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Pre-sale question

Is it possible to remove arrival depaerture date and price from search widget?

And to show more packages on front page. Use menu for different kinds of tourist packages?

And to show some other information on frontpage not just packages, because my customer has also bus driving company.

Best regards



1. Yes, it’s possible to hide these fields.

2. Yes, 4 tours are shown by default.

3. Adding new post type and listing items of this type in a custom layout may require code customizations.


I need an autoresponder mail, customer books a tour, after this, he got an automatic mail with further instructions? do you offer any function or suggest another methode to solve this problem? My hosting provider supports also autoresponder if your theme doesnt support this function, I need to change the reply-to header to let it work via mail hosting-providers autoresponer,too…

Hi, the easiest way is setting autoresponder using a mail service, if your hosting provider has such option please write me in PM and i’ll send instructions for setting the reply header for emails.

hello, I need now the autoresponder, how can you help me? should I open a ticket? serkan61@live.de

Please send temporary WP access through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll set the reply header for booking emails https://themeforest.net/user/themex

Hello There,

i just purchased your theme midway and already had a question. I recognized it was already answered in the forum. My Problem is that I cannot sign in with my data anymore… Is it because I am currently in Indonesia?

Best Regards


Hi, please feel free to ask questions via email, using contact form on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/themex Also you can send your forum username and i’ll reset password.

I have a travel club.. and the trips will be set so there is no need to have search for my travel club. Can the search boxes be removed? I just want to know before I purchase the theme

Hi, sure, it’s possible to hide the search form, then slider will be wider, also it’s possible to replace this form with another widget.

how can install ubermenu in theme

Hi, please try installing this plugin, main menu is set using a native WordPress function so this plugin should replace the default menu.

Hello, I want not to use multilang on my page, I only want to translate the strings in Search form for tours… Where can I translate these files?

Hi, if you mean switching languages please try using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate-x/

Hello not using two languages I only want to translate in German the searchform on the left side of slider/startpage..

Then please try using this plugin for translation https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ You can edit the theme translation files directly in WordPress.

Can i buy the template and use this template in my 5 websites?

Hi, regular license allows you to use it on a single site/domain per license.

what if we want to usu the template on five website?

Regular license is required for each site/domain, if you want to use it on 5 different sites then purchasing 5 licenses is required http://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular

Hi. In the Demo clip, i saw that you have a search form [search_form] on the page where you have the page results. Can you please detail me how it can be set to appear only on that page? Thank you

Hi, please add text widget to the default sidebar in Appearance/Widgets section and type [search_form] shortcode in it’s content.

Bonjour, comment mettre en place plusieurs devises et plusieurs langues sur ce Super Thème ? WPML, qtranslate ? pour les Tours et WooCommerce … Merci pour votre aide

Hello, how to set up multiple currencies and multiple languages on this Super Theme? WPML, qtranslate? Tours for WooCommerce and … Thanks for your help

Hi, please try using WPML plugin for this purpose. Currently there’s no official integration with WooCommerce, but you can try using it.

The contact forms suddenly are not working. I’m guessing it has to do with the latest Wordpress update so is there anything I need to update on the template to make them work again?

Hi, please try installing this plugin and set your site SMTP details https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/ It has “test email” option so it’s possible to check if emails are delivered.

Hi I want to customise the “Form Message” text on the Midway Contact Form theme options – how do I do this please?

To explain: I want to change the font size, color etc of the message received by successful Contact Form submission, thank you

Hi, if you mean changing it’s styles please try wrapping the form message in Appearance/Theme Options/Contact Form section in this way:

<div style="font-size:15px;color:red;">message text here</div>

thank you!


Presale question : I see that you have tour package search feature. Could I use travel affiliate in your theme?


Hi, this built-in search form searches tours added in WordPress, if you mean embedding a third-party search form for redirecting to another site it’s possible to replace the built-in one.


I can’t seem to set a different sidebar for the tours search pages vs the blog pages. I’ve tried everything it seems – Please advise.

Hi, please try using the default sidebar for tours and create a custom sidebar for the blog and post pages https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/

Had a look at that plugin but seems to have issues (e.g. slows website a lot). Is this the only solution?

If custom sidebars are required this is the easiest way, please try using any other popular custom sidebars plugin http://www.indexwp.com/custom-sidebar-plugins-wordpress/


I have already install this theme, It’s working normal until yesterday, but today, My booking form dan Question Form won’t pop up? How to fix this. Please help me.


Hi, if these buttons are hidden please make sure that these forms are not empty in Appearance/Theme Options section. These forms should contain at least one field.

If you purchased this theme using another account please write using the buyer account.

Solved, the problem with my ISP, i try another ISP connection, and it’s working normaly, booking form show up as normally. Thanks


can I use variable string for arrivaldate, departs and so one, on tour description page? Do you offer variables for this?

Hi, please let me know what you mean about variable dates, if you mean multiple dates please try setting the nearest date in this field and adding other dates to the tour description.

hello, when I click to edit tour, there is a tab: tour options, there I can set the departs date in the date area, but these given date value, I want to show in tour description of content, do you offer a shortcode/variable for this value to use it on content (shortcode e.g. [departure-date] )

Currently there’s no such shortcode, but departure date is shown by default, it’s shown above the tour description with other fields like duration, destinations, etc.

Pre-sale question:

How to activate PayPal payment? How to activate PayPal payment? I do not see PayPal option screenshots theme options panel…

Hi, this theme is integrated with WooCommerce for payment options, because it supports a lot of payment gateways. If you link WooCommerce product with a tour there’s a redirect to the checkout page.

Can I deactivate the booking in header?

Yes, if you mean hiding the search form it’s possible to hide it or replace it with another widget.

Can I deactivate the booking in header?

Hi there ! i loved your theme, is my favorite. But now i have a big problem. I had this url:[ http://www.machupicchuperutours.com/tour/la-montana-de-7-colores ] it was working very very good, it has a good position in google and very good trafic. But, 24 june it was not working. SO, when you tried to access that url, it redirected to this one [ http://www.machupicchuperutours.com/tour/la-montana-de-7-colores-full-day/ ]

- But if you check the images that is not working. -
Now, i changed de url (7) for (siete), it is working but i lost my key word and that is very bad for me. http://www.machupicchuperutours.com/tour/la-montana-de-los-siete-colores/

So please a need your help.

Try to search with my key word: tour montaña de siete colores Cusco.

Thank you for you help.

STEP 1: http://imgur.com/PPigSJT STEP2: http://imgur.com/FAwSHR6 STEP: http://imgur.com/HzGIMV9

Hi, thanks, glad you like it!

Please make sure that there were no code changes recently and try disabling third-party plugins, then try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section – i suggest setting this structure:


It seems that this page is redirecting to itself so there’s a loop, it may happen because of incorrect permalinks http://www.machupicchuperutours.com/tour/la-montana-de-7-colores-full-day/

Hi there ! i already desactived Seo by Yoast and it is working… i refreshed permalinkg, active yoast and not working.

Please check this plugin settings, maybe it changes permalinks automatically so a link to this tour becomes broken.

Hi, Thanks a lot for this theme. I chose the static page and I just would like to know how to remove the box on the left (Date, destination,...). Thank you. K.

Hi, thanks, glad you like it! If you mean search form on the home page please set full-width header layout in Appearance/Theme Options/Header section or replace it by adding widgets to the header sidebar in Appearance/Widgets section.


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