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Really nice! I like the screen division in project details. Good luck, SpabRice!

Thank you.

very nice! the ‘load more’ button – work for portfolio?

Good luck! :)

Yes, ‘load more’ is also working for portfolio. I just decided to show all portfolio items in my demo.

perfectly. I noticed a small problem in the mobile version. when you click on the filter is not a menu choice.

I’ll check this

freeeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhh ;)

good work

Thanks ;)

Great work and AWESOME THEME !

Anyway to add a webshop to this cool looking theme? Fx. When you enter each portfolio item there’s a “buy” button? Can I just install WP E -Commerce plugin?


Thank you. I have no experiences with any commerce plugin for wp, so I can’t give any information about this. These plugins probably need some css/html adjustments.

Awesome design, good luck with sales! ;)

Thank you very much

Super! I love what you do. There is a problem with IE9 , links on the posts are working when they want…

Thank you. I will check this.

Great work! Good luck :)


So nice! Any chance of an html version? pleeease…

Thank you. Probably yes, in 1 or 2 weeks ;)

OMG , What a awesome Design With Usability, Good Work.

Thank you very much.

Is there an option to have the portfolio images pop up like the gallery or adjust the gallery images to achieve the same ratio as the portfolio images have ?

Looks great btw !


yes this is possible. You can display the gallery items the same size/ratio as the portfolio items. But you can only display images without any text.

Amazing design, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thank you very much.

Really great looking theme. A few questions:

Have you tried the theme with a lot of posts, say 100+? Does it have any sort of pagination or ajax instant loading?

I’m considering making a design gallery out of this featuring nice websites, so I plan on building a site that will accumulate more and more posts over time (eventually 1000+), so want to be sure I won’t break the layout over time.


on the blog page you should see a “load more” button at the bottom of the page. This will load the next posts. This is also possible for the portfolio posts. So yes, pagination for both post formats is possible. Only for gallery it’s not possible.

This does look fantastic! Is it by any chance possible to change colors throughout the theme? Thank you.


yes you can change the main color (turquois on my demo) in the theme options

Really is a Fantastic Theme! But I’ve tried the demo on all of my devices and on Ipad when you’re selecting an image from the home page the image disappears to a white?black background and the lorem ipsum text appears as one word per line. but only in portrait mode. Landscape is fine as is iphone and imac. Is this just a glich on the demo? I really want to buy this :)


thanks for your interest. I’m going to check this.


the ipad issue on portrait mode has been fixed. Will update the download file tommorrow with this fix.

Is there an option to have the portfolio in a masonry layout (like the gallery) as opposed to a grid?


this option is currently only possible by a small change in the php file. But i will add this feature to the options.

Thank you for the fantastic work.

You Creatives already running with Mila:


Thank You!

Thank you very much. Nice site.

Very nice look and feel to the Theme – as mentioned in an above comment, there is an Issue with IE 9 hovering over image works very erratic.

Good Luck with the sales


Thank you, I will check this out and fix

Nice site ajfiel! Works really well on mac and iphone!


Having same issue as russ04 with iPad. This is a very, very GOOD theme, clever. Must have a fix for iPad for me to purchase. Please update us on this. Thank you.

I will check and fix this.


the ipad issue on portrait mode has been fixed. Will update the download file tommorrow with this fix.

This is really something special! Beautiful work!

Thank you very much.