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Hey, I always noticed one glitch in your theme… When you update the featured image the old image still renders on the front end for both the archive page that has the thumbnail and also the large image that appears on the tour custom post-type page. See example here where I updated all of the images for my tours when I realized that the numbers were being cut off on the edges but the updated images are not showing. I even used the “regenerate thumbs” plugin but that did not fix my issue. https://bahamas4fun.com/tour/bimini-one-day-cruise/

Thanx for looking into this issue for me. So your screenshot of the boat for $99 shows my issue exactly. I deleted the featured image of that boat and saved the post but the image of the boat was still there. Even after I added the image of the pigs as the featured image it still shows the boat on the front-end as the featured image. I am not using any sort of cache and I even opened the page in an Opera browser after I cleared the cache and still the same result. See 2 screenshots… https://snag.gy/Ltpjew.jpg and https://snag.gy/t7u6Q0.jpg

Nevermind. I found a work-around for the issue by using a duplicate post plugin. I just remove the featured image, save the post, then duplicate it and add the proper featured image and save. Then I trash the original post and permanently delete it from the trash, then I give the duplicated post the slug of the original post. Problem solved!

Thanks for posting the solution!

Hi, how can I change the picture of the header menu? I can’t find any options in theme. Thanks in advance.


Please set it in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section, this background can also be set separately for each page (below the page content editor).

Hello! Will you have theme updates to download any near future? Thank you

This is not a bug – any image attached to a tour is added to the tour gallery. If you want to insert some image to the tour content without adding it to the tour gallery please upload it directly via WordPress/Media section, or unattach existing image https://wordpress.org/plugins/upgrade-for-unattach-re-attach-media-attachments/

Thank you very much!!!

Works fantastic!!

Hello! this is my site: https://www.machupicchuperutours.com we want to use WooCommerce but this theme don’t work with the last version of WC. Please may you help me. Thank you.


This theme is not fully integrated with WooCommerce, but if there’s some conflict I will fix it, if some error appears or something doesn’t work please send details to support@themex.co and I’ll check it.

Dear Author Sir, I would like to buy your theme. but have few doubts 1. Is it virus and malware free as when i uploaded other theme to my hosting, hosting says sitelock malware exist, 2. can you please offer me discount so that i can immediately pay and buy your theme.


Thanks, glad you like it!

1. There’s no malware, please make sure that you have a fresh installation of Midway and WordPress.

2. Unfortunately I can’t offer a single discount since my themes are sold exclusively via ThemeForest, I can only change price for all buyers.

Hi, Thanks for your message. so can you please change your price for today only to reduced a little bit so that i can continue with the purchase .

Unfortunately I can’t do this just for you, currently the price is the same for all customers but there may be a discount later.

Hi. I have updated Midway theme and now I have a weird green shadow behind my nav menu text.

My text has some letter-spacing applied to it, and the “shadow” is not using this letter-spacing but using the default spacing – so it looks terrible. How do I remove the “shadow” please? I do not need it.

My CSS: .header-menu > div > ul > li > a { font-family: “journalregular”; font-size: 2.5em; letter-spacing: 0.05em; }

See here: http://tiny.cc/4sok5y


This shadow is showing in Firefox. Not in Chrome.


Wow, nice customization! Please try using this CSS code to fix this issue:

.header-menu svg {display:none!important;}

Thank you. This works.

can we add cars and hotel booking feature also in this theme

Unfortunately there’s no such feature.

Is these theme going to be updated any time soon? or is it going to be discontinued? thanks in advance


There will be security and compatibility updates, major feature additions are not planned at the moment.

Presale question…can regular posts be shown like tours with that framing around the image per the demo row on the home page? She actually doesn’t want to offer tours, perhaps guided hikes, is there any possibility of utilizing the tours but turning off things like cost?

And, I may be overthinking it – maybe there is just a way to make the icons in the menu larger? Or a second widget area in the header I can add social icons?

Sure, you can use some sticky social share plugin, it shouldn’t conflict with the theme styles. Can’t say for sure about the sticky header – some plugins may offer a similar layout but they will not convert existing header, so design/layout may be different. Built-in social icons are set using images so making them bigger will make them a bit blurry, if it’s ok then it’s possible with a simple CSS fix.

Super, thanks – after purchase we’ll get creative.

Hello, is this theme compatible with WordPress 5.x?


Yes, but please note that Midway uses shortcodes instead of blocks so I suggest using the Classic Editor. You can also add shortcodes using the new Gutenberg editor.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_tax() in C:\xampp\htdocs\midway1\midway\index.php on line 2

Please make sure that you installed Midway as a WordPress theme, it seems that you put it into a standalone folder. Midway is a WordPress theme so it requires a WordPress installation, once you install WordPress (many hosting providers offer 1-click installation) please follow this screencast step by step https://themex.co/docs/midway#importing-demo-content

Is this theme still supported? Will it be updated to new versions of Wordpress?

Yes, it’s supported. Please let me know if there’re some issues with the latest WordPress version, currently there’re no known issues.

Am i able to charge each person a different price? Meaning, for example, 4 people cost $30, 5 people cost $35, 6 people cost $40 and so forth. Am I able to do something like that or is it each person the same flat rate?

Unfortunately there’s no such option, booking form just sends an email with the info selected.

Regards, I would like to know if the theme supports more up-to-date versions of wordpress or else only 4.9

Sure, the last time I checked it worked with 5.2, the only difference is that it’s better to use the classic editor since Midway layouts are based on shortcodes https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/

Is there an update for compatibility with WP version 5.3.2 ? I am getting WordPress errors, with deprecated code.

If possible send the error log to support@themex.co and I’ll check this issue.

Hello, before i purchase could you please confirm if this is compatible with Elementor or Divi page builders please?


There’s no special integration with these page builders, but since both support shortcodes and Midway implements shortcodes there should be no issues.

hi, I have been using this theme for long time and love it. i would like to know how to disable google fonts , it is not working in China, thanks

Thanks! If there’s no option to select “none” in the font list please try editing midway/framework/classes/themex.style.php file in Appearance/Theme Editor and remove line 25.

My Theme Options are disabled

Please update Midway to the latest version, it’s available here (use your purchase code to register) https://themex.co/support/topic/theme-updates-wordpress-5-5 You can also send temporary WP access via email to support@themex.co and I’ll update it for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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