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Hi again

I figured out the problem. Its the presence of the hashtag ’#’ in the code that prevents one from inserting Google ads and making them visible. I saw in another comment that you have been able to resolve this problem for another user, emailing him the code and promising to update the code in the next update.

Please could you also email this update to me? I require it for my website. Many thanks in advance!


please send me an email at spabrice[a]gmail.com and I will send it to you.


I am interested in purchasing this theme for a client but first have a couple of concerns:

1. Is it possible to make each filter option its own menu button? In other words, in the demo, there is the main menu (“Home”, “Blog”, “Gallery”, etc) and then there is also a separate “Filter” menu, with the dropdown options of “Web”, “Motion, and “Print”. Is it possible to make these dropdown buttons part of the main menu, so that the main menu buttons are “Home”, “Blog”, “Web”, “Motion”, “Print”, etc. ?

2. Is this theme compatible with the current version of Wordpress? Will this theme ever be updated, or is it dead?


1) yes this is possible. You just need to add the categories to your main menu. BUT these are then ‘pages’ so the filter animation action won’t work anymore.

2) yes it’s compatible with the latest wordpress version (3.5.1). Yes, bugs and some tweaks will be updated.


I sent you an email on the afternoon of May 24th, as you suggested in List Item #2, above. I am still waiting for your reply…



I answered your email.

Hi! I recently bought your theme and I’m very happy with it, great work! There is only one thing I’m missing so far. I’m a cg artist and my portfolio only consists of vimeo videos. I already found out how to add a video the same way as in your example page, so that it uses the whole width of the portfolio page, regardless of the vimeo settings. But for certain projects I would need to add more than one video below each other. If I add multiple videos to the medias tab, the theme shows only one video at the top and I can slide to the next one. While this works great with images I feel that it doesn’t with videos since it’s not very common. So how can I add more videos below the top video which also scale to the correct size? Thanks!

Thanks for your reply! Yes I found that option yesterday night and it’s almost what I want. But I can’t put some text between the videos this way. Is there any way to do this? Something like a short code would be nice…

This is unfortunately not possible by option. But you could add your videos (embedded iframe code) in the “text editor” (Click on “text” on the upper right corner of your editor) and wrap them into a div with classname “embeddedvideo”.

Example: div class=”embeddedvidie”/iframe

Note: ‘[’ is ”<”

That works fine, thank you!


I decided to purchase your theme, as it is just what my client needs. However, the theme has three issues:

1. Embedded videos from the Huffington Post do not display at all. For example, using the embed code for the video on this page: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/18/ibm-solutions-for-a-smarter_n_2288085.html, the result is that the video does not display. Here is the embed code: <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://pshared.5min.com/Scripts/PlayerSeed.js?sid=281&width=560&height=345&playList=517590113'></script>
Please let me know how to make this embed code display.

2. In the theme options, there is no customization option for the menu color on mouseover. Also, there is no customization option for the color of linked text. How do I change the colors of these?

3. When a filter is activated, the portfolio “back” and “forward” buttons on the active portfolio item ignore the filter and display portfolio items that should be filtered out. For example, when filter “Motion” is on, pressing the ”>” button on the active portfolio item will display an item that is NOT in the “Motion” filter. Can you please explain how to fix this?



thank you for purchasing my theme.

1) the embedded code MUST BE a iframe code. youtube + vimeo have this. I’m not sure if it is possible with huffingtonpost

2) It’s because the menu is generally on a colored background. And best for this is white. You could change this by overwriting the css using the custom css field in the theme options. You can send me an email at spabrice[a]gmail.com and I will help you with this.

3) This is a common issue I’m not able to solve currently. I’m still looking for a solution.

Hello there, I’m checking the console on Google Chrome and there are some errors like:

Viewport argument value “device-width;” for key “width” is invalid, and has been ignored. Note that ’;’ is not a separator in viewport values. The list should be comma-separated.

Viewport argument value “1.0;” for key “initial-scale” was truncated to its numeric prefix. Note that ’;’ is not a separator in viewport values. The list should be comma-separated.

Viewport argument value “1.0;” for key “maximum-scale” was truncated to its numeric prefix. Note that ’;’ is not a separator in viewport values. The list should be comma-separated.

Viewport argument value “0;” for key “user-scalable” was truncated to its numeric prefix. Note that ’;’ is not a separator in viewport values. The list should be comma-separated.

I’ll correct these myself but please, correct them in your future releases too.



thank you for the tip.

Another question, please:

I’m getting a big lag in my website when the videos are loaded, checking my website using Google PageSpeed Insights and as you can see here:


Theres almost 1MB of JavaScript been parsed, most of it from the YT videos at my Home page.

I was thinking about a solution to reduce this and I thought about replacing the videos with a JPG and a play icon above it, if the user click in this image then you place the video tags.. is this possible?


this is not possible. It would need major file customizations. But you choose ‘Featured Image’ for the ‘Display’ in Theme Options > Blog. This will show the featured image instead of the video for the blog page.

Great, I’ll try this then. Thank you very much.


Thanks for your earlier help. I have a strange issue, whereby an embedded video plays perfectly well when displayed as part of a POST page, but when that same embed code is used as part of a PORTFOLIO page, the video does not appear at all. It would be incredible if this video could appear on the PORTFOLIO page, that would be really awesome. Could you please take a look at the embed code and figure out why it appears in the POST page but not in the PORTFOLIO page? It would be great if you could fix that, so that your theme works, like a theme is supposed to. ;)

Here is the embed code: <script src=”http://player.espn.com/player.js?playerBrandingId=4ef8000cbaf34c1687a7d9a26fe0e89e&adSetCode=91cDU6NuXTGKz3OdjOxFdAgJVtQcKJnI&pcode=1kNG061cgaoolOncv54OAO1ceO-I&width=266&height=150&externalId=espn:9255400&thruParam_espn-ui[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true”></script>

And here is the video: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9255400

Hi, yes here is the live preview:

As you can see, the video appears and plays perfectly well in the NEWS page http://goo.gl/DVFCF But when a visitor clicks on the specific news item http://goo.gl/SRCoQ the very same video does not appear at all. That is very strange. It is a bug.

And there is a 2nd bug here, too:

On this page, as you already saw, no video appears: http://goo.gl/SRCoQ But, when a visitor goes to the exact same page, but using this different link, the video DOES appear: http://goo.gl/Wyk0K

Unfortunately, the site uses the first link, not the second one.

So there are 3 bugs here: The 1st bug, is simply that you have two different links for the same page. I wish you could make just one link! Otherwise, Google is indexing two pages for every single page on the site, and it looks suspicious!!!

The 2nd bug, is that in the link that the site DOES USE, the video DOES NOT APPEAR!! The video only appears in the link that the site does not use!! I wish you could fix this bug even more than bug #1; otherwise, people cannot view the video and the theme is broken!

The 3rd bug, is that the video plays perfectly well in the NEWS main page, but does not appear when you click on the specific NEWS item.

By the way, it is exactly the same problem in the portfolio: http://goo.gl/n0G4k VS here: http://goo.gl/REyQ5

Can you please fix bugs #2 and #3, so that the video plays?! Thanks!!!


the link issue will be fixed in the next update. You can send me an email so I can send you the fix already.

the 2+3 are no bugs. It’s because of the ajax feature. The video has been included not as requested (iframe code). It is a “script” code so the script needs to be initialised! But it won’t be initialised because the pages are loaded dynamically by ajax. Which is totally normal. You can deactivate the ajax feature in the theme options and it will work, but you won’t have the nice loading feaure anymore.

Thanks for your reply. Email sent.

Hello, I must have touched something in one of the files in portfolio, and now it does not work properly filter menus in any browser or buttons see more and get into internet explorer how can I fix it? Thank you very much.


can you send me the live preview? If you can also send me the wordpress admin I will check it. What exactly did you change?


Hello, I sent an email to spabrice@gmail.com with administrator and images. Thank you.

Hello, beautiful theme.
Would I be able to?
  1. make the home page images smaller and fit more together?
  2. change the dimensions of home page images? (ie: square)
  3. on a singular page, show ‘related images’ on the right? (instead of recent images)
  4. is the home page paginated? or uses “load more”?
  5. Thanks


1- you can choose 3 sizes. (small,medium,big). In my live preview the “big” is selected.

2- this would need major file customizations. But it is a very easy tweak.

3- this is not possible.

4- yes you can use “load more”.

Is it possible to place theme modification files in a folder that remains untouched by updates? ie: perhaps in the same folder containing the custom css file you recommend using?


you can create a child theme and do all changes there. http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

There is also a custom css field in the theme options to add/overwrite some css.

Note: Your customizations to change the image dimensions can not be overwritten by a child theme.

Hi, Just purchased your theme love it!

One question, nothing major but is there anyway to change the order portfolio items are displayed?



thanks for purchasing my theme. You can change the order by the publication date. Portfolio and Blog post are ordered by the date. Just change the publication date.

If you want to order by name, or something else you need to add a line of code.

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there anyway to stop links exploding in the copyright area of the footer?


sorry for the delay. this will be fixed on the next update. Probably comming this week.

hi, beautyfull theme! :D but i have a question, how i can use shortcode?



just click on the “green plus sign” on the editor. Please take also a look at the documentation. If you get a blank screen after clicking the button please see the FAQ.

Hi! I think that Twitter feed stopped working after some recent update from Twitter itself (OAuth 1.0 to 1.1).


yes, they changed the whole API. I’m currently looking for a solution, but I probably will recommend to use a third party plugin because if they change it again we would be at the same point.

Hi, love this theme! I’m quite a begginner and was wondering how to use @fontface on it. I’ve already uploaded the generated webfonts to my server, added the @fontface to the style.css file and changed the font-family on the .entry title class with an !important included. However, the font still does not display and I think it might be due to the Theme Options section, on which the Heading Typography Settings are overwriting mine. Is there any way or place on the code or server to include my font so that it may appear on the Heading’s optional fonts list? Thanks in advance!


yes, the ‘custom-style.php’ is overwritting the main css for colors,fonts,... You can add the css to the custom css field in the theme options so y’oure are overwriting the css.

Hey i would like to know if this theme comes in blue and if not how can i change the color from green to blue.


yes, you can change the green color to yours using the theme options.

hi guys, i find under an option into wordpress edit page space that allow you to add an page side with google maps, backgroun image or custom code.

how i can use this, what code i have to use to add, for example, widget with category or tag in may blog page?

thanks a lot for your reply.


you can’t add widgets to this area. Only custom html code. This area is only possible for pages, so no blog, portfolio or gallery page.

Hi! Thanks for the great theme! I’m having two problems…

I’m trying to fix an only picture in the home, fullsize, but I can’t do it with the Side page area, cause it works only in 1/2 of screen for the other contents of site. I’m trying with html in the Page, but the picture doesn’t fill the complete screen. It looks like with a regular frame ( You can see it here: http://galvezrisso.com/es/ )

Furthermore, I’ve problems trying to use the shortcodes for 4 columns. It works perfect with 2 or 3 but no with 4. It shows every column under each other, no side by side… any idea?

Thanks so much!


Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com

Hi I’m experiencing a bug with YouTube videos in Internet Explorer. With a youtube video open, if you scroll down the page the iframe video overlaps the header. Vimeo videos are fine.

Please see the “Kate Green” video here (4th video): catchengagement.co.uk

Help please! Many thanks, Dan


I tried with my IE and could’nt see any problems on my end.

I just saw a comment below about the hash tag issue and have the similar issue here, I would also like you to email the update in which you have resolved the problem? I require it for my website. In addition, would you mind if i ask you to tell me the detail of changes like which file you have changed in this updates?

I answered your email.

Yes I received that, thank you for your help.

Hello! You can order a personalized theme on the basis of this? I would like to: - Blog posts would look like in a portfolio (the home page) - Slider images in posts automatically includes all of the images – the current post - Each image opens in a separate page (as in a gallery), the move to the previous or next image - The width of the post on the desktop is not 760 px, and 960px Willing to pay extra for it. Sorry for the grammar, I do not know English.


unfortunately this is not possible. I’m not available for any customizations.

Hi there,

quick question. I am working on your theme right now. Really nice by the way.

My client wants to have a second page that looks and works exactly like the homepage of the theme, but this page should only show one specific portfolio category.

So I copied the template, renamed it and assigned it to the new page. I edited the template so that it filters only one specific category.

Everything fine up to this part. The site shows the protfolio items that it should show and looks exactly like the home page, but and this is where you as the developer come it – the ajax loading and animation (loading and showing the content in the left side of the screen) is not working on that second page.

I was guessing that this might be, because you only load the ajax on the page that is assigned as the portfolio page in the them options. Is that the case? If yes, what file do I need to edit in order for the ajax/javascript to work?

Now my question is: What do I have to change to make the ajax loading of the content and the whole animation that reveals the content work on this second page as well?

I am really looking forward to your help.

Thanks in advance.


unfortunately the badge “Purchased” besides your name is missing, so I’m not sure if you bought the theme. Please send me a message through my profile page with the account who bought the theme.

That is why I have not purchased your theme. I have a web agency that works for clients and the client bought your theme but asked me to handle all this kind of stuff.

I figured out how to copy and paste and everything is working fine now.

But we noticed that when you have many portfolio items and the Load more shows up, once you click that button it loads the rest of the portfolio items but it loads the last of the first page again. So you end up with the last item of the first page twice.

Is there something we can do about that?