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Thank you :D

Good Job, I Like Job , GLWS ;)

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Cool Template! :)

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Good job! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you AirTheme :D Good luck with sale for you too

Hi there,

Great Template but i recieve the following error when i import the template to mailchimp. Is there any other way to import tthe font?

An error occurred parsing your template CSS:

Cannot find a CSS file at:

Hello dimitri87,

We’re sorry you encountered the problem in our template. We will fix it and upload to themeforest immediately. It should not take longer than 6 hours.

We have updated the file :) When it is approved, you will receive an email about this.

The update has been approved. Please enjoy the new version ! :)


I’ve tried uploading your HTML template to Campaign Monitor and it doesn’t work – can you please confirm that it works on your Campaign Monitor account?


I have not edited or changed supplied the html file in anyway – Red folder, layout1.html

Also the template does not seem to be also responsive on mobile. iPhone 4s using Apple’s Mail:

Can you confirm that you have tested it on Campaign Monitor and supports iPhone?

Thank you, S

Hello sushi_x,

Thank you for purchasing our product :) And we are sorry about the problem.

Please send me an email at so that we can discuss the iPhone 4S issue in detail and send you the fixed version for CampaignMonitor.

We have tested using emailonacid which will simulate multiple email clients at once. iPhone 4S is also tested there.

there’s also issues coming up with outlook 2013, I’ll email directly, but if you haven’t already; it be be worth checking how font renders in outlook 2013 as well

I wasted hours testing and finding out it is broken on Campaign Monitor and also mobile devices. Disappointed at the length of time it took for email response support. Guys, nice design, but if it shows up broken on client’s newsletter then all the effort is taken away.


I’m interested in this product but want to make sure you’ve fixed “sushi_x” error before I buy it.

thanks, Roman

This still doesn’t work with CampaignMonitor, which was the reason I purchased this. Can you advise?

Hello wokkie,

Thank you for purchasing our product. We are sorry about the problem with our product that you’re facing.

Please kindly contact me at and describe what error it is, so we could help guiding you to the import process.

Hi, the fonts do not work in Outlook, I understand Outlook strips the CSS so I have tried applying HTML style in each table and it still doesn’t work.

Hello Steelx,

Thank you for purchasing our product! And I’m very sorry you are having issue with our product.

According to Stackoverflow’s thread here:

Outlook doesn’t support web font :/

Hi, Can Someone tell me if the this template is responsive in Gmail ?

Hello c3essam,

Gmail doesn’t allow responsive in email.

Hi, hope you are doing well I send my newsletter through mail chimp is it possible to import your template in mail chimp platform and send it afterword?


Yes it is possible :) just create new template in Maolchimp and choose ‘import HTML’

Hi, am after solid HTML inline style Email Template, does your product is build on solid html or visual composer like drag and drop. Could you please let me know about this. Thanks

Hello Knoky,

Thank you for your interest in our product !

Our email templates are crafted in HTML/CSS in text editor, not visual composer like drag and drop :)


Steelx Purchased

I cant drag and drop elements around in MailChimp, I can only edit, delete or duplicate what I upload. I also cant add additional elements which are normally available with MailChimp templates?

Hello Steelx,

Thank you for purchasing our product ! MailChimp system has changed to the new design system. It does not allow you to drag elements around anymore. We have contacted MailChimp team long ago but they did not fix this problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

About the additional elements, it is only for MailChimp’s own templates only. Therefore it’s not support in custom template.