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bayubeb Purchased

helo I need help why my theme is midway all booking menu can not walk? .......

Please help


bayubeb Purchased

when I checked, any form of Form no. boking first form, contact form, queston form. all inactive. information please why? .... and if you want the PM where? ......

Please send temporary WP access using the contact form on my profile page and I’ll check the booking form issues.


bayubeb Purchased

I have already submitted, please be checked

Hello, May i ask you to check this program of WPML plugin and please join on it to make WPML Compatibility with the your themes Waiting your reply ASAP,

Hi, static texts and content can be translated with WPML, but additional fixes may be required for translating static templates.


mednour Purchased

Hi, what’s the default size for slider image. thanks

Content can be changed directly in WordPress, please try editing any tour in WordPress/Tours section.

Thanks. My website is French and then content of tours is too. I would like to know how can translate the content of the tour written in French language to English.

If you mean translating your site to multiple languages and switching these languages please try using WPML plugin. If you mean translating the whole site to a single language you can simply edit all content in WordPress.

Hi, our website’s booking form previously worked, but now it does not work. We do not know how long it has not worked since. Could you help us please?

Date and Price Fields don’t work, when i do passive on theme options this fields, form working. Could you help us please?

Hi, there’s a JavaScript error on your site Please try disabling third-party plugins. If this issue remains please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll check it.

i send you a message that our wp access information.

I just buy this theme some days ago and I want to add to the search form the option of filter/search tours by duration. How can I add that? I already added the field and the options, but where I could link those options with the duration value of the tours?

Mmmm there is not a “default duration field” and there is not a “searchable” option to check… please let me know how to send you a PM (what is your email?)

Please send it through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll replace default date fields with a duration field.

Info sent, tks

How could I remove or modify the “Midway Theme © 2017” text located at the left down corner?

Please set a custom copyright text in Appearance/Theme Options/General section and it will replace the default one.

Thanks a lot!


elvioro Purchased


is it possible to temporary hide the “find the perfect tour” box?


Sure, you can make header full-width in Appearance/Theme Options/Header section or replace this widget by adding other widgets to the header sidebar in Appearance/Widgets section.

You can get a copy of the theme evaluation?

If you mean a free sample for testing purposes unfortunately there’s no such option. Please sign in on the live preview to check all available front-end options and view back-end options on these screenshots