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helo I need help why my theme is midway all booking menu can not walk? .......

Please help

when I checked, any form of Form no. boking first form, contact form, queston form. all inactive. information please why? .... and if you want the PM where? ......

Please send temporary WP access using the contact form on my profile page and I’ll check the booking form issues.

I have already submitted, please be checked

Hello, May i ask you to check this program of WPML plugin and please join on it to make WPML Compatibility with the your themes Waiting your reply ASAP,

Hi, static texts and content can be translated with WPML, but additional fixes may be required for translating static templates.

Hi, what’s the default size for slider image. thanks

Content can be changed directly in WordPress, please try editing any tour in WordPress/Tours section.

Thanks. My website is French and then content of tours is too. I would like to know how can translate the content of the tour written in French language to English.

If you mean translating your site to multiple languages and switching these languages please try using WPML plugin. If you mean translating the whole site to a single language you can simply edit all content in WordPress.

Hi, our website’s booking form previously worked, but now it does not work. We do not know how long it has not worked since. Could you help us please?

Date and Price Fields don’t work, when i do passive on theme options this fields, form working. Could you help us please?

Hi, there’s a JavaScript error on your site Please try disabling third-party plugins. If this issue remains please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll check it.

i send you a message that our wp access information.

I just buy this theme some days ago and I want to add to the search form the option of filter/search tours by duration. How can I add that? I already added the field and the options, but where I could link those options with the duration value of the tours?

Mmmm there is not a “default duration field” and there is not a “searchable” option to check… please let me know how to send you a PM (what is your email?)

Please send it through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll replace default date fields with a duration field.

Info sent, tks

How could I remove or modify the “Midway Theme © 2017” text located at the left down corner?

Please set a custom copyright text in Appearance/Theme Options/General section and it will replace the default one.

Thanks a lot!


is it possible to temporary hide the “find the perfect tour” box?


Sure, you can make header full-width in Appearance/Theme Options/Header section or replace this widget by adding other widgets to the header sidebar in Appearance/Widgets section.

You can get a copy of the theme evaluation?

If you mean a free sample for testing purposes unfortunately there’s no such option. Please sign in on the live preview to check all available front-end options and view back-end options on these screenshots

theme author are here ?

i know id we mark page as private i will be the only one to see the page on word press

but the issue here we share the link for private pages and one with link suppose to access why its not showing check the coding

i send u email plz answer and fix my issue or refund me sam so frustrated and fed up

your theme is very basic and the demo is not the same after we update anything

it has many trouble

I’m sorry for the late reply, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours depending on your time zone. I would help you in a few minutes if you sent the correct WP access details, currently I can’t sign in using details you’ve sent for the second time.

I tried using all combinations of username/password you’ve sent and Please send the correct details if you still want me to fix these issues, it takes so long because I can’t access your site – the first time you published login details in the comments section and this is the second time when they are still incorrect. Please make sure that you have at least basic WordPress experience, if you don’t unfortunately I’m not able to help you – if you’re not going to use Midway and remove it from your site please feel free to request a refund here Please select “It was a mistaken purchase” reason and I will be able to approve it without any additional checks.

Hi admin, Before I buy your theme, I do a test order on everyone who has received your theme. But things did not go well. And I also tried to place an order on your demo theme, and the results are the same. I did not find the sent email form. Can you give me information before I buy it?

Hi, please let me know what do you mean about order – if you mean booking it sends an email to the site owner (or to another custom email address that can be set in the theme options) with the details you provide in the booking form. So when you submit a booking form on the live preview I receive an email with your details and “Booking” subject.

Is it only admin that get email message? And does the customer not get a copy of the email? Tolon replied, because I was looking for a tour theme. Thank you

There’s no automatic confirmation by default, only “Thank You” message that can be customized in Appearance/Theme Options/Booking Form section. It works in this way because email field is not required in the booking form, you can add any fields to it – sometimes there’s a phone field instead, so in this case it’s not possible to detect the customer email address and set a confirmation.

Hi Dear Author / Community,

we are planning to use this theme/plugin for our travel agency. I have a few questions: We want to offer trips with different variable options: Example Ski-Trip to French Alps: -> choose between 4 different dates -> choose between Room Types (e.g 2 Bed, 4 Bed, ...) -> People (count adult, count kids) -> Ski-Equipment (for kids and for adult different prices) -> .. more attributes

So our question is if it is possible to setup custom attributes which we can include in our trips, also if we can copy them, because it would make much effort if we have to setup all attributes again for another trip to another destination

Hope you can help me. :-)

Hi Dear Author / Community,

we are planning to use this theme/plugin for our travel agency. I have a few questions: We want to offer trips with different variable options: Example Ski-Trip to French Alps: -> choose between 4 different dates -> choose between Room Types (e.g 2 Bed, 4 Bed, ...) -> People (count adult, count kids) -> Ski-Equipment (for kids and for adult different prices) -> .. more attributes

So our question is if it is possible to setup custom attributes which we can include in our trips, also if we can copy them, because it would make much effort if we have to setup all attributes again for another trip to another destination

Hope you can help me. :-)


It’s possible to add custom fields of a few types to the booking form (select, number, date, email, text) so it’s possible to add the fields you described. Please note that the built-in booking form just sends the form contents to the site email address. If you mean searching tours by multiple dates – please consider setting the nearest date and add other dates to the tour description, because it’s not possible to assign multiple dates to the same tour. It’s easy to duplicate tours using this plugin


amoed Purchased

its possible i change currency $ to another currency???

Sure, please change it in Appearance/Theme Options/Tours section.

Hi We look for a theme that we will use for booking of activities and event. Let me know if your theme have following

- Demo content (installation with images) - Visual Composer (so I can change the front page if I like) - Unlimited side bars - Mega Menu (and let me know if I can I have image in that one) - Mobile & Smart Tab Friendly - be Responsive - Be able to have hotel as booking alternative as well – not only activities… and this pages must be able to change layout (not really like your style here) - Have payment system implemented (shopping cart)

Also tell me if I can customize so each activity can have different look “categories” Like it should be different for SPA and Boat Ride.

Last, is there a front end registration or do I come to WP login page?

Let me know what your theme don’t have or can do from this…


1. Sure, if you mean getting the same layout and content as on the live preview it’s possible to import it in 1 minute.

2. You can use any third-party page builders if they don’t conflict with Midway, also you can use the built-in shortcodes.

3. If you use a third-party menu plugin it will replace the default menu, please note that it may have a different style. Image options depend on the plugin you will use.

4. It has a responsive layout, so it fits all screen sizes.

5. Please note that there’s no availability checking option, booking form just sends an email with the details provided by customer.

6. Sorry, can’t quite understand what you mean about the ability of changing the layout, advanced layout changes and customizations always require code changes and it’s hard to cover everything with the theme options.

7. It’s possible to use the WooCommerce plugin for this purpose.

8. It’s hard to tell because it depends on the customizations you want to make, advanced layout and styling changes may require code customizations.

9. Unfortunately there’s no front-end registration form, please check all options on the live preview Also you can view all back-end options on these screenshots

Hi planning to purchase, but does this has after booking paypal button? also what about customization?

Also is it possible to embed frame of google review from google business place.? if added support 12 months, is this support include installation help and bit customization?, I am web designer just need some guides


1. It’s possible to link a WooCommerce product with a tour and there will be redirect to the checkout form. Please note that the built-in forma doesn’t check availability, it just sends an email.

2. Sure, you can add anything to the tour content. Since it’s a WordPress theme all its built-in formatting and embedding options are available.

3. Support includes fixing bugs and help with getting existing options to work. Customizations are not included, but I’m always glad to help if there’s a simple code fix and of course I can help with finding related files and functions.

Hi, I’m wanting to place images in the sidebar widget however when I do they resize automatically to fill the full width of the sidebar. I’m wanting them to appear as the actual image size. Is there anything I can add to the shortcode to stop this from happening?

If the original image is bigger than the widget area its resized to the 100% width of the widget, because it would overflow the widget area. If you want to disable this automatic resizing please send a link to this page with a widget and I’ll provide a CSS fix for this.

Hello. I keep getting these errors in Google Webmaster: Missing: author Missing: entry-title Missing: updated. Can you please help?


Please let me know what page you check using this tool. I guess these are just notifications about optional meta tags for better SEO, you can try using SEO plugins to add them.

Hi themex – Thanks for the quick reply.

The warning comes up on every single blog post – I use Yoast SEO (and previously used ALL in One) but it doesn’t help.

Yoast suggest something like this to fix the issue:

There are also these approaches:

Do you have something similar for this theme?


The same code changes will work for Midway. Blog post layout is set in midway/single.php file, please try following the same instructions. The only difference is that Midway doesn’t show the author username since all posts are meant to be posted by the site administrator.


Msamama Purchased

Hello, I bought your theme and created my website with it. The website is translated into 2 langauges (French and English). The problm is that when we filter Tours (by theme or Budget..etc) all the tours that appears in result page are in Frensh even if we are in the english version ! We use Polu Lang for translation. Can you help me please


Midway is not integrated with this translation plugin, but you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue, if there’s a simple conflict I will fix it.


Msamama Purchased

Done :)

my theme now the slide and the post thumbnail does not show any images,please help me


If slider images are broken please send a link to your site or temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.

thank ,i sent to you the credential for


Since applying your update yesterday, our site has stopped scrolling in Chrome.

Not sure if it has caused a conflict with another plugin? Is there somewhere to disable smooth scroll as this seems to be recommended for similar issues on other sites.


Fixed. Was a plugin.