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Hello this theme works on WordPress 3.5.1 ?


yes it works with 3.5.1

Hello! Excellent theme! Is it possible to show the home (portfolio items) with different image sizes? An example how this: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/demos/layout-modes.html

Thanks a lot!!


This would need major file customizations. Apart from that, the different items automatically adapt to the browser screen, so you would need to find/make a logical script which does this.

Hello, I have purchased this theme, but I cannot find the html files. Are the html files included into the package or not?


this is a wordpress theme. You need to install wordpress to make it run.

Hello, I know that this is a theme for wordpress and to make it work you have to install the CMS.

My question was referring to the fact that the details of the purchase were also included html file, file I see now are no longer included in the list of “ThemeForest Files Included”.

This is not a problem, but it is not very correct erase them after my report as if nothing had even excuse and without asking.



yes I deleted them from the list. But I didn’t add them for making any advantage. I probably did not make attention to it when uploading the theme. It was a misstake by my side. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is there a way to sort page on load like how it sorts when you Filter > All?


Love the theme, but the blog.. Is there a way to make it all aligned horizontally? With the feature image the same size? Why is it different sizes anyways?



the images has been uploaded in different sizes, so it takes the default image ratio. If you upload your images all the same size it will display the same size.

Can the blog be formatted like the portfolio tho? Also…. can i enable comments on the portfolio pages? Thanks


yes, both is possible.

Hi there!

I have a question regarding vimeo embeded videos. Thw “fullscreen icon” does not appear while the embed code actually says “AllowFullScreen”. Is this a theme issue? Is the theme preventing from playing a video in full screen perhaps?



the fullscreen vimeo icon works fine on my demo. http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/mila/fools-gold/

Ok. It is a weird thing. It has nothing to do with the theme, I checked later on another computer. On this one, I sometimes get the fullscreen button and sometimes I don’t O_O… that’s weird. Probably flash is doing something funny. Anyway, I have already asked several questions and haven’t yet thanked you for the theme (oh my god!). It is wonderful!

Thank you very much

I have a problem with the top bar on an android tablet. site:ruben302.byethost5.com http://imgur.com/bvLthJg if you scroll down and up again, the bar wont stay at the top. (android sdk settings) 10.1 wxvga tablet 1280×800 armeabi-v7a cpu android 4.1.2

also, how do i get the 404 screen to work?


the tablet probably don’t support fixed position. The fixed position is active for screens bigger then 1024px

Is it possible to fix this issue? also, how do I translate the theme buttons? (load more/contactform)?


it’s not possible to fix it, because it would also be displayed that way for normal desktop browser.

Is there a gutter setting for the portfolio?

Its a beautiful theme – but I need some white space between the images. I plan to purchase if there is an easy solution to add/adjust the gutters.

Thanks so much!


this can be done byt custom css.

Hi matey,

Couple of quick questions please

1) can or does the homepage have an infinite scroll feature?

2) would it be possible to make the masonry homepage have different sizes in the grid?

3) are there any plans to add views and likes to the posts at all?



1) unfortunately not

2) yes this is possible. just deactivating ‘crop images’ in the theme options.

3) these features are only activate for all posts except ‘aside’,’quote’,’link’

Hi, thank you for the superB theme. I have a big problem to understand how to start with creating my pages. Please can you help me to create the first step, that i can learn forward with wordpress. See in the image.

thank you a lot. I was looking on the documentation, but many things are looking different.


Username: eabiennial@gmail.com Password: gn28a3QBrsFOK94


please take also a look at the documentation. After installing the themes, create some pages/posts. Create also a menu (Appearence > Menus) and add your pages to this menu and assing it to the main menu area.

Please send me an email for better supprt at spabrice[a]gmail.com

Is it possible to use a portfolio category as homepage?

Im menus its possible to do it but por reading settings i should set a page to homepage and the theme just let do one page with all the portfolio posts.


Is it possible to limit or exclude categories from a portfolio page or need to open all the portfolio posts?

Bottom line: I want my homepage opening just showing portfolios from one category, not all.

Is it possible?



unfortunately this is not possible currently. But I probably will add this feature for the next update.

Ok thanks. For the next update, ideal if have an option in potfolio page template that you can choose category or multiple categories. Amazing theme btw!

Hi there,

Great theme but I was wondering if I can have only single column to the left instead of double columns?




what do you exactly mean by single cilumn (double column)? You can also send me an email for better suprt at spabrice[a]gmail.com

hey SpabRice

First off, the theme has been awesome! Thank you!

Recently I’ve been running into a problem. I’m using the Portfolio page as my homepage and now all entries older than the first two just hang. They get the spinning icon but nothing after that. Any help would be appreciated.


FYI: I just updated the theme from 1.2 to 1.3 and the issue is still there..



This sounds strange. Can you wend me your wordpress admin to check this. You can also send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com

Yes. I’ll get it to you today. Thanx SpabRice

Hi guys, im using portfolio categories in menu and my permalinks are going like this: http://site.com/portfolio_category/filmes/

My question is: Is it possible to change the name “portfolio_category” for other word editing the code? I tried edit the portfolio_category.php but not have success.

Give us a light Thanks


This is not possible. This would need major file customizations.

This is not a double post, is another doubt:

- When i clicked in a portfolio to open in a new tab, it opens the latest portfolio in the side instead of open portfolio posts of the same category. Can i change this?



I did not get your issue very well. Can you give me more details.

Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com


I can’t seem to no matter how many different ways I try have the portfolio home page use embedded vimeo links. I notice on the sample site that there are embedded links and all are arranged nicely in a gallery but I can only seem to embed links in blog posts not on the portfolio page.



did you purchase the item? I can’t see the badge “purchased” besides your name. Please wrote with the account which you purchased with.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Spab!

I’m using Mila for my own portfolio since a while, and i really love it. Wonderful job, seriously!

I’d just would like to do a suggestion which is for my opinion a major one: You are using hastags in your template, which is, for my mind, a bad idea. When we are on the portfolio, if we click an item, the item url will looks like this: http://www.thomaslartaud.com/blog/#des-effets-parallax-plutot-surprenants But, in fact, the real page url, which is indexed by Google, is this one : http://www.thomaslartaud.com/des-effets-parallax-plutot-surprenants/ (notice that there is no more hastags, or /blog/ in the url)

This is a major mistake and issue for several reasons, and i will personnalisally change this as soon as i can: - Google and Google analytics are indexing both pages urls. Pages can be banned by Google for being duplicated. - Google search will return the url without the hashtags, which will break the ajax page loading, and others jquery effects. - and more..

Why did you add hastags on the portfolio and blog pages ? You could simply enter the true permalink url, and in your ‘click event’ javascript function, just add the preventdefault function.

Personnaly, i will rewrite it, but you should consider to update it if you plan another release :)

cya :)

God :) That worked like a charm! Thanks a lot. Impressive work and reactivity!!

For all: Do not hesitate to buy this theme, it seriously rocks in all ways!

The history push state and the ‘a.closecontent’ click event breaks the masonry reLayout. If i click on a ‘a.closecontent’ link, the history push action will call an entire page reload. This is not a major issue, but you i was wondering me if you saw it.. Don’t know if there is a way to change it, it would be better to correct it, of course, but it doesn’t break the navigation . It does only unnesseceraly reload the page. (this minor issue can be seen on my website, just click the close item button to see the page reloading, after/during the masonry relayout)


I’ll check this.


I’m having problems adding Google ads to my portfolio pages. They work with an ‘adsence widget’ only in preview form. When I load the full site, there is an empty space where the add box should be.

Please help and guide me in the right direction


sorry for the delay. I have no experiences with google ads so I can’t give any support about this. Please note that this theme uses ajax to load pages, so it may be that google ads does not support ajax.

Hi, I really like this theme and plan to use it for my graphic design portfolio.

just one question, i would like my logo to be little taller than there is room for in the bar across the top. would it be easy enough for me to edit the height in the css file?



the top height will automatically adapt to your logo height. alternatively you can tweak the css to your needs

Thanks for that!

I have brought the theme now and really like it! its working perfectly for my portfolio



Beautifull theme ! Is there a way to display the portfolio items title on the ajax grid please ?

Thank you


thank you. Unfortunately I didn’t get your question. What do you mean by ‘ajax grid’?