easy to change the width of the site. Change .content_container (line 190) to “width: 500px”. . .sigle_column (line 332) to “width: 440px”. .column (line 305) “width: 200px”.

It might be a couple of other places you need ro recalculate the width, but these are the basics. And also remember to change the nackground image by removing the center pixels you don’t need.

I’m getting an error when using the search functionality…”Method Not Allowed – The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL ”

There doesn’t seem to be a form action for search. Is the template missing a search.php file or something?

There is no search.php, since this is a html template, and not a php template or cms template. The search will need to be implemented in the cms you choose. The form has a php file, but only to demonstrate the ajax message box. The same goes for the form setting itself. This will be different for each cms system, so there are no generic way to do this!

When do you get the error you are stating?

I get the error when I try to submit the form. I do see what you’re saying. There is no form action or search script included in the template.

Would have been nice to include a simple google search PHP file. You did include a contact.php file (much appreciated BTW ).

NBD . Just wanted to ask and document your answer here.